Megan Fox Has ‘A Really Fast Metabolism’, Says Her Trainer

Then-and-Now-Megan-Fox-at-the-Golden-Globes-in-2009-and-2011 - Megan Fox Has 'A Really Fast Metabolism', Says Her Trainer

Megan Fox’s trainer recently opened up about the star’s shrinking figure – and he says that it’s not the result of a diet / eating disorder / excessive training, but of a very fast metabolism. From Hollywood Life:

“Believe it or not she has this really fast metabolism,” explains Harley. “So her training is all about body toning and sculpting. With her its really about she’s eating enough of the rightthings. People thought ‘Oh she must be anorexic’ but she’s far from that! In fact, Harley reveals, Megan gets very upset when she hears people think she has an eating disorder, especially since she struggles to gain weight. “She gets frustrated at times because she’s like ‘I need to put on weight.’ So she actually weight-trains to keep on that lean muscle tissue.”

Hmm… that’s quite interesting, considering that Megan once said that in order to lose weight after Transformers…

“I just stopped eating. I don’t eat very healthy anyway.”


“I’ll starve to death before I’ll cook for myself. I think I could survive a week without eating.”

What else did Megan’s trainer say?

The 5 factor fitness trainer went on to explain the kind of training he does with Megan to make her stomach toned and muscular. “The key to Megan’s abs is first of all genetics,” Harley says. “The second is that we train her abs on all three planes. It’s not just about crunch, crunch, crunch. It’s about working her body up and down and side to side and rotation. We train all three of her rectus abdominis, her obliques and her corset muscle to make sure that her abs are not just tight and strong but small. The corset pulls it all in.”

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82 thoughts on “Megan Fox Has ‘A Really Fast Metabolism’, Says Her Trainer”

  1. i believe her trainer. you can see in her legs and stomach that she does in fact take better care of herself than she’d like for us to believe. she has admitted she says things to shock people.

    • I don’t, she clearly lost weight and there’s only one way to do that: eating less. It doesn’t mean she’s anorexic it just means that she eats less.

      • i kind of think what you said was unrelated to what i said.
        actually, eating less is not the only way to lose weight. i lost weight (not that i needed to) when i started eating more and exercising more. fast metabolisms require more food.

        • I agree. She obviously works out and trains. This is certainly a healthy thing. The problem with training is it can cause you to lose weight. If she wasn’t eating well before, but now eats balanced meals, works out hard, and has a fast metabolism, the weight will just melt off. I don’t understand why people have a problem with that.

          It seems odd that people think being unhealthy is more healthy than being healthy..

          • But please how can you tell me she is more healty now when she looks like before teenage years (before puberty)?
            She just to look like young woman who eats whatever she likes and work out sometimes.
            Now she looks fragile – i don’t think the purpose of the exercise is to look fragile… but is to be toned and strong.

  2. This really fast metabolism. Again with that, people use that excuse way too much, both ways (fast/slow). Significant differences amongst people of the same weight are really rare! Taking into account muscle mass. And she used to be a soft looking, fuller figured teenager, so i’m pretty sure it’s just her training more and eating less. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Gotta agree. If she had a really fast metabolism surely she wouldn’t shrink because she would already have it? You can’t just ‘get’ a really fast metabolism, admittedly it can speed up over time, but not this quick and by this much! She obviously has to work at staying thin otherwise she wouldnt be caught going in and out of the gym every five minutes.

    • Sidney, I was just about to make a comment about the fast metabolism myth.

      It has been proven that larger people actually have faster metabolisms as they use more energy to keep their bodies’ functioning and moreover, after taking into account differences in body size etc we tend to have very similar metabolic rates. People may have faster metabolic rates if they are fitter and with more muscle as muscle requires more energy.

      They have said that Megan Fox works out so that would explain a faster metabolism.

      • Each persons metabolism and genetics are totally unique to them, one study can’t disprove the idea that a fast metabolism exists. Of course it does! and the metabolism has the capability to change over time as well; either to slow down or speed up, depending on what we put in our bodies and how our chemistry works.

        In Megans case I would say she’s a compulisive exerciser who has fought against her natural weight and curves by doing this insanely strict diet and exercise regimen to thin her self out. Sorry, don’t buy that she’s natually **this** skinny. I can tell how the weight loss has taken a toll on her face, that this isn’t the natural weight for her.

        • You’re pretty much confirming what I’ve said.

          The myth regarding fast metabolism is that everyone that is thin and doesn’t appear to be starving must have a fast metabolism and people often state this as an assumption rather than actually scientic confirmation. What I am saying is that if it has been proven (I believe by more than one study) that larger people are more prone to having faster metabolisms then people should consider that the balance between the energy they consume and what they use up has a big impact on their health. Our genetics are very different but when it comes to things like this we are no so varied as everyone would like to think. With age as we lose muscle and depending on our diet, and yes genetics. our metabolisms can change.

          As we’ve both acknowledged Megan Fox was not always this size, she’s been working out and now she’s slimmer. The math is pretty basic here.

      • like I said before i have tried and failed to get people on this site to see thru the metabolism myth.
        I will say this, your metabolism is simply the amount of energy your body requires to function- so answer me this why would nature create an otherwise healthy human being who cannot maintain a healthy weight/body fat level despite sitting around and stuffing their faces all day? imagine back in the cavemen days (before supermarkets and all you can eat buffets) when you had to go out hunting – you’d have been dead in a day! and our bodies haven’t changed since then.
        Barring medical conditions which come with many other symptons and are not to be envied in anyway, it simply doesn’t work like that. but I know no one is going to listen. I wish someone would do a comprehensive program putting this myth to bed once and for all, because I do think it is unhelpful in dealing with the very real health problems weight can throw up, not to mention potentially dangerous.

        • I’ve always felt that “fast metabolism” was a catchphrase people use to describe being thin without striving to be so. Kind of how “anorexic” is a catchphrase for “striving to be thin.”

          Neither of course is correct. To be naturally thin, or thin without trying, means that you have no conditions that explain your thinness, and fast metabolism IS a treatable medical condition. Truly “naturally thin” people do not have fast metabolisms…their metabolisms fall in the normal range.

          But once something makes it into common language it’s kind of hard to erase it. Just keep in mind that when people say fast metabolism what they usually mean is, just having a natural tendency towards a slimmer body, for whatever reason other than dieting.

    • Um, I think she was spotted once with gummi bears and that was back when she had her Transformers weight on.

      Yea, she might eat as much as she wants… as long as she doesn’t want to eat much! I’m not passing judgment. That’s just how it is. Less food in=smaller body.

    • Ummm ”Gummy bears” isn’t exactly Popey’s chicken for starters lol — if she was spotted eating a bucket of that every week I would certainly start to buy this pitched idea about her actually having a fast ”Metabolism”… or bulimia.

      Gummy bears are actually pretty low cal compared to most junk food.

  3. i have fast metabolism, it’s sooo good, i can eat whatever i want without getting weight. so i belive her trainer, megan is one lucky girl

    • but have you always been thin? she wasnt always thin so i dont think its a case of she can eat whatever she wants and not gain anything, she clearly has to work for it.

      • I agree with you Lucy, she clearly has adjusted her food intake and/or workout schedule, and probably both. Her face has aged so much and her body looks a lot thinner. I don’t think she can still be eating the same amounts, or same foods. That seems a kind of silly idea to entertain.

  4. ,Love Megan Fox and I’ll be the first to take her side but I’m calling bull crap. Even taking into account “puppy fat” as a teen and early twenties, for most people a super fast metabolism kicks in as a teen and she’d have been much thinner. She looks great now but its from hard work. She hasn’t ever been this tone and her hips are the tiniest they’ve been. Yeah our bodies all change with time and she was never ever fat, but she’s tiny now and constantly photographed headed to her trainers where before it was mostly doing other things. And just fyi, eating gummi bears/candy doesn’t put on fat if that’s the only thing you’re eating thats unclean. In the midst of my eating disorder, I subsisted off of candy and always got the “oh you must have a fast metabolism” comments by others when it was just the only thing I consumed on a daily basis. Not saying she has one though

    • ‘puppy fat’ – i’ve never heard that saying before, but it makes me think about how cute and pudgy my dog was when she was a puppy 🙂

      anyway, i totally agree with you – i don’t buy the fast metabolism thing, AND i think all this lying about weight loss among celebrities is damaging to everyone involved – to the celeb themselves, their fans, and to the industry as a whole. It just continues to perpetuate this cycle of disordered eating and distorted body images, and continues to widens the gap between hollywood and the rest of us.

  5. I think that the reason that she was a bit ‘heavier’ if you will [she wasn’t, but just for argument’s sake against how she looks now], was possibly due not to the fact that her metabolism has changed any, but she is obviously working out now much more. we see candids of her going to the gym all the time. I mean, her abs that we’ve seen in pictures, you can’t get those on metabolism alone. so i believe that she does have a fast one but also in addition she is working out more. the more you work out, your metabolism will burn more for longer, hence why she is thinner. it doesn’t mean she has an eating disorder or she’s eating any less. maybe she’s eating better in addition to working out.

    the quote of her saying that she doesn’t eat that well, i don’t really think it means anything. i myself don’t eat that fabulously but i work out & since i’m young, as is Megan, you can keep a good body by doing that. of course that’ll change with age so hopefully she isn’t relying on that.
    & the comment about her not eating before she would cook i think isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. so she can’t cook, does that mean she has an eating disorder? no. she can get people to do that for her anyway so it’s not anything that alludes to an eating disorder. i think she’s right when they say she gets hurt by the ED comments. they are hurtful. so it’s not right to accuse people of that.
    you can tell that her overall shape is the same, she’s just leaned out a bit. i think she looks great, & her abs are envy worthy!

  6. If it s true – you don t start having this fast metabolsim at her age.Look at pics of her when she was younger and now.If she has this crazy metabolism she had to have it also when she was younger but she looks way different nowadays.That s like saying her face changed so much and she got implants(does she still have them?) because she can control her body with her mind.

    She sure works a lot for that body but you can also tell that she doesn t eat much .

    And someone who has this fast meatbolism wouldn t have to starve for a movie role, now would they?

    Hollywood seems to be filled with people who have ths fast metabolism,which occurs when they re older and they alsways speak of it when an actress is considered as “too skinny”.A friend of mine also has a really fast metabolism,her mom had that too.She went home (Brasil) for a half year (studying) and came home with an extra 20 pounds which actually looked good on her.She lost most of it as the food in Europe is different and her metabolsims is as fast as before.
    Anywho – for a person who alledgedly does so much sports and lives so healthy she sure doesn t look as healthy as she should , but that s my personal opinion and I don t think her body looks really “sick” it s just her face after all these surgeries or whatever which doesn t look “right”.

    • you can change your metabolism at any age through clean eating, regular exercise, good sleep habits, etc. it may not be as fast as a 17 year old, but you can absolutely increase your metabolism with a healthy lifestyle. it does not have to plateau or even decrease.

  7. I don’t buy the whole naturally ‘fast metabolism’ argument. The metabolism is quite a complex thing – it slows down as you lose weight, but speeds up when you build muscle! It’s obvious that Megan is working out more than before and that could boost her metabolism if she has gained muscle – but she has also lost a significant amount of weight, so they may cancel each other out.

    Anyway, Megan has never been this thin up till now, so I have a problem seeing her as ‘naturally’ this skinny.
    She’s doing it deliberately – why the excuses? Plenty of people prefer her this way, not me personally, but if she is doing it healthily, then I’ve got no problem with it. I’d prefer an honest ‘she’s working her butt off and watching her calorie intake’ over some hogwash about a suddenly racing metabolism!

  8. i dont think the trainers is telling the truth at all. although the added quotes by versus i dont think proves much jsut because she has previously admitted that sometimes she says things to shock people.

    i can believe that maybe her metabolism has increased due to some reasons other people mentioned (working out more) and i know that yes fast metabolism does occur, that i can eat so much more than my friends and still not gain much while my friends gain weight.but i dont see how it can differ that much from a few years ago. because she clearly did not have a “really fast” one before.

    and the fact that shes trying to gain weight but she doesnt? maybe thatd be more believable again if she was always skinny. but knowing she can be heavier it seems very unlikely.

  9. Yeah I believe she has a fast metabolism – the picture on the LEFT already proves that! Add to that the fact that she is working out with this personal trainer dude and that she doesn’t care much for food and voila: bone skinny woman on the right.

  10. LIAR!!! This is the thinnest she’s ever been. She has always been slender but she is now pushing into anerexic. It’s not her “sudden” fast metabolism.

  11. She is not anorexic she is just underweight! people need to get over it unless she goes to the doctor and they say shes dying why do you all care if shes thin? even then thats her choice other people choose to be obese. Im sure she eats just fine her metabolism is slightly high so plus her working out makes her really lean.

  12. Megan’s stomach is lean because she’s pear shaped, this shape doesn’t gain weight there so not much effort required. Also if she didn’t have the breast implants she would look very different very pearish, unbalanced.

  13. hmmm so she struggles to gain weight, but throughout her entire young adult life (the past 6 or so years) she was heavier, and then just over the past year or so she became much thinner…so all of those years …what – she was bingeing herself silly to keep on all that ‘additional’ ostensibly ‘unnatural’ weight? hmm doubt it.
    she has every right to be whatever size she wants, but the trainer shouldn’t put out a statement like this. it’s a lie. if she wants to work hard to be thinner than fine, just leave it at that. she also has had unnecessary work done to her face which has destroyed her face that was beautiful to begin with. i don’t care if strangers want to be super thin, or get all the plastic surgery they want, i just can’t stand the lies, the parade of delusion, it’s just irritating. just shut the hell up and do what you want.

  14. I don’t believe what her trainer is saying. Even if she does have a fast metabolism, it doesn’t explain her sudden weight loss. She used to be full and muscular, and suddenly she became frail. Sure, she still has muscle, but it is much less obvious because she is not as curvy, and she does not have as much shape. These photos and her trainer’s comments just don’t add up.

  15. Megan Fox is beautiful at both a lower and higher weight, however, I call BS on this story. I don’t believe for a second that she lost that weight naturally, she works out more and/or eats less.

    • Wow, she had a nice booty before she lost weight (she barely has one now)! She looked gorgeous in the second pic too.

  16. Her figure and face in that gold dress are seriously AMAZING; Stunning, flawless. Now, I don’t envy her AT ALL. Not her body or her face. That’s saying A LOT because I use to think she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

    I do believe she has a fast metabolism, but she obviously doesn’t eat a whole lot either. I mean, come on, she even admitted that herself.

  17. I believe her trainer.

    She has stated the quotes listed below the trainer’s quotes, but I think they are often taken out of context. I think what she was trying to say with them is that she doesn’t eat the regular 3 meals at regular intervals in the regular way (entree, veggie, etc). I know a lot of people that eat the daily recommended amount, but will often do it in what I consider a chaotic kind of way, because either they are too lazy to make/go out and buy food, or don’t have the time to. Not good habits, and I think Megan was admitting that, not that she starves herself to stay thin as people like to interpret her quotes.

    She has also stated that she had to gain weight for her Transformers role. She was thinner before Transformers. So comparing her Transofrmers role to now and saying “Oh she lost weight, she’s not eating enough, that’s the evidence,” is not right.

    I mean, yes, obviously she is eating less because she is no longer trying to gain weight, but that does not mean she’s not eating enough in order to lose weight on purpose, nor does it mean her Transformers size is her natural tendency, even if it looks better on her (and I do think it does).

  18. That’s such a big lie. Someone with a really fast metabolism will more or less remain the same proportion most of their life regardless what or how much they eat.
    Something is happening (to her) that’s why she’s losing weight & it’s got nothing to do with her metabolism.

  19. Previously I would have thought this was BS but a couple of years ago my BMI dropped from 21 to well under 19 just by cutting out some junk food. If she had really bad eating habits that she has since improved and started exercising more,this is plausible.

    • Well then, why did she make comments about her poor eating habits? Somewhere someone is lying whether it is her or her trainer…

  20. I’m sorry but what a bunch of bulls—! Look at pics of her from 2-3 years ago, the girl has starved herself to lose about 20 pounds. Even her face shows all the botox/surgery and her body is no different. She once was so gorgeous it was unbelievable now she looks just like every other lolipop head, blown up lips and plastic face celeb. Congrats Megan you are now a dime a dozen in hollywood.

  21. Her pre-weight loss body was freaking amazing. Now not so much…

    Natural or not, it doesn’t change the fact that she looks better with a bit of weight on.

  22. kind of sound like bulls—. I’ve seen old pics of her, and she was far from this this skinny. Like way before the whole transformers thing, she looked softer.

    • it’s true, when she was a teenager and appeared in random television shows, she was much heavier than she is today…so the explanation that she only gained weight for transformers is bunk.

  23. I don’t think she eats. I really don’t. That’s just my opinion based on things I’ve heard her say and the way she looks.

  24. She loooks about ten lbs underweight.She is supposedly 5’4 and i am guessing at 115-120 lbs. now. she would look much better at about 125.

  25. I believe she trains a lot because she is toned, but i don’t believe her metabolism is the reason for her weight loss. She’s shrunk really quickly. If her metabolism controlled her weight she would have remained around the same size, not lost weight really quickly.
    It looks to me like she restricts her calorie intake a lot and exercises. I think she looks better a bit heavier

  26. she can eat whatever she wants because she actually does have nice muscle tone. you can tell in her abs and quads when she’s in a bikini. having muscle shrinks the size of the body and burns more calories! i just want to know what the “corset” muscle is — this is one i’ve got to start training too! otherwise my body and metabolism are very much like hers and i eat PLENTY.

  27. You’ve eliminated your right to excuse your thinness as “having such a high metablism!” if you’ve ever been noticeably heavier. Especially recently. Sorry, Megan’s trainer. lol

  28. She is not “extremely underweight” 115-120 at her height isnt terrible, but she could gain a bit more and look healthy-so i thijnk she probably eats but works out a ton too

    • carrie, I highly doubt she’s 120. I’d guess 100 lbs max… I remember reading (I think it actually was on this site) she went down to 99 lbs for jennifer’s body and I don’t think she’s heavier now than in that movie.

  29. Um, yeah right. This would maybe be believable if we have all never seen her as anything but verrrrrry skinny. That’s not the case by far…she used to be much more healthy/normal thin looking as opposed to super-slender, everyone knows this!! You’re telling me her metabolism changed dramatically in like less than 4 years? Liar, liar.

  30. Hmm I don’t really believe what her trainer says. I don’t think she’s starving herself, but I certainly think she started working out and eating a lot healthier to obtain these results. You usually become fuller as you get older, not the other way around. The metabolism tends to slow down with age, so it’s kind of impossible to explain why Megan was heavier in her teenage years, unless she was completely bingeing on crap.

  31. That is the most contradictory thing I have ever seen. Exhibit A: She’s older than when she was in Transformers
    Exhibit B: She gained weight quickly for Transformers
    Exhibit C: Don’t believe anyone in Hollywood who has anything to say about weight!

  32. this is total bulls—. bs. she is not trying to gain weight. she wants to be thin like everyone else in hollywood and the rest of the world. she’s not comfortable with extra weight. &****g fast metabolism MY ASS. EVERYONE in hollywood has a f ing fast metabolism don’t they!!???

  33. The second quote is obviously a joke. She was emphasizing what a bad cook she is. I read that interview, but even without doing so, it’s clearly humorous. Like seriously, why would you even include that quote to make this point…..

  34. I love Hollywood euthamisms
    “Deviated septum” = I had a nose job
    “Really Fast Metabolism” = I don’t eat
    “In rehab for exhaustion” = Drug addict.

  35. Yes, she did say she was at her heaviest when filming Transformers. But she also said she gained about 8 pounds for the role. So even if you believe her saying her Transformers weight wasn’t natural for her, there’s no doubt she’s more than 8 pounds away from this weight. I think she’s as thin or even thinner than in Jennifer’s body and she said she was basically starving for that role and her hair fell out. So do I believe her Trainer? Eh, no.

  36. It’s funny that in one hand we’re in an age that accepts our desire to change our bodies with surgery, radical diets, etc, to achieve a preferred look and yet on the other hand we’re still desperate to give the impression that any improvements are completely natural or due to genetics.

    I’m not even pinpointing Fox because I know I have been guilty of this in the past as well but I am learning that there is nothing wrong with having to work out to be slim. If anything the determination and diligence are to be admired because we are a gradually getting lazier by the day.

  37. Obviously genetics plays into her shape-but her sis and mom are a little thicker than her( has these pics, they’re older). I’m sorry, but I call b.s. On the fast metabolism too. Maybe she has a good one, but now that she works out so much, she looks stringy and plastic…not the soft pretty girl from transformers. Her quotes on eating elude to a eating disorder of some type-whether she’s a starve then binge, or a workout-aholic, there is some issues here. I wish shed lay off the exercise and soften up a little.

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