Mariah Carey Brings the Quote of the Day

Mariah Carey Brings the Quote of the Day 1

“I am very insecure about my looks, and I always have been because of being mixed race. It’s not so weird now, and everyone’s accepting it in a big way, but as a child I felt very, um, out of place and didn’t feel pretty.

“When you grow up with that type of insecurity you don’t always feel pretty.”

… says Mariah

Mariah talked about her insecurities before – see the post HERE!

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44 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. I don’t know why because she’s gorgeous. But being mulata myself my mom is a half white/black boricua and my dad being a black cuban I understand where she’s coming from especially when I went to schools that were predominantly white Hispanic. Nevertheless I feel like at times overcompensates the fact that she’s insecure with dressing scantily clad and not dressing her age. I mean COME ON HERVE LEGER TO THE GOLDEN GLOBES *faints* lol. Nevertheless Mariah your beautiful. We still love you Mimi!

    • I think she’s blowing a horn for more attention.
      Mixed girls where I am from are considered very desireable. at my schol in Toronto, about 1 out of every 4, maybe 1 of 3 girls was mixed.
      The president of the USA is mixed! Remember that news story where some guy in the states wouldnt marry a couple b/c he said the USA doesnt accept mixed kids? Her saying stuff like this only encourages those types of people.

      2010. It’s not 1970 anymore. We can deal. Mixed, whole, half whatever, people are people, and beauty is as diverse as the world is in a global landscape!


  2. I find her quote interesting because I remember mixed race girls were always considered to be prettier.

    Then, I went to school in the 90s/00s so I guess it was a completely different time from when she was younger.

    • Yeah, that’s true. Or even when they aren’t mixed but have a more exotic look, such as Mila Kunis, for exemple. Her looks are very exotic and no doubt she’s really pretty! I remember having a girlfriend in high school who were the daughter of a father who was half paquistanese half sweden and her mother were japanese… She were like… you couldn’t even get your eyes off her! I haven’t seen her in the past seven years, but I bet she’s still breathtaking!

      • I agree with you 150% that when you have exotics looks you sorta of do have the “fanfare” and the attention but Nkeon sweetheart nothings changed as far as mixed girls taking more sh*t and being alienated to a certain degree. Boys love the mixed girls or the red/yellow/high yellow bone and the darkskinned girls hate those girls because they don’t get as much attention from the boys and are afraid that there gonna steal their man. I’m not saying that I believe this because If you’re gorgeous your gorgeous and race/ethnicity should have NO factor whatsoever but from the outside looking in I’ve seen this happened a lot unfortunately. BTW please don’t come at me with the stupid/ignorant comments because I have family members that are blond haired blue eyed and family members that are are chocolate with brown eyes.

        • it depends on where you live, where im from it’s the darker skinned girls with the big a– that boys pay more attention fair skinned and i was always teased and wanted to be darker. i think in certain states in america it is the red/yellow thing but where im from it’s not like that.

        • Natasha O, ‘sweetheart’ (!) I was going to come at you with any backlash.

          I was talking about mixed race girls being praised for their looks. Otherwise, there were also the other issues you referred to.

          • Nkeon I wasn’t taking to you when I said don’t come at me sideways I was talking about other people who would get upset at my comment neither you or Heather because I said I agree with your statement and I’ve seen how the mixed girls were always “considered more prettier” however I replied to your comment because you said I guess back then things were different and things haven’t changed whatsoever but I do agree with prettygirl because it does depend where you live. I’ve seen it with my own eyes I graduated last year from HS. Sorry if my comment seemed condescending but your comment kind of intrigued me … like just because your mixed doesn’t come with it’s issues and stigmas and preconceived notions. However different strokes for diff folks. Your entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mines.

          • Sorry Natasha, I think it was the ‘sweetheart’ thing that wound me up a bit (it’s often the preceeding word to a very patronising comment!). Didn’t mean to come across so b—y!

      • im mixed irish,italian,jamican and india.i have to admit though growing up i was very insecure.i also think when your mixed you don’t know who you fit in with.i so see where mariah is coming from.

  3. I never knew she was mixed race, hmm.. I’m sure it was rough on her as a child if the others were being stupid about it. Doesn’t really change my opinion of her.

  4. Hi versus! 🙂 I would like to know what my body shape is, please help me! : )

    I’m 5’6″
    121 lbs
    35inches bust
    24inches waist
    36.6inches hips


    • I can only guess that out of the 5 basic shapes…
      You sound like a vase (or hourglass, depending on how curvy you are visually), your waist-bust/hips ratio indicate that. However, it is hard to say because I don’t know if your shoulders and hips are the same width. If the shoulders and smaller, then you might be a pear.

  5. I’m mixed race and never associated any insecurities I had with that even if I was bullied for my appearance sometimes. Most assumed me to be 100% one or the other anyway. It wasn’t until later that I felt I never quite fit in with either side, but it never made me feel insecure about my appearance. Perhaps insecure about having a place in the world and not knowing enough about my heritage, but not my looks.

    As for mixed race people being ‘beautiful’… even if it is a compliment, it is still a stereotype. Not saying that anyone here is of that type, BUT I get especially fed up with those constantly fussing about how god/goddess-like mixed people are and how they are ‘better’ than any single race person. It is very offensive to non-mixed people. Also, it is not nice for average or unattractive mixed people to have to try to live up to that standard and it isn’t nice for the ones who fit the stereotype to be treated like prize-winning dogs at a dog show instead of people.

    Mixed race people are humans that come in at every point on the attractiveness scale, just like everyone else. Of course, if you like looks that are a little bit ‘unusual’ and find most mixed race people have that, it is very different from saying all mixed race people are gorgeous.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Ella being mulata Latina with French,Spaniard and Indian ancestry I didn’t really get along with white Hispanics or Hispanics altogether. I usually always chilled with African Americans but couldn’t help but feel out of place at times. Also not all “mixed” people are gorgeous and it’s annoying or kind of sad when people say for so and so being mixed their not that gorgeous. And furthermore your not the only who people assume I’m 100% this or that no one hits the nail right on the head.

  6. I am mixed and its more annoying than anything else. People are always asking what I am, where I’m from (at the grocery store, on the street, at least 10 times a day). I’m pretty tall also, so I tend to stand out even more. Its weird, I live in NY, so you’d think that people are used to all sorts of mixed people here! I’ve seen everything from Japanese rastas/dreads to Jamaican/Finnish drag queens.

    I hate being called exotic, it makes me feel like a fish instead of a human. Seriously, its a big world, people breed… there are going to be lots of different and interesting mixes.

    Why do you strive to put everyone in a box and classify them?

    • LOL like a fish! thats funny but so true, I hate it when they call certain people “exotic” it sounds so stupid!! exotic to who? white people only.

    • I’m black with fair skin and have been referred to as exotic.

      The funniest incident was when I was on holiday and I was talking to a lively old man over breakfast. A woman he knew came up to us and said to him “I see what you’re up’ then walked off. He said she was joking. The next thing I know his wife comes up and says that her friend has just informed her that her husband is having breakfast with an ‘exotic’ looking young woman!

      She wasn’t actually angry at all (a bit excited actually) but when i told my sister, she said ‘exotic? yeah, because you’re black’.

      I don’t find it offensive when people call me exotic but it does amuse me. Especially when i’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt just like them!

      • i get that all the time……i live in a place where every other person in white….so to be black is exotic…..
        i am the only black girl in class and in lecture theatres….
        the teacher notices when i do not turn up
        and because i am African….
        the utter shock and horror that i can speak English and did French in school is met with more shock…
        i don’t like being called exotic but at the same time
        to the mixed race girl im sure you get more dramas with the hair and where you from questions…..
        i reckon wotever shade you are we are all beautiful and we should not be boxed

  7. Mariah is half white and half Afro-Venezuelan, althought the only time she considered herself Latina was when she dated Luis Miguel.

  8. I totally get what she means. It’s not a fun thing to experience that stage of liminality: never quite feeling black enough for the black people, or white enough for the white people, depending on what you’re mixed with, of course. Depending on where you live and what kind of person you are, you can let the attention/praise (i.e. mixed race= heavenly) or the backlash (i.e. mixed race= what the hell are you, mongrel biyotch tryina act better but don’t belong nowhere lol) get to you. By now though, she has embraced being mixed and I like that about her. Don’t ever feel not good enough. She’s gorgeous, and if anyone teased her growing up, she has definitely got the last laugh now.

  9. Personally, I find this to be a pretty silly comment. I don’t think I know a single girl that didn’t have insecurities about their looks when they were younger. I was on a team full of gymnastics and one of my teammates – beautiful girl, 5’5″ or so and 98 pounds thought she was fat – and I myself had very strong insecurities (and then grew up to be very confident.)

    I’m not knocking people’s insecurities, I just don’t think that one can compare insecurities of childhood to that of adulthood.

    And may I just say, if I was insecure with my looks, I wouldn’t go around wearing outfits like Carey does.

    • i shouldn’t have replied to your comment because i don’t really get it. because someone is ‘considered’ beautiful they can’t have insecurities??? megan fox is considered to be one of the most ‘beautiful’ women on the planet, yet she never shuts up about her insecurities

  10. Mariah just LOVES LOVES LOVES to talk about being “mixed” race… She’s so full of sh*t… and herself.

    Most people (if they are TRULY insecure about something) tend to avoid calling attention to that thing…

    For example- Say you are insecure about your cellulite… Are you really going to put on a g string bikini and stand under florescent lighting and ask people to take your photo?? Get serious!!

  11. I think she is pretty, but maybe she should lose some weight or wear clothes that fit her. Those b❆❆bs are so big! are they even real? because they look as big as her head.

  12. I’m half intrigued, and half bored by famous women ‘coming out’ about their insecurities.

    On one hand, it shows they’re human just like the rest of us, and sort’ve comforting that even these beautiful women have bad things to say about themselves,
    but on the other, they ARE just human like the rest of us who have insecurities about their appearance.
    It gets boring hearing it over and over.
    All of us, especially girls, get atleast that one day were you think to yourself ”ugh..I look awful/ugly/gross etc.”

    And if you don’t, damn you are lucky.’s a little difficult to ‘buy’ with the stuff Carey wears.. :/

    • your one in a million who are half intrigues half bored most women lovveee to hear these celebrities talk about their insecurities and seek solace in it do they can feel better about themselves. It’s almost like some women are like YES she’s human since celebrities are put on these golden pedestals instead of people realizing surprisingly so celebrities are the common man. The only difference is that they work in the entertainment industry and get paid for their talents. Nevertheless I agree with you.

  13. “When you grow up with that type of insecurity you don’t always feel pretty.”

    wise words! i agree with her so much. i was overweight as a child. i have not been overweight for 10+ years, but after being teased for being the “fat girl”… well, you just never get that out of you.

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