Bikini Treat: Megan Fox

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Bikini Treat: 31 year-old Megan Fox and her 44 year-old husband Brian Austin Green were ‘spotted’ on the beach in Hawaii this week.

Untitled-2 - Bikini Treat: Megan Fox

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16 thoughts on “Bikini Treat: Megan Fox”

  1. I never like people with so little body fat. It just looks “dry” to me. Why do people want to look like dry apricots ?

  2. Yeah, this isn’t staged at all… But I think she looks good. I was kind of expecting her to have a higher waist to hip ratio, and I think she did a while ago when she was a bit heavier. She’s on the verge of being too thin for my liking but still looks good at this weight.

  3. Wow. Her extensions in the second pic. She looks good otherwise. I guess because her face is hidden so you cannot see her frozen cat lady face.

  4. She used to look softer, with a more prominent waist to hip ratio. Like a lot of other women on this site, after they have kids their waist is wider and to look as thin as before they need more muscle.

  5. Her body is similar to what I want she is pretty hourglass. I am going for great abs and curvier thighs butt and smaller upper body. Somehow her arms never look as toned as thy should but I bet they are fine in person. She doesn’t look to thin at all maybe more muscle in her thighs but to me her lower body is indication she isn’t to skinny. Her stomach and waist always look good.

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