Megan Fox Talks Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox Talks Plastic Surgery 1

“I would encourage anyone to first speak with a therapist. To try and figure out where this want comes from, because a lot of times it’s not related to your teeth or your nose or your chin, the surgery is not going to alleviate that insecurity for you.”

“If, then, you feel, ‘This is something that I want to do,’ then do it. It’s amazing that we have the technology to do the stuff that we do.”

… says Megan.

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68 thoughts on “Megan Fox Talks Plastic Surgery”

  1. she’s right though. i know i can never have plastic surgery because i think i’m one of those types who can get addicted so i’m staying far away

  2. Thats just her excuse of saying “she knows what she’s doing”

    Plastic Surgery isn’t mentally healthy. I don’t think people should get it.

    • why do you say its not mentally healthy? i mean my mom just got a b❆❆b job (from an a cup to a b cup) and shes soo happy! she wasnt unhappy before but she just wanted to get them… and me idk if you would consider it plastic surgery but i got my breasts reduced because they where hurting my back and its a change for me to be able to wear clothes and not having to worry it doesn’t fit u know?

      • She/he said ‘I don’t think people should get it’… meaning it is his/her opinion thinking that it isn’t mentally healthy. A lot of people think like that, don’t blow up and give a whole speech bout your own ‘experience’ because of that.

      • I meant plastic surgery on your face, sorry for not being specifc. And I never said i was an expert, damn you dont gotta be an expert to use the word mentally and healthy together. Thanks ; )
        Don’t understand what your upset for, I gave my opinion. =)

      • she was never ugly as hell. you sound jealous. it’s refreshing that a celeb is admitting to having work done. most of them are liars and want us to think they were born looking beautiful.

      • She was always very pretty. So suck it.

        I honestly don’t think she’s had that much work done. Yes, she’;s definitely gotten her lips done, but look at the face she makes: that lip-pucker, brows-raised pose. You see? That amps up the look of having work done, on anyone, plus the fact that she wears too much makeup. Anyone who wears too much fase/base makeup looks like they’ve had something done. So ease up.

      • She wasnt ugly but she was diferent. She had her nose done. And it looks better now, But she has to stop doing whatever she is doing on her lips. There are pictures of her when she had her lips done, it´s all sore!!! Google it!!!! 5 years ago she had normal lips, it wasnt ugly, but it wasnt that full. Now she got her angelina jolie look that she wanted. she DIDNT admit having it, did she????

  3. i agree in some way cos most of those who go for plastic surgery or consider it are mostly influenced from “outside”, and the influence now is even worse with the physical beauty cult that had established and is imposed harshly, so some really need to work with therapist first to understand if they really want to do it and if yes for what reasons.
    i agree also that “It’s amazing that we have the technology to do the stuff that we do.” i just wish that people would think more before doing surgery and learn a lot bout the impact and consequences, etc cos the Tv kinda gives us the image that plastic surgery is really not that serious though it is.

  4. I was insecure about my teeth, then had braces. Now I have perfect teeth and I’m no longer insecure. I’m also insecure with my nose and I’m positive If I had a nose-job I would feel better about it. It’s not in my head since I was made fun of as a child regarding my nose and teeth. My husband even says that it was my smile that caught his attention when he first met me and so have other guys. Some people have exaggerated features that look much better after plastic surgery. It’s easy to say plastic surgery is wrong when you look normal.

    • PS: my nose has a bump and is crooked because of sports so it sucks but I’m not willing to pay a ton of money to fix it. Also, lets be honest, prettier women get the more attractive men or the men with more money. That’s just how it is. I couldn’t see my husband (who is attractive and makes good money) being interested in me when I had severely crooked teeth.

    • I agree with you.

      I had a jaw issue, and got it fixed. Although it technically wasn’t plastic surgery, the surgery had cosmetic benefits. My self-esteem went from barely any to confident. I became more outgoing, which led to more opportunities and more success in all areas of my life.

      For some people, plastic surgery can be mentally unhealthy…usually when the problem isn’t simply about a particular physical feature. But for others, it could be the best thing they have ever done.

      I don’t think people should be so quick to judge those that get plastic surgery. They’re not evil, vain or bad people. They just wanted something they feel they did not get when the genetic cards fell. And for those that get plastic surgery because of mental issues…they didn’t ask for those issues. They already have to suffer body image problems, must you add guilt on top of it?

    • I agree with you that there are plenty of people who want to change their looks and do not have an underlying mental problem. Though I do still think it is safer to get assessed first because one might not even be aware of having an issue. There are people who become unhappy with one part after another immediately after having something altered and they do not even realise there is a problem. It takes a very sick person to continue to perform surgery on someone like this and to take advantage of their insecurities.

      Though I disagree with prettier women getting more attractive or rich men. There are men out there who feel other attributes are more important than someone’s outward appearance or believe negative stereotypes about pretty women (such as them being gold-digging, stuck-up and cruel). There are men who would feel insecure with a partner who might be prettier than them. There are women who feel attractive and/or rich men tend to be egotistical playboys or that they fit some other negative stereotype of attractive and/or rich people. There are women who are afraid of only being chased for their looks by men and do not want to fall in love only to be ‘traded in’ for a younger woman down the line… There are so many things affecting whether or not two people will begin a relationship or not, I don’t think it can be minimised to attractive women get attractive and/or rich men.

  5. lol
    says somebody who was once really good looking and now looks like a figure stolen at madam tussauds.

    she has the excatly same look she is complaining about.

    the “the old woman looks like retarted cat” look

    • She also appears to have perfect skin. So with her logic, should people with horrible acne just live with it because obviously it’s something mental. I mean, if they have clear skin they’ll still be insecure about something so they shouldn’t even try.

          • Yes it is.. Altering your face, getting a potential dangerous surgery is far more severe than having a bad skin for a few years.

            you’re confusing the two, acne and surgery can both make a girl feel insecure. But so can ugly clothes. If you compare acne with surgery you might as well say ‘poor people have no designer clothing and it makes them feel insecure and ugly’. See? Your comment is as far stretched as it can be. It makes no sense and sounds like a comparison a little 5 year old would make…

  6. she was soo perfect b4 n i think she looks much much uglier now (although still georgious obviously), but if you’re gonna get plastic surgery, MAKE SURE U LOOK BETTER AFTEWARDS!!!

    • i agree with you, she was perfect before and she still looks great now, but definitely not perfect anymore. it’s hard to know if you’ll look better after surgery. i guess everyone just hopes that they will…

      i think her skin and hair look really nice, she looked really happy in other pictures i saw, esp with her mans.

  7. She has those awful KimK, Madonna, faaaaake cheeks. It annoys me when people are like, “she’s changed from growth.” She wasn’t 14 when she became famous, for grief’s sake! That weird, puffy creepy cat face that she and all other plastic surgery addicts get is really obvious. She’s just saying this to reassure us that she chose to become a creepy cat face b/c she wanted to, as if trying to legitimize it. natural beauty is always the best; there’s a difference between straightening teeth that needed correction and completely messing with cheeks, noses, facial structure.

  8. is her mouth always like that is that her “sexy” face?? LOL she looks funny… she’s kinda right on what she said about ps

  9. well,she obiousley knows what she s talking about,lik…she talked to a therapist for insecurities a.s.o.Honestly,that out of her mouth can only be a joke, innit?Like Oscar wilde said:”I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.” I m going to have plastic surgery when I ve given birth and done.
    She s like 24 , is married but to me it seems like she has some issues going on ( she looked better when she ate and didn t have all thos surgeries).But hell,if it makes her happy!But then she should be like this goosip girl actress who said she doesn t want to be a role model.Because Megan Fox is clearly none.Why can t she talk open about her surgeries as she did about not eating for one of her roles….
    There s nothing bad about surgeries…I ll get some after given birth-like,in a couple of yrs. not at the age of 22.What she does is just pathetic.But hey- it s Hollywood , what shall we expect 😉

  10. hmmm….I’m highly doubting she went to see a therapist for a long enough period of time to resolve issues and insecurities before each and every surgery she has had, if that were the case she’d be living in a therapists office! Lol, but at least she is honest in saying that she isn’t against surgery or anything and if someone really wants to do it then why not.

    I know several people who have had nose jobs or other cosmetic procedures (teeth, boobs, lips) and all were really happy with the results and not one of them became a surgery addict. Maybe for celebrities that is a danger, but normal people just dont have the financial means to become addicted to surgery, so it’s really not as big an issue as is often made out.

  11. Some of you are so cruel.

    Let’s say she is talking about herself. So she either knew what she was doing, which means good for her and none of your business.

    Or she has major issues that she should have resolved with her therapist. Let’s say she has some of those mental issues. Do some of you honestly think your comments are valid? She is not a bad person because she has mental issues. She didn’t ask to be insecure. Yes, it may be hard for us to understand because we see her as someone who is beautiful naturally, but she doesn’t.

    To blame her for not thinking she is good enough is like blaming a schizophrenic for not being logical enough. If it was that easy to get over it and be smart, then it wouldn’t be an issue.

  12. It’s just absolute s— that we live in a world that basically tells young girls/women: “your only value is in your looks.” ^^^^ Pisses me off more than Megan Fox, more than plastic surgery, more than anything.

  13. funny pout
    i wanna get surgery too 😉 and i will….no, not implants. just some flaws that have been disturbing me for 6 years…:P im 16 now and i know some(well many) think im pretty but i hate my nose.:P and i wear make up for the other…:(really bad hereditary dark eye circles. 😀 its not in my head

  14. it seems like no therapist could change her mind on surgeries..:DAnd really if I am obsessed with my nose or lips or chin why not having a nip and tuck??I know that it’s not hard to recognize a nose job-especially if you had it-but if I would feel happier why not??5 years ago,I broke my nose bone so badly and it was deviating day by day and I was totally obsessed with that,and after two years,it was a nightmare for me to have a sleep because I couldn’t breath when I was laying down!And I went to a ear-throat-nose doctor,they said I need a surgery and with a cosmetic surgeon my nosejob took place and when I look at my “then and now” pictures,all I say is”God bless you doctors!”:D

  15. She’s starting to look like an alien… I really don’t understand why women go under the knives… But, hey, I am a man, so I don’t understand women anyway, lol. God bless my wife, she’s so perfect!! She doesn’t care about all those stuff and that’s why I love her! I couldn’t be with a girl who is obsessed with her body… We have a healthy lifestyle, and that’s all that matters!

  16. i think she looks good after surgery and good before, hey i want a bump removed on my schnoz too, but for people to say now that she is the most gorgeous woman alive, especially Kim K. tweeting that it is saying plastic perfection is the ideal and little girls are gonna say wow! to be perfect you have to be plastic….my opinion is do what you want she is pretty now, too fake, but still pretty and she was pretty before, but to have her as the ideal is ridiculous someone like monica bellucci or all natural and beautiful should be the ideal not having a fake plastic doll be the most beautiful woman in the world that is ridiculous because she bought that beauty under a knife. i too then could look like her with the right amount of dough

  17. I can’t lie. I actually think she looks prettier now. However, I think that she was perfectly gorgeous the way she looked in her late teen years.

    And I guess I just appreciate the way she looked before because I greatly appreciate natural beauty, like without messing with yourself at all, even with make-up (for some people).

    All I really know is that she definitely had her nose done and her lips are different (even though I thought they were kinda weird before anyway), and she dumped her freckles (but that’s not something I look down on; they’re just freckles). I don’t know about her cheeks so for certain so I won’t comment on that.

    Anyway, I love Megan. I don’t think she’s the best actress, but she’s freaking awesome and beautiful.

  18. She makes a sound point. I think people underestimate her intelligence because she has, in the past, said some undeniably ridiculous things. But, and I don’t know if I’m the only one to notice this, when you compare the picture shown in this post to her “before” picture in the related post, she really doesn’t look much different. For a while she went really vamp and pale, but now it seems she’s returning to her prior, more “beachy” look. I don’t know, I’m rambling, but I don’t think she looks plastic.

  19. Im so sick of this woman, she is pretty, ok we got that already! But I guess that’s all ,she has no special acting skills and I think she pretends she’s something she’s not, acting tough and trying too hard to look sexy. FIrst she tells us she’s bi…She’s nothing but an Angelina wannabe. Grow up already! I think she is a great pretender, she’s nothing but plastic, a doll actually, if she had an inch of intelligence she would stop plastic surgeries NOW!Dont get me wrong, Im not a hater or some sort of an antifan, but society sometimes makes me soooo mad, Hollywood is like the Olimpe on earth and I’m tired of it, cause they make you think some people are perfect, when they’re noting but a bunch of plastic and their lives are usually as messed up as ours! ( or worse), but yet people let themselves be distracted by their glow, while more and more people are getting sick because of the stereotypes they create.

  20. She looked at least more natural before the nose job, lip injections, and the b❆❆b job, and the botox, now she’s like a mannequin.

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