Bikini Treat: Megan Fox!

megan-bikini - Bikini Treat: Megan Fox!

What an unexpected bikini treat! Megan Fox had some fun in the sun this weekend – and with this occasion, she revealed her thin bikini body.

Daily Mail calls Megan’s current bikini figure ‘a shadow of her former self’ and ‘painfully thin’ – do you guys agree or does she look healthy and fine in your eyes?

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Bikini-Treat-Megan-Fox-2 - Bikini Treat: Megan Fox!

Bikini-Treat-Megan-Fox - Bikini Treat: Megan Fox!

Bikini-Treat-Megan-Fox-3 - Bikini Treat: Megan Fox!

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339 thoughts on “Bikini Treat: Megan Fox!”

    • Actually, I think she’s the same weight, just tanner. I don’t think she’s unhealthy either. It’s seems like all the super thin actresses from the olden days live to be over 90 years old. My underweight relatives seem to live forever as well.

        • that s actually wrong.Just wrong.
          New studies showed that people who have a few more pounds than their so-called perfect weight do live longer.
          But it s different if you re natural slim or exercise and diet your whole life for it.
          Being skinny doesn t mean being healthy,not at all.
          And I don t say that obese people are healthier ,but the statistics showed that if you got 2-4 pounds more than would be “perfect” you ll live longer.But of cause you should do some sports and shouldn t eat too unhealthy.

          • That is not entirely true. Yes, I have seen that study and people are trading one illness for another. There was a response to the study. Ultimately, it was concluded that being overweight can pose long-term health risks.

          • If you’re going to believe one study, you may as well get a balanced view. There’s a WHOLE BUNCH of studies that show being 10-25% below your natural weight (which for many people qualifies them as underweight), slows your metabolism down, which in turn theoretically slows down the process of aging, at least according to the studies. Furthermore, being a low weight or underweight (while still getting all the nutrition the human body requires) resulted in lower blood pressure, better cholesterol readings, better immune system, etc.

            The caveat, though, is that the studies have only been done on animals. You can’t ethically underfeed humans from birth. But tons of people follow the ‘diet’ on their own. Look up CRON diet or starvation diet (which is a misnomer). The scientific findings are pretty impressive, but the diet sounds very, very unfun. The point of the diet is to get extremely high nutrition from a low calorie diet. If you didn’t get adequate nutrients, then you wouldn’t see the purported health benefits that the studies indicate.

          • Ahm I think we looked at different studies,and I don t build my opinion based on one.It wasn t one animals,those studies were made with humans.
            And as I SAID I didn t mean overweight!!Just a 2-4 pounds more what you can t call overweight.
            But being skinnier than you should be for your age,height etc. can pose long-term risks.
            I don t know if you can find the statistics in google ( I kinda rely on),I doubt it,they were released in various medical journals.

            And I m sorry but this study about being skinnier and don t aging as you would normally is bollocks.You can ask every doctor about that.
            And you NEVER get a better immune system by being underweight.It s the opposite.
            You don t need to be underweight for better cholesterol readings,you just have to change the way you eat a bit-and it s mostley men who have the cholesterol problem.

            And low blood pressure is not good if you don t have a high one.
            WHAT is that for a study?Full of bull****,like made for poeple with eating disorders.Can t be a reliable or trustworthy one.

          • “New studies showed that people who have a few more pounds than their so-called perfect weight do live longer.”

            That was one isolated study that researchers attempted to replicate and failed. So, in other words, the results of that study are void in the world of science.

            I think it’s safe to say that being the right weight for your body is the ideal. The majority of research supports that, not to mention common sense.

            The majority of people at an average height will neither be underweight nor overweight. So the average person should strive towards an average weight. Exceptions include those who are naturally thin and naturally larger, but that’s only 10% of the population.

            In general though, the average person (especially women, lucky us), does carry about 15 pounds more than they need for their body. It hasn’t been determined if this makes a huge impact on their health, but it couldn’t hurt to try to lose it…and it’s usually lost by just simple regular exercise and good eating.

          • Heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and gallstones have all been linked to visceral fat, and recent research has expanded that list to include the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia later in life. “Visceral fat is a toxic fat that produces harmful substances that cause inflammation, disrupting blood flow to the heart and possibly the brain, which could be one reason for its link to dementia,” says epidemiologist Rachel Whitmer of the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, Oakland, Calif., who led the study.

          • Actually, both is kind of true.
            Asian people tend to be very slim, even underweight (given Western standards) and still suffer from less diseases related to aging, and live longer (again, given Western standards). They do not starve or eat too little, but only eat until they are not hungry anymore, avoiding overeating etc. Further, they generally eat healthier than Westerns do (particularly so in the asian countryside).
            Anyways, scientists therefore assume that there is a correlation between slight underweight (or restricting your diet to what your body !!really!! needs) and aging healthy.

            On the other hand, however, it is true that some pounds extra will help your body to battle diseases related to aging.

            Hence, if you are lucky enough to be of very good health up until high age, eating only what you need –which results in being very thin for most people, unless of course you suffer from obesity or PWS– will grant you some extra years! If, however, you will get sick when old—which is waaaaay more likely-some extra pounds will help you recover and stay healthy!

          • Your lifestyle is the most important aspect to a long life. Attitude also has an important role. Research shows that people who don’t sweat the small stuff live longer.

            I take serious issue with people saying that really thin people live longer. It depends on how you are maintaining your thinness. Are you eating the right foods and exercising or are you starving yourself and overexercising?

          • “Are you eating the right foods and exercising or are you starving yourself and overexercising?”

            And Megan has admitted that she eats one meal a day and doesn’t exercise. So the only way she’s this thin is if she’s malnourished.

        • The number one health problem for women in the US and England is obesity. You definitely will live longer if you are under weight. I can give you links to studies if you like. Being even slightly over weight will work your heart harder, and that is a very big problem. Your heart has twenty extra miles of arteries to push through for every five pounds. It will lead to diabetes, heart disease, problems with circulation, and increased chance of stroke. The population gets fatter and fatter every year. Especially those suffering from obesity more commonly are children. So we really need to lose this pie in the sky idea that a few skinny actresses have much to do with the population. If you want the young girls of today to be healthy and strong, you will not encourage the notion that curves are good. Fat is not good.

      • Question, why do you always associate youth with skinniness? That is not always the case. Many people actually look older when they are really thin.

        • answer- because kids are skinny and lanky when they are pre-pubescent, and tend to “fill out” when they hit puberty in their teen years.

          • Well, maybe it’s just me, but if you’re going to describe someone as “prepubescent” then aren’t you automatically implying they look youthful?

            Considering the level of comments like, “She looks like a little girl/boy” “She’s prepubescent” comments directed towards skinny women, I don’t find it shocking that then thinness has become associated with youth.

            I don’t personally agree with either, but it makes sense to me why that association has come to exist. It’s a positive spin on an insult, much like curvy is a positive spin on insults about being overweight.

        • Her included, but most people do look younger and more youthful when they have less weight on them. While there are some people and degree’s of weight loss that can make you look older than you are, in general most people look younger with less weight on them. Generally as people age, they gain weight. It kind of just make sense..

          • I am still growing , 5’1 and my measurements are 34-24-35, yet my I have been told i appear lanky as well So i think there is a balance

          • Clare, you’re lucky to have hourglass measurements at such a small size. As long as you stay healthy, I think that’s just beautiful. 🙂

          • Thank you very much Emily! I am in a healthy BMI range. I’m much curvier than my friends since we are all still developing and I’ve been trying my best not to feel self conscious and embrace it and that made me smile 🙂

          • Clare, something else that might make you feel pretty to have curves: Studies have shown that the “ideal” waist-to-hip ratio for women (that is, the measurement that naturally looks attractive to most human brains) is about 0.7 or a bit lower. My W-H ratio is about .74, which I find pretty even though it’s not “perfect.” Yours, though, is .68, which is the “ideal” hourglass or pear figure. I hope you never feel that you need to be a different shape than you are. All shapes are beautiful for different reasons, and science supports your shape being especially beautiful to many people. 🙂 So there you go.

          • Emily that sounds just beautiful too 🙂 in fact i think christina hendrick’s WHR is around that and she has beautiful curves 🙂

          • Christina measures 39-30-39 in her Mad Men clothing. My measurements are 38-29-39. Before I realized we had similar measurements, I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world, so finding out we had measurements in common (though she has wider hips and I have more of a butt) made me feel really pretty. 🙂 Christina is my favorite. 🙂

  1. I can definitely see how she can be seen as attractive, but she’s waaay to thin imo. She needs to gain weight on her upper body because those bones should not be showing, and her stomach is kinda freaking me out.

      • I’m shocked that this is considered the typical attractive beauty!? She looks sooo thin! and not naturally so! I know some ppl have bones that stick out in their chest no matter what their weight but theses stick out FAR too much. Her breast now look completely bolt on. I am scared for the future of young women and men if this is going to be the ideal way to look…

        • Yes and these unrealistic portrayals of women are what makes the young white females think they have to be as skinny as on of my fingers! Then they rag on healthier women with an actual female figure like beyonce and kim kardashian and kelly clarkson for being “fat”! They are not fat….look at their waists! Still small….they just actually have b❆❆bs hips nice legs and an ass!

          • Kim Kardashian is definitely overweight. Yopu can tell she squeezes herself into many outfits that are too small for her, but she is big, and not healthy. This “thinking” is supported by factual findings. Ask any doctor. In fact if I were an African American I would be doubly worried about staying healthy as things like heart disease run in that ethnicity. Possibly it is linked to the diet and the acceptance of a larger size.

      • I was actually just thinking looks like a slit with a dot above it. Can’t really get a good look at it from the pictures though.

      • she’s had work done on her nose and perhaps sm implants, what would keep her from having something else done…her belly button looks like she may have had work there too…my aunt had a tummy tuck to make her stomach incredibly flat and her belly botton looks just like that, pulled upwards and strange looking when it use to be normal and round…hummm…megan def works out and eats right to earn this small body Im sure but Im wondering if she had a little help? no way to kw i guess.

        • That dot’s a piercing mark! OMG!! U see a tiny little mark above her belly button and now she’s had sth done to her stomach… And BTW, her belly button’s just fine…
          But it happens that if a piercing doesn’t heal well, it’ll leave a tiny dot-scar when you get it out..
          That girl’s just beautiful.. Yeah, the amount and size of her tattoos isn’t exactly pretty.. But it can’t be denied that she’s beautiful…

      • maybe you have different body proportions. megan seems to have a longish torso and shortish legs which automatically makes her look a bit heavier than what she really is in reality. do you get what i’m saying? perhaps you have longer legs?

        • Oooh you’re right. I have a short torso and long legs. I was always so confused how people idolize super thin celebrities but then would turn around and call me too thin or say I look sick. I probably did look thinner because of my proportions.

          • I would think it would be the opposite since most weight is carried in the torso (regardless of thickness of legs, the torso has organs and just physiologically carries more body matter in it) so longer legs would mean if that person is at the same weight, it would be mostly in the torso making them look not as thin as a counterpart at the same weight and muscle/fat composition as the long torsoed individual. Just coming from a personal trainer’s stand point, I usually find that to be the case.

            I doubt Megan is less than 100 lbs. If you look at her stomach and legs, although she is very thin, she looks ultra toned. I wouldn’t want to guess her weight but she looks like she is all muscle and anything under 110 seems a bit far fetched with all that muscle.

          • I’d guess round 105lb. She doesn’t have a lot of muscle, just a lowish body fat percentage so any muscle looks more defined.

    • I’m 5’4, 99 or so lbs, have a very close body shape to Megan’s and she is even thinner than me. I think 95 is accurate. Very very thin.

    • She was much more curvaceous in Transformers! She has definitely lost weight – but she’s been this thin for a while now, as far as I’m aware.
      She’s too thin – it makes her look underfed and strung out. She’s much sexier with a bit more weight – she’s got the body type for a more curvy figure.

      • that’s because the director of transformers asked her to gain at least 10 pounds. she’s much smaller now, but i think she looks great either way, it’s just a different sort of look

      • I also think she looks better with a bit more weight, more healthier and hotter. Something about her right now looks close to scarily thin!

    • i disagree. i think she looks elegant (minus the tatoos). kim kardashian cannot look elegant in a bikini. that booty of hers just won’t let her lol.

          • Well obviously she needed bigger bottoms, but you’re basically pinning a bigger booty as not elegant opposed to a flat one. Since when was body types synonymous with elegance? I admit it doesn’t always look best, but maybe it was just the way you phrased your comment, that I didn’t like.

          • I think that she meant that Kim wears too tiny bottoms and that’s why she doesn’t look elegant. IMO Kim looks kinda trashy in her tiny bikinis when her butt crack is flashing. But I think that Megan looks great, I wish I had a body like that!!!

          • Candice is elegant because she’s healthy. Megan is healthy when she’s 10-15 pounds heavier than she is here. Candice’s upper ribs don’t stick out.

          • “Candice is elegant because she’s healthy. Megan is healthy when she’s 10-15 pounds heavier than she is here. Candice’s upper ribs don’t stick out.”

            How do you know this well enough to claim it as a fact? Megan Fox has said before that she was asked to gain 10 pounds for the Transformers movies, so how do you know for a fact that, that’s her natural weight, when she has to put in effort to be that weight?

            Also, I hope you realize that 10 pounds less doesn’t suddenly make a person unhealthy. The body is thankfully pretty resilient to a lot of abuse you give it, and being 10 pounds less than your ideal weight is hardly extreme abuse on your body.

            Third, her chest bones sticking out is not solid evidence that she is unhealthy. Many people’s chest bones and ribs stick out even when they’re well within the normal BMI range. The reason for that is how prominent the bones develop (there’s things like pectus excavatum/flared ribs that will make chest bones look visible that have nothing to do with body size).

            Personally I think her chest bones are only visible because she has implants that stretch the skin too much on her chest, which makes the bones visible. She would do well to work out her pecs to make her implants less out-of-place.

            And I’m not arguing she is healthy. But I dislike when people are so self-righteous and make absolute statements, without ever considering the obvious first. It’s like people have things that they want to believe of Megan Fox so they look for evidence to support it, rather than look at the evidence and then come to a conclusion.

          • @Casey

            First off, thanks for being civil even though you disagreed.

            I thought Megan looked unhealthy here because I’ve seen her at what looks to be a much healthier weight for her. Years before Transformers, in 2004, she was in Two and a Half Men and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. This is what she looked like then:


            She had just a little more weight on her, and her upper ribs are just barely visible and her abs smooth but toned. Her legs look slightly fuller and smoother.

            As far as I know, she was not asked to gain weight for the first Transformers film. In between the first film and the sequel, she did Jennifer’s Body, a film for which she admitted she “just stopped eating” to lose the weight for. (She looks to be at almost the same weight as that here.) Michael Bay asked her to gain back the weight for the second Transformers film. Apparently, she lost it again, and if the first time is any indication, I doubt it was by exercising (she claims not to exercise much) and eating right (she’s implied a past eating disorder and outright admitted to starving herself for a role).

            That’s the basis for my opinion. I can’t say for certain that she’s unhealthy here. I can, however, say that this is not the weight she used to be when she (in my opinion) looked healthier, a weight she apparently didn’t have to work hard to keep as she didn’t mention anyone telling her to keep the weight up. I can also say that when she was previously this weight, she had literally starved herself to get there.

        • I’m kind of in the same boat as Kim…I’m short and stacked (big boobs, my bum isn’t big, but it’s there enough to be called a butt, some hips) and it’s hard to look anything BUT sexy. My taller, narrower friends can get away with looking elegant and classy in swimwear, but no matter what style of swimsuit I put on, it’s too provocative looking.

          • Being taller isint always better. like im 5’9 but i have a long torso, neck and arms, but my legs are way shorter and i have hips. It sucks cuz everyone thinks i have long legs since im tall but i dont, So it takes me forever to find an alfit that hides my proportions

          • mia I’m the same. I have hips and thighs and bum and b❆❆bs (no matter what my weight is…apart from when i was megan thin) and I never look elegant. Even in something completely covered it looks ‘sexy’. (not in a way to toot my own horn…im not saying i am overly attractive, im just trying to say sometimes i feel like it looks like im TRYING to be sexy and provocative even when im not). As a 17 yr old i was stacked too and my friends and i used to wear the same clothes yet i would get called either sexy, or s—ky, or too provocative (depending on the person who was name calling) and they would be dressed EXACTLY the same as me.

          • Solaxia, haha I’m glad you feel my pain. Even when I’m super thin, the whole having b❆❆bs thing (especially since I’m short and small, my now DD b❆❆bs look too large) makes me look like I’m trying to be sexy, even in a turtle neck.

            Anne, I think the reason shorter girls seem to have the issue of being too “provocative” looking is that since we’re short and have shorter torsos, if we’re curvy, it seems even curvier because the length is shorter (geometry). I feel you though, I always get jealous of my tall friends, even if they aren’t particularly leggy, simply because they appear leggy. Still totally jealous, I love long torsos with hips.

          • Mia, Solaxia, I don’t agree that you cannot be elegant because you are not one of these skinny waifs with giraffe like legs. To me, What you are wearing and how you carry yourself definitely has a lot to do with elegance.

            Yes, your assets will add that sexiness…..from a guys standpoint, that’s the wow factor that keeps us staring. Megan Fox is way too skinny, and has lost that wow factor, especially in clothes.

            Love your curves, maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, carry yourself with confidence. Elegance will come.

          • @mia I am curvy and on the shorter side as well. I am much curvier than all my friends and my mom says its bcuz they arent fully developed yet but still i am curvier than many grown women i have seen. I think elegance is the way you carry yourself. And i think curves are very graceful, even goddess like you could say and if thats not elegant than what is?! embrace your curves, i learned to embrace mine

      • I’m sorry, but “elegant” is the last thing I think of when I see Megan Fox…. simply because it’s hard to “minus the tattoos” when they’re staring me in the face. She looks too thin here and a little too trashy for my taste.

  2. I think she looks amazing here. I don’t see many bones poking out, and I think she looks perfectly healthy. Obv not her natural weight, but still within a healthy range. IMO.

  3. meh, she looks alright, the chest area is ugly though (super bony and hard looking b❆❆bs with a massive gap between them) she would def look much better with 10lbs. She had a better body in her hope and faith days, more curvy and feminine.

  4. her legs look awesome. it’s just a shame that when she lost all that weight she lost her amazing ab definition that she had before. I used to admire her for being a sex symbol and being so toned

      • I too always thought she was a pear. She looses weight kind of disproportionately. I heard she’s considered to be skittle shaped like Halle Berry, but Fox honestly doesn’t have that even of a ratio to be seen as such a shape– she’s more bottom heavy, but very, very petite. I’ll say she’s “Pearish”…

        • I’d definitely say a pear. Maybe one of the many pear variations, or a combo of two body types (there are SO many, haha). But I definitely feel for her, having a pear body myself. You can do all you can to lose the pounds, but your top half will always lose the weight first. I personally think she looks too thin up top in these pictures, and while I don’t admire the tattoos, I think she’d look a lot better with a bit more meat on her bones.

          • Yes! Yes! I totally agree. She’s a variation of a ”Pear Shaped” body. That just goes to show that Pears can take many forms… not just the typical thunder thighs and flat chest we usually classify them as. A woman can still have Pear elements without having the entire build of one; It’s less noticeable in some than others. I would she is a combination of a Pear and Cello shape.. also quite petite.

          • Because your breasts are smaller than your hips. It’s not bad, though. It’s pretty! I prefer an hourglass shape, myself. My hips have been 39 inches around for years, and I’m relieved that my breasts finally caught up and are now 38 inches. I used to be around 35-28-38. Now I’m 38-29-39. But I was just as pretty as a pear!

          • No body type is “bad.” But I guess to some it could be considered less desirable than the hourglass or ruler because it’s less traditionally “proportional” – equal shoulders, hips, distribution of fat. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with it and it is definitely seen as very attractive by a lot of people.

    • To me, her chest just screams “FAKE!” when she’s so thin. She’d almost look better without the implants and more flat chested, rather than the painfully out of place and poorly positioned implants. If I ever get boobs, I’ll be sure to get them at my thinnest.

    • I agree with you 100%. I am not trying to say that I am in favour of overweight people but personally I prefer women with a little more meat on their bones. I think that she looks too skinny now. Her chest is much too bony and the huge gap between her breasts looks bizarre.

  5. she looks so much prettier without all the make up. i do think she would so much better with a bit more weight on her.

    those implants are awful.

  6. i think she looks amazing! her legs look tone, her stomach looks awesome, her butt from the side looks hot… just don’t like the b❆❆bs but she looks really good to me! could she put on a few and still look good? yes. but overall, hot.

  7. Lower half looks good, upper half not so much. Agree with everyone about the too bony + implants chest not looking good. The picture of her from the side looks hot though. But in my book she’s always been overrated, pretty for sure, but not the hottest woman in the world.

  8. i think that she looks fine. i hate the tatoos though. they give her a trashy look. she should fire her makeup artist. she looks better here with no or little makeup than she does on the red carpet

  9. omg! i just realized thatll be my body exactly if i lose weight and get super skinny yikes! idk what to say lol… Ill lose weight but not to that extent i guess.

  10. ummmm she looks great! definitely does not look as sickly as people are making her out to be. she would look equally as good with a few more pounds but i disagree IMHO that she would look better. Anything lower than this weight though could be bad. But at this exact weight…she looks fine, if she is still eating reasonably and not starving…again IMHO.

    • I think the reason why a lot of people, including me, think that she looks sickly is because her stomach is protruding in the same way that starved people’s stomachs are. Like when you see the pictures of starving people in Africa, their stomachs are really swollen from all the gas and in a few pictures her stomach looks like that…that’s my reason anyway lol

  11. She definitely has some meat on her legs. I think she looks perfectly fine. Her waist is a little thinner than I think it has been but she just looks naturally petite and thin.

      • i agree, i actually think her body is pretty bad imho, that bony chest and very weird boobs, long torso, short legs…ugh i really can’t see how everybody thinks she is even remotely attractive (minus the face of course), and i don’t say this just to be mean…

        • I agree with everything you said. I feel a bit catty criticizing her body but it is really just strange and alien-like. Her b❆❆bs are awful, especially on that bony chest. And her stomach looks like the womb of some alien creature.

          • Ha! I thought I had to be absolutely the only one thinking the same thing. She’s not just skinny– there’s an oddness about her body that I just can’t put my finger on, and quite frankly her belly button makes me wince. Her stomach and chest cavity is like a Stegosaurus’s back… or like you said, Alien womb ect. Her body is like a prosthethic from a terrifying Sci-Fi movie. I just don’t know what to think…

            Well at least her husband loves her lol.

          • Hhahahaha! Yes, at least David Silver loves her 🙂 And she is beautiful in the face, even if she has a stegosaurus-alien body.

  12. I think I am the only one who thinks her ‘ping pong’ breasts are cute – oh well haha when you think about it, if she gained weight, her bottom half probably wouldn’t be ‘perfect’ like everyone is saying anymore

    in unrelated news I think she must be a really insecure girl bc in all her pictures she looks insecure and uncomfortable (holding her thighs in most photos if you view all 20 on justjared)

  13. I think that besidesall the other surgeries she had a lot of liposuctions.Her butt is too full ( in the good way) for a back and legs and stomach like that.
    She looks better,but she might have gained only 5 pounds and tanned a lot.

    So I don t believe she s healthy.You kinda can t if you have that much surgeries at that age.

    For me she s just too much fake and plastic.

    • I’ve always wondered if she had a tummy tuck too… not sure about lipo, but that stomach of her’s is very bizarre; looks surgically enhanced like Octomom in her Bikini body magazine spread. I’m happy she stopped with all that juvederm garbage she was putting in her face for a while there. I really hope she finds greater meaning to her life than just her looks; maybe giving back to society would do her character good, like getting involved with a few charitable organizations or something, that might help her give a part of her self to someone else instead of being so damn introspective.

      • But if she gets involved with charity-I doubt she d do that just for the sake of charity and giving.Most celebs do it for PR.Just a few seem to do it because they want to help -DiCaprio,Pitt;Clooney …
        Could be her character and the ways she s been raised.I mean,if you re getting paid for having a scene in a Blade-Movie where the audience can only see how you shake youre a– you might not see the need of “a greater good” or the developement of your character.

        One day she s only gonna be famous for the surgeries and yeah…that s it.

  14. theyre right when she wasnt this thin i was dead jealous of her!

    shes still beautiful but just not her full potential. dont blame her though, its what the business demands.

    • So basically, a woman has two choices. Either she has breast implants that make her appear feminine but “fake”, or she can be natural and look like a young boy? Not everyone has large breasts naturally, some are slim with smaller boobs. Very ignorant comment of you to make. I believe this is proof that regardless of what Megan Fox or any woman chooses to do with their bodies, they will always have flaws picked out.

      • ummm no, she could gain weight thats normal for her body so she wouldn’t look sick. I she was at a natural wight without breast implants shed look good, If she didnt have breast implants and was so skinny, shed look childish.

        • I disagree and think her body looks fine though I do think she looked better with a little more weight on in transformers. However I find the comment about her looking like a boy with no b❆❆bs rather ignorant. If she had no b❆❆bs (although I disagree), you could say she looked childish- maybe but masculine? No. I looked at her from the waist down and though she is very slim, I still see to some extent a feminine body as there is definitely some evidence of a waist & some hips!!! Also it’s kind of irritating the way slimness is often misinterpreted as masculinity and prepubescence. You are indicating that if Megan were bigger with no b❆❆bs then that would somehow make her more feminine??? That’s a little like looking at a picture of a bigger man and saying “If he had no muscles, he would look like a woman”!? Being bigger or even overweight does not make a woman. In the same way that the irksome saying “real women have curves” is untrue, it is equally as ludicrous to say that “real men have muscles.”

      • i don’t see why having small or no breasts meaning you look like a boy. you can’t be who you are without getting judged. if you have big breasts, you’re fat. if you have small breasts, you are a boy or not a real woman. megan may be too thin to some people but like it or not she’s a woman.

      • Did I say that, or is that the conclusion your limited mind drew?

        Here’s what I SAID: she’s SO thin that if she didn’t have those silicone bags she would look like a young boy. That’s how young boys look just as they’re entering their teen years, in the midst of a growth spurt.

        I think Megan is too thin and looks gross. And, I’m a BIG fan of women having natural breasts.

        Now, does that work for you or do you want to go attack someone else?

        • Your comment does imply that if she was in her natural state, at this weight, she would look like a boy. Why does having small b❆❆bs or being flat chested make you less of a woman? I think that’s what people were objecting to.

  15. She doesn’t look too thin to me. Her arms and legs aren’t sickly-looking and in the second picture her butt looks like it has good shape. In my own experience, having no butt, skinny arms and legs are a sign that I’m too skinny. May be she’s just really lucky and doesn’t carry weight around her mid-section? But I think it’s just that she is thin and toned. She doesn’t seem scrawny and there aren’t a great amount of bones protruding. I think she looks really good, especially in the second pic.

  16. Wow I had never realized that she looked that good actually. Long torso, thin and toned legs, small but obviously perky boobs, damn Megan’s hot.

    • i dont think her breasts are fake. I’ve seen photos of her in Teenage Drama Queen, and she was underaged and had the same sized boobs. I don’t know why everyone thinks that just cause someone has ‘weird’ b❆❆bs that it’s a botched b❆❆b job. Sometimes I just shake my head at the utter ridiculousness of some people

      • It’s the exposed ribcage in between that’s often a sign of a b❆❆b job. If you’re super skinny and flat, this is often what happens with b❆❆b jobs because there is not enough tissue around the area to create a soft appearance- instead a harsh line around the b❆❆bs appears. Audrina Patridge and Julie Bowen are other examples.

  17. what body type do i have?
    ma waist is like hers but i have bigger b❆❆bs n a rounder booty…
    when i gain weight it goes in the stomach area n in the upper part of the thights.. ou.. n on the arms

  18. I dont think she looks too skinny just slim .
    I’m actually reqally sick about the fact that the ppl who are overweight are “normal and beautyful” and slimmer ppl are “too skinny” .. Wtf?!

    • Totally noticed that – i think its bc people were so sick of hearing that the ideal was ‘thin’ so they started to voice ‘having meat on your bones is good’ a bit too loudly…

      ppl prefer different things, everyone should just get over it and not take things personally, its an opinion, its not that serious

      • @Nicole: I agree completely. I wear a size 6 (which really isn’t all that big), and hearing people say hateful things like “fat” towards people who were sizes smaller than me really, really is hurtful and has caused me to have a somewhat unhealthy body image.

        Although I myself have never harshly criticized someone’s body, I will admit that it is comforting to see people celebrating a larger body. I’d still rather have Megan Fox’s body (minus the fake boobies) than my own, but it is nice to see that everyone doesn’t think I’m fat.

        @Rrrr: However, if people on this site have the freedom to use the word “fat” with negative connotations towards people in a healthy weight range, is it not fair that people can use the word “skinny” in a negative way towards someone who may be slimmer?

        It’s not nice to call someone “fat” and it’s not nice to call someone “anorexic” but on this site it happens with amazing regularity. It’s not fair to complain about one extreme and not the other. Personally, I would prefer if everyone stopped hating so much and could express their opinions in mature and non-hurtful ways, but one group of people stopping while the other group is still being unnecessarily mean is just going to make people feel awful.

        Most of the people portrayed on this website are not overweight, since it is a website about celebrities and 99% of celebrities are not overweight. So perhaps some of those “normal and beautiful” people really are so.

  19. Dear god she is ugly! her face and body both are, i don’t get how people can think she’s pretty.. yes yes each their own and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that but.. god.

    • I don’t think she’s ugly at all. She’s just not as pretty as I ”believed” her to be all this time…. smoke and mirrors of makeup. She really has lost that vixen look about her that she had going for a while there; especially back in the summer of ’09 when Transformers 2 was released and she was posing at all those premieres, she looked intimidating as hell. Now she looks just burnt out. The upper part of her body looks emaciated and in the future I definitely think she should consider getting her breasts reconstructed. They look rather deformed and far apart, which could be the result of bad implants or genetics, I’m not sure.

  20. Her body is not painfully thin and nor unhealthy, but it isn’t that beautiful either. I’m just as thin as her and don’t feel ok with that, I think a little more of flesh would be better

    • I agree. She’s not scary skinny, but it doesn’t really look all that good on her. She has the body type for heavier curves and to see her with so little body fat is a bit discomforting to me. Her breasts look weird too on such a bony chest – they didn’t used to look so unnatural. She’s got the building blocks of a great body – she just needs to fill it out a bit more!

  21. She looks great — not the slightest bit “scary skinny”. That term really gets on my nerves. What if people started calling every overweight woman “frighteningly fat” or something? People would go apesh*t. But it’s okay to pick someone apart because they don’t have a large ass.

    Every woman who has visible collarbones is not anorexic and near death due to starvation. It’s just how some people are built; they carry very little weight up top.

  22. I think she looked amazing a few years ago with a bit more weight on her but I still wouldn’t hate to have her current body XD

    I guess I just love her and her body isn’t just bones you can see a nice butt, b❆❆bs and toned abs

    • she has a perfect stomach! her waist are very petite and she has muscle definition. i’m jealous! i try really hard to get a small waist – but no matter what i do, when i work out, – and lose weight , i’m only losing fat from my legs and my upper torso – mainly chest area and arms.
      i’m beginning to be really out of proportion – like a size 38-40 on my bum and stomach – and size 34 around my upper chest and arms.. – i’m def. a pear shape.
      – i just can’t seem to lose fat from my stomach and bum.

      • I was starting to feel crazy for liking her body cause everyone seems to hate it soooo much and I’m really not some anorexic chick looking for thinspiration and I don’t think that you are either.

        About your stomach I can tell you that I know that there are women who don’t do much, specially pears, and have great abs (b—es) but I’m an apple or a vase (not sure) and what worked for me was reducing my carbs to oatmeal, plantain and only whole wheat cereals and cutting red meats, of course you need to do some abs work but with the right nutrition it gets easier… and I am really pleased (obsessed) with my stomach now wich used to be my WORST NUGHTMARE!! I hope this helps you =)

        • actually i don’t eat any white bread, pasta or red meat already – and it has helped – but still i feel it isn’t as small as it could be 🙂
          what kind of exercise do you do?
          btw thanks

          • Do a ab circuit routine combined with cardio 3 or 4 times a week. I do that along with a weight circuit routine and It’s given me great abs that I get many compliments on!. I still eat carbs just not mass amounts. I don’t have much sugar anymore though and that has helped.

          • The biggest change for me was the food and the portions and I do some ab circuits but is not as crazy as people might think, besides that I don’t go to the gym I’m trainning to be a boxer maybe there’s something in fighting that helps me on my abs =/

      • This is the problem with a lot of women who want to lose weight imo. You focus what you think is a problem area, and then work your a– off to make it “perfect”. Meanwhile you lose the weight in other areas and make yourselves look freakish. Look at the overall reflection in the mirror and not just one little imperfection, because none of us on the planet are perfect, nor are we expected to be.

        • I think your comment is a bit off, we are talking about exercising our whole bodys but having troubles with some areas that dont keep up with the rest of it and no one said that there should be a perfect body but I BELIEVE that everyone has different goals on themselves you obviously love your curves and thats fine as long as you stay on a healthy range on my case I like my body beeing lean and toned and I work hard on it but I don’t expect everyone else to be the same so there’s no need to say that there’s a problem with us. Thank you.

          • @Carolina. I was referring to the comment from Goldfish above. She admits to wanting results in a particular area and getting what seems to me to be unwanted results elsewhere.

            By the way I am a guy who has a sister who is doing the same thing…focusing on what she thinks is 2 extra onces of fat on her inner thighs, and making herself look way too skinny overall because of it. I am trying to simply understand the mindset here so that maybe I can help her maintain some balance.

  23. much better than before actually!
    who ever said that she looks painfully thin was blind! she improved and looks healthier u moron

    • well i think that you may think she looks healthy…but i personally do not. So does that make me a moron too? Ha ha! That’s ridiculous! Why if someone doesn’t agree with your opinion does is make them moronic? I could say the exact same thing to you…i dont think she looks healthy, and you do…so therefore you are moronic because I am obviously correct! That’s insane! None of us can tell for sure if she is healthy or not. I can have my opinion and say that basing my judgement on what I can gather from the media by what she says in regards to her weight and the way she looked in the past…that i really dont think she got to this weight healthily. I also dont think she looks healthy. But that’s my opinion. Maybe I am a moron too

  24. She’s a little thin for my tatse, I think she’d look better with 5 or 10 more pounds, but she;’s not too thin. She’s still cut some curve in her hips, arms and thighs.

    Also, i think because she has a long torso, it emphasises her thinness. I think she looks alright though. Definitely not “painfully thin”.

  25. I think she’s just got too low body fat and is too thin for her body. Sure, she’s still pretty but less so than before, which is pointless. And people who say she’s naturally like this, go watch Confessions of a teenage drama queen, she is a lot bigger and her body is bangin! She seriously needs feeding.

  26. I think she looks fine. Her upper body is quite thin and her b❆❆bs are really strange, but overall I think she looks good. I don’t think she looks “painfully thin.”

    • Yeah i agree with fake boobs, i think lots of Plastic surgery websites have commented on them too, her tummy looks lipoed as well…. Definately a small pearish figure, but i thought pears usually have skinny arms as well, I’ve noticed with Megan that when she gains weight it goes to her thighs and arms or when she loses weight they arent as skinny as the rest of her. Lookin good tho!

  27. I’m so happy to see the women on here saying she looks too thin. Because she does, in fact, look way too thin. I was worried the comments would be about how great she looks. I feel sorry for her. She’s pushing herself to the extremes of plastic surgery and starvation in the name of some false beauty. 🙁 Poor thing. Aging is going to be the hardest pill for her to swallow. She may not be able to choke it down.

  28. She`s not ugly at all but she`s too thin but at the same she still got curves a pear shape that`s what i like but her chest is so bony and then two fake boobies appear….

      • he he how funny is it when there are two words that you say the same (like pair and pear) but you spell the wrong one…I do that with (bye and buy) ha ha. I think it’s funny, but Im so easily amused. Unless, English isn’t your first language then I’m not meaning to offend you! Just saying that I type/write things wrong sometimes when I’m not thinking properly or I’m really tired. So I’m really just laughing at myself!

    • Same for me. I’d love to have her body (well, maybe not quite as slim) – totally inspires me to start working out because I know that’s what my body would look like if I had enough discipline.

  29. everyone can have his own opinion, of course, but i disagree with the ones who say that she has curves !!! OMG she’s super super thin/skinny… i think it’s not pretty… even if she’s a cute girl…

      • Agree 100%. I have friends who are 30 to 60 lbs heavier than I with more space between their thighs. It’s much more about the width of your hips and the way your legs are fitted into your pelvis than it is about weight or thigh size.

        • It’s not only the width of your hips, but the way your legs are set in your hips that makes the difference. My legs are thinner than hers, and I have 35-36″ hips, and while there is a small gap when I am standing, there is none when I cross my legs. It’s not necessarily just wide hips and skinny legs, it’s the way the legs curve out from the hips that makes the difference as well.

    • Kate1st is right. I think it’s down to your individual pelvic structure really. I kind of have a small gap too and my thighs are a lot bigger than Megan’s! It’s not just about having skinny legs – though that certainly accentuates it.

      • Exactly Erica, that’s why I mentioned it. My thighs are definitely thicker than Megan’s but still have that wierd gap thing going on….sort of bow legged I guess.

        • I’m a bit bowlegged as well and have that gap. Even when I’m definitely NOT skinny, people always comment on me being “too thin” because of that gap (which I don’t get because when I gain weight, it goes to my thighs)

      • Not everyone can get it; there are girls/women with very narrow hips who even at low weights do not have it. There are women who are very muscular and that’s why they do not have it. Quite a few possibilities. Stop assuming that if something works for you, it must work for everyone. People are different. People like you on the other hand who assume everyone is like them, on the other hand, well, you are simply tiring.

        • omg relax. i didn’t think i could get it either but i did. with hard work and determination. don’t get your panties in a bunch, jeeze. i wasn’t offending anyone

          • did i offend you? no, i just said i am tired of people like you. guess what, i can express my opinion. considering that what i stated is a fact – people are different – i cannot understand what your problem is.

          • well yes. you don’t know me so don’t put me in a box. as you said: people are different,- so you are not much better yourself.

        • Cristina, very true. Lots of female bodybuilders have narrow hips and thick inner thigh muscles, hence no gap yet extremely low body fat levels.

      • annnyyyways goldfish, can you please tell me what exercise you did? I am an pear/hourglass mix, and for as long as I can remember, I have never had a gap. I really want a gap…lol…I exercise a lot and I am very fit with defined abs but My thighs just won’t part. I am thinking it is my narrow hip as well, but I would like to try some exercises first and not just resign myself to the “oh thats just how my body is suppose to look”….

        • exercise your abductors and adductors. It won’t necessarily give you a gap, but that’s your best bet. I can’t tell you to give up on getting it, but be happy being healthy instead of obsessing over one minor thing that really doesn’t indicate anything about your fitness level 🙂

          • Thanks Mia! Yes that is what I am beginning to realize. I think i may never get it, as I am already in the low/mid range of my bmi and I am already so muscular/curvy. Not gonna lie, the more I work out, the more, I love my body flaws and all. haha thanks for the advice 🙂

          • as mia said – that’s a good way to start. but running everyday has also helped a lot to tone my legs allover 🙂 + ballet is really good for your legs and your entire body – it makes it, well, more fluid – if you understand..

      • I’m just curious, are you talking about a gap when you cross your legs or a gap when you are standing? Because I think a gap when standing is achievable, but a gap when you are crossing your legs is pretty hard to get unless you have the right bone structure for it. For me, there’s no way to get a gap when crossing my legs because although my hips are relatively wide compared to the rest of my body and my legs are thin, for some reason my bone structure won’t allow me. Even at my lowest weight I’ve never had a gap when crossing my legs.

    • I have this gap that you mention and I attribute that to the fast that my hips are large and i have a certain valgism on my knees(the thigs/knees/legs make an X)…this is kinda common in women actually(cause the legs must close somehow LOL)…I didnt know you could get this gap through exercises though, i thought it was mainly genetic/anatomic.

  30. I think she looks the same as always? I can’t see any difference. I don’t think she is too thin at all. Her stomach is just skinnier than the rest of her. VS models (without their bones airbrushed out of the catalogue pics) are far thinner.

  31. Very skinny, if you think this is a natural weight, you are delusional. I know people will say i brag, but whatever, i have the same height as her and very close body shape – small pear, skittle, hourglass something – and i look a bit bigger than her, but i am quite underweight myself. When you have this body type you can get away with very low weights, as your legs are never going to look Whitney Port like. I have to maintain an underweight bmi just to not be qualified as chubby because of my legs and bum. Megan is somewhat the same. If she is one lb over 95 i am willing to give an arm, lol.

  32. Did anyone look at her face!?
    She looks so sad.Do you guys think she’s happy? And why are we always looking at someone’s body, and not at the expressions on their faces? It looks a little bit like a meatmarket to me. But yeah, I hope she will gain weight a little;) and have a beautiful smile on her face!

  33. i think she looks good. her arms and legs are not too thin. she just has a really long torso. which i think is great. it’s much better than my short torso!

  34. She looks like trailer trash (no offense to people who live in trailers). Her tattoos, and attitude are both vulgar, trashy, and frankly disgusting for someone who is considered to be a beautiful idol for many people. Whether she is too thin, or if she looks elegant when she is this skinny are both trivial questions in light of the overall image she presents. It’s a shame that this is vulgar trash is what America has come to idealize.

  35. I don’t find her “scary skinny” because of her limbs is more on the slim side than the skinny side, but if her limbs matched her torso weight-wise I would agree. I’ve never been a fan of Megan’s body because of her proportions, but looking at these pictures I really like her hips. I have a small hourglass shape, like a Coke bottle, but even so, even when I’m underweight I do not get the gap between my upper thighs. In that sense I wish I had broader hips, because in general I do think it’s beautiful.

    And even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Megan’s facial features are scientifically near “perfect”. Symmetry, slightly big eyes, just enough space between them, a small nose and full lips. I find her more attractive than Angelina Jolie, because if Angelina’s features were just a little more extreme she would look quite odd.

    I must say, I’m ambivalent about plastic surgery when you’re more attractive than the average. Halle Berry, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie are good examples of this. All three were naturally above average look-wise, and all three felt compelled to get their appearance as close to perfect as possible. I’m a perfectionist, and I also know what surgeries would make my face scientifically near “perfect”, namely the same main changes Angelina did – subtle lower lip reduction and a subtle nose job, and when you see these people, it’s very tempting, but it makes me uncomfortable. Uncomfortable to surgically change something that you were born with, what makes you you. No one can and will ever be you. You’re unique and your genetic history lies in every feature. I think it’s sad to know that we live in a world where even those who already are considered attractive feels that it’s just not good enough. We stribe for perfection, even though perfection doesn’t exist, yet it’s always right in front of you. So I get it, I get Fox, Jolie and Berry, but I still hope that I will never join them, and walk the same road. Hey, someone has to look like me, and I’ll gladly take the job. Haha!

    • I agree with your main point but I think beautiful people are less tempted to change something because although they are within the reach of “perfection,” they still want to be able to say that they are that beautiful naturally. So if you are already gorgeous, don’t change anything! Because look at Megan … I think she looked better before. It’s even those little flaws that makes a person more perfect.

  36. shes whin and probly is a little under weight not enough to kill her or anything. But i think she looks great i mean i think it depends on the person to say if shes too thin or not her at her weight could be perfectly healthy and maybe someone else would live less long.

  37. Her body is amazing. She’s built like a coca cola bottle. I don’t see how people say her proportions are weird. She’s a small pear, so her upper thigh is slightly larger, but her legs are amazing. Those hips are sexy. And she’s very well proportioned with a both long torso and legs. For someone who’s 5’4, she definitely manages to look taller than J. Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry etc who are a few inches taller

    • I always thought short torso and long legs look taller? Anyways Jessica Alba is like 5’6,” and Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry are the same height as Megan.

    • I think she is a pear, though she has some skittle characteristics as well. Clearly she carries more weight on the bottom half – she looked closer to a skittle when she was heavier though.

  38. She’s gorgeous for sure, and would look better with a few pounds on her but it would go straight to her lower body which at the moment looks fine and I can only imagine that’s the the way she wants to keep it. I’m thankful I gain wait all over and stay in proportion.

  39. the close ups of her face are always gorgeous, but her body is just terrible here! she looks so thin and unhealthy…u should eat gurl

  40. people like her legs here really? i think its too slim.

    but yeah overall you can tell shes in good shape i think eveythings still toned shes just at a lesser weight which i wish shed gain back. she looked great then. she looks kind of good now.

    theres somthin about her tummy i like. esp from the first picture and every other bikini pic shes ever had. always so flat. but inever hear of her being as one of those super working out gals.

  41. I think she looks fantastic–she had gotten too skinny a while back, but she’s clearly put a bit of weight on since then. She’s very petite and looks like this is a very natural slender for her.

  42. she had said herself she is always around 99 pounds and in Transformers she had to put on 15 pounds …so in the movie she was 114 punds…she admits to have an eating disorder so …she mantains her 99 pounds by going to the gym every day and starving herselg…

    • Hmm 99 pounds would put her bmi around 17.0 which is bellow what doctors usually consider an anorexic bmi (17.3) .. she’s very thin but 99 pounds personally I think she’d look more emaciated, this is assuming her weight is 5’4 as above people have said

  43. Based on her thighs, lower stomach, and the close up of her side ways…she has curves and appears healthy thin…however her rib cage and chest look scary skinny thin. I think this might just be that she was naturally very flat chested, and due to her ridiculous and poorly placed implants, her skin is stretched very tight and the lack of natural fat there gives that starved bony appearance. Scary. I’d bet she’s around 105 for 5’4″

      • You could be right, it’s hard to predict weights I think. The bony chest from the implants throws it off for me….I’m 105 and 5’6″ and I look no where near that bony, but it could be body structure…

        • yea it’s hard to predict weights because i am 5’3 and if I am 110 or under i dont look this thin…but there again i never get skinny legs or hips so i dont know. I also have a lot more muscle than she does

  44. @ Deanna the no offense to trailer people made me laugh too
    @ okay moving on I developed a thigh gap when I did 6-8 hrs per week of ballet. I don’t have time for that anymore but the gap is still there.

    • oohhh thanks for the suggestion! 🙂 I have never had a gap in my life but I have always been overweight for my height although since I am hourglassy/skittle-ish, I had massive b❆❆bs and bum but a tiny waist, now that I am at the low range of my bmi I still do not have a gap but at least my thighs are no longer pressed together. I will just try and continue being as active as i possibly can and eat clean, and if I do not developed a gap, I will be just fine! 🙂

  45. Too skinny, ill, blah blah blah? Yeah, right. I can understand those comments sometimes about certain celebrities, but sometimes things like that just make me roll my eyes.

    She looks perfectly fine. You don’t get legs and hips like that from being “ill.”

    She’s a pear shape. Her chest is going to be bony unless she puts on 30 pounds, and quite frankly, I don’t think the rest of her body would look that great, so I’ll just call that a small imperfection on an overall perfect package. PS: Why are we so quick to defend the pear shaped body of someone like Kristin and her thicker legs…but not the pear shaped body of Megan? Both are possessing two very normal pair traits. The whole Megan-Fox-Is-Ill vs. How-Dare-You-Call-Kristen-Chunky is such a double-standard.

    • Loved the last part of your comment, because I totally agree with that whole thing being a double-standard. But I disagree about what you first said. While I don’t think she’s “scary skinny” I do think she looks much better, natural, and healthier with a bit more weight on her. I mean, she was pretty much PERFECTION in the Transformers movies. I just don’t think the transition she made to this weight was the best choice for her well being. Of course, I’m also being swayed by some of the comments I read before yours that stated she apparently has an eating disorder. And if THAT’S true, then I definitely don’t think this is a healthy weight at all.

      • I agree Ellen. There is a double-standard but I think what people miss sometimes is that when you look at a celeb you are comparing them to how they have looked for years and if they have changed significantly, then it becomes a big deal. Kristin hasn’t changed a lot in the past few years, but Megan has, and that’s what people are picking up on.

        As you said, Megan looked amazing in Transformers and compared to then she does look too thin now. I don’t think she’s scary skinny, but she certainly doesn’t look as healthy and natural as she did in Transformers. But I remember reading something she said then about yo-yo-ing in weight and sometimes not eating much – if she is still the same, then she is not very health conscious. I’m not sure about an ED but she may not be eating very healthily.

    • Not all pear shapes have bony chests at their natural weight! As far as I know being bony is either down to being underweight or down to your individual genetics – I know a woman with a very bony chest who is not thin and not pear shaped. And I know pear shaped women who are at a perfectly slim, healthy weight and are not at all bony.
      I also don’t feel that Megan is at a natural weight for her body – she looks too thin. Kristin is at a healthy weight and has never really looked all that different. Megan used to look much healthier – that’s what people are pointing out.

      • “Not all pear shapes have bony chests at their natural weight!”

        True. But what I’m saying is that it is a normal (key word being normal) and expected trait in pears when it does occur, just like thicker legs of Kristen are normal and expected despite the fact that not all pears have thick legs.

        Both are traits you can find in pear shapes that are due to the body shape, and not unhealthy eating habits (underrating in Megan Fox’s case, overeating in Kristen’s case…they probably both eat normally but just have that body type that give them those characteristics). I think with other body shapes, there is a greater chance that having thick legs or a bony chest ARE due to unhealthy eating habits…but not as much in pears just because the body type dictates that’s how your body will look.

        They’ve both also had weight changes. Megan has slimmed down a little while Kristen has gained a little. Honestly, neither experienced a really drastic change. I know 10 pounds seem like a lot on a petite figure like Megan Fox’s, but weighing 10 pounds less doesn’t mean you are starving and your hair is falling out. Just like weighing 10 pounds more in Kristen’s case doesn’t mean she’s pigging out.

        • I agree Casey. I get your point now. Even within the body types there are differences for each individual.
          I don’t think Megan looks starving, I just don’t think she looks as healthy and natural as she did in Transformers. Obviously this is how she wants to be (she had to be asked to gain weight for Tranformers) and as long as she doesn’t starve herself, then that’s fine. I just personally don’t find her so beautiful now – she is just a little too thin.

          • She only eats once daily. She’s apparently struggled with an eating disorder in the past. She does vinegar cleanses. SHE DOESN’T EXERCISE, YET SHE LOOKS THIS THIN.

            Something is fishy, and I think the answer is that she is just plain unhealthy.

            She has a BEAUTIFUL natural figure, so I don’t understand why she seems so scared of those +10 pounds.

  46. This is totally random, and I feel sort of petty for bringing this up. But does anyone ever notice she has no female friends… at all. Or no other friends of any gender for that matter, other than her husband and step son…

    It’s very bizarre. Theory, she’s either a mega fire breathing b*tch or just a social shut in, because no one wants to seem to deal with her.

    • Hadn’t noticed that, but now that you mention it, I’ve never seen her out with any girls at all. She does appear to be decently good friends with Shia le Boef (not sure if that’s how you spell it..?) in interviews and stuff like that, but it could just be a show.

      • I think she is one of those women that is like ‘women dont like me. They are too intimidated by me. so i dont get on with them.’ ugh sorry I cant stand women with that excuse. Not all women get jealous if someone is more attractive than them, and not all people will think she is more attractive than average

  47. To me she looks perfect and beautiful…I think its a shame that people have become so used to seeing overweight people (and accepting it as “normal”) that they call someone who looks like everyone should “too skinny”.

    • my god, are you serious? she’s very likely medically underweight here.

      I think you have a problem with perception. peoples natural, healthy weight and body shape comes in a whole range of sizes, but usually even the slimmest of them has SOME flesh and few bones sticking out, unlike like megan has here.

      everyone should NOT look like megan fox does. It would mean a lot of extremely unhealthy people, engaging in destructive and unhealthy habits that can cause more permanent damage and a higher chance of death than being overweight.

        • saying she looks perfect is one thing, saying everyone elses perceptions are skewed means I have a right to correct you and defend myself.

          • Sorry if I offeneded you ,it wasnt my intention. maybe i worded what I was trying to say wrong, but it is my opinion and i wasn/t talking about you personally whichh you seem t o be taking it that way, I dont see you replying back to everyone else that posted she looks great and perfect.
            If I offended you I apologize.

          • I did not say everones percetions are” skewed “in any way. I said it was a shame that overweight people are looked at as normal weight.

    • I agree with apricotmuffins – you seem to have a skewed perception of what is a healthy weight range. I don’t think Megan looks so thin she is truly endangering her health, but she is certainly underweight compared to most people her height and also to what she has looked like in the past.

      To say that someone who is heavier than Megan is not ‘normal’ is kind of bizarre – maybe being this thin is normal and healthy in some parts of the world (like in Asia, for instance), but for the most part this is not a ‘normal’ or healthy weight for the majority of women of European descent.

      And I don’t think people are used to seeing and accepting overweight people either – overweight people get more negative comments and derision than thin people do – at least in my experience.

  48. her arms look like they dont belong on her body..its weird…like the rest of her body is too skinny for them or sodmething.
    shes gotten too skinny in the chest area though she looked before before.

  49. She looks good…..and she looked good before with a little more weight on. Megan can do no wrong in my eyes, she always looks perfect.

  50. I feel sorry for people that assumes a woman is skinny she looks sick or like a boy. Megan may not have the body and face like she used to but she’s not unhealthy so why make that assumption? And you can be skinny and elegant at the same time. Some of the comments are something else.

        • Logic tells you you have to prove the positive facts, not the negative ones. Plus, you were the one who made that absolute statement, i simply asked you if you had any arguments to support it. I did not say she was unhealthy, i simply have no way to know that. So next time, study some logic, i know you are an idiot, but then at least keep quiet, don’t try to prove it to me over and over again.

  51. She looks 5’3″- 5’4″ but she is probably closer to 5’4″ and I would say her weight is around 105-110 lbs. My friend is 5’2″ 1/4 and she is 103 lbs and has the same body as Megan Fox. They both are slim and toned on arms and legs and butt with some muscle and nice abs. I am 5’4″ and 114 lbs and I think I’m a little bigger than her, but ppl think I’m 100 lbs.

  52. Well, I think she looks absolutely amazing. Yes, she is really thin, and shouldn´t lose any more weight, but she is not too skinny. Propably she would look even more gorgeous if she´d gained a few pounds, but her proportions are so perfect she looks stunning in this weight and in a little higher weight. Her hips are womanly and I like the shape of her thighs. She has great abs and narrow waist too.

  53. I wish she hadn’t changed her face so much. She was so beautiful. I could handle the nose job, but then summer of 2010 everything changed. She looks so plastic now. I wish people would embrace their natural beauty more. People are starting to go overboard with plastic surgery these days.

  54. I honestly think she looks pretty good. On myself, I prefer my ribs/abs to be a bit softer looking, but I still think she looks just fine. Everyone goes on about how “painfully thin” she is, but there are celebs who are far thinner than this.

  55. GROSS. Walking corpse. Wow, society worships losers like this? If a REAL woman were to walk by on the beach next to this ‘thing’.. men would notice the BIG difference. Those are boobs? Damn.. hahaha.

    • That’s . . . really mean and unnecessary. I know you’re trying to champion a fuller and (maybe) more health body, but there’s no need to put down thinner women while you do that. A REAL women is determined by her girly parts, not her body type.

      What you’re doing is mean and just as bad as calling someone with a fuller but healthy sized figure “fat” which is mean.

      And we all know she has fake b❆❆bs and they got gross looking when she got skinnier.

    • Well isn’t Megan Fox worshiped by like 90% of the male population? I’m exaggerating here, but still. What, so now she’s a “thing?” She’s not even a human? I’m not a fan of Megan Fox but I don’t think she should be criticized this harshly. She is a real woman … and yes, if the “real woman” you are talking about walked down the beach, there would be a big difference, because there is a big difference between the average woman and Megan Fox. But that doesn’t make Megan Fox any less real!

  56. She would not look that bad to me if this was her natural weight. However, because she never looked like this before, it is obviously not a natural weight for her. She must be on a strict diet/exercise plan. Maybe that’s why she’s never smiling.

  57. Am I the only one who thinks her body looks kind of..blah.She is beautiful and I thought she had a nice body but here I don’t know it just doesn’t look good to me. I thin it is mainly her b❆❆bs and chest area, does she have implants? Something just looks off to me. Her stomache also looks kind of weird to me I don’t think she is too skinny I just don’t like what she looks like here.

  58. Megan is pretty, but she would look better if she gained about 10 pounds. She had more curves a few years ago. Her body still looks fine, but I just think she would look better with a bit more weight. Her cleavage is quite far apart and her belly button is sort of long. But who cares? No body is perfect. We’ve all got our little flaws. It’s what makes everyone look interesting and not plastic.

  59. i think she looks perfect and I am soo jealous- i have a very similar shape to her (except with 32D boobs) and i look at her for inspiration

    • As long as you’re healthy, I hope you don’t think of her of as the pinnacle of beauty. She has admitted to starving herself! Healthy is beautiful, and don’t believe anything anyone else says.

  60. why should anyone say shes too skiny? my boys and i were flippin through some pages and all we have to say is WOWWWWWWWWWW W W W!!!!! if anything this site should be addressing the obesity problem and Megan Fox looks fit and sexy!!

  61. YES i think she looks perfect,!! why are you cretesising her like that , are you all jelous ?? i mean whe are all deferent , lets stop all this , she like that , don t juge her and try to find her defects !!!

  62. She is by no means too thin…..she has a healthy body. Im 5’4 108lbs and i eat a lot, a very healthy diet…..some celebrities are much thinner than her…..

  63. Some of the comments I am reading here are scary. Some of you think this is what healthy looks like? That is warped! Megan fox definitely has breast implants, with weight loss a normal person would have NO b❆❆bs only saggy tissue. The top half of her body has almost no fat content at all and she does not work out at all, she has NO muscle definition. She is starving herself and is too thin, I hope the youth realizes this and do not idolize her as this is not perfection, this needs seriously help for her surgery addiction; and substance abuse.

    Lets all stop acting oblivious to the many surgeries and fillers she has and to the fact that she’s either anorexic or using substances to curb her appetite.


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