Mariah Carey Is Red Hot

4B9BC25500000578-5664441-image-a-36_1524827544410 - Mariah Carey Is Red Hot

48 year-old Mariah Carey looked slim(mer) in a figure-hugging red dress as she stepped out with boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, 35, at West Hollywood Italian eatery Dan Tana’s yesterday evening.

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14 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Is Red Hot”

  1. This is the slimmest she’s looked in years! And I don’t think its *just* lipo since her arms and legs look slimmer too. Although who knows… she certainly has the $$$ to afford an all over procedure lmao. She looks good

    • I saw somewhere that she had some type of gastric procedure, gastric band I think. Seems like she would have been able to lose her amount of weight naturally, but she also announced a bipolar diagnosis recently and some psych meds make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

  2. Those spanx or whatever she’s wearing are squeezing the life out of her! You can tell she can barely move (or breathe). Regardless, she looks pretty hot here and has certainly lost a few.

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