Megan Fox’s Thumb Gets Replaced with Hand Double in Super Bowl Ad

Megan-Foxs-Thumb-Gets-Replaced-with-Hand-Double-in-Super-Bowl-Ad - Megan Fox's Thumb Gets Replaced with Hand Double in Super Bowl Ad

Hottie Megan Fox filmed a commercial for Motorola and 2 things catch your attention:

1. Speaking of Lindsay’s enhanced or not lips in the previous post, check out that pout on Megan!

2. “Her” thumbs are not really hers.

From The Daily Mail:

In Hollywood, it is commonplace for shy stars to enrol a body double for a sex scene.

But while Megan Fox happily went naked in her latest film Jennifer’s Body, it appears she isn’t quite so confident with her hands.

In her latest role, starring in a one-off Super Bowl advert for Motorola, it appears the actress has enlisted a hand double.

You have to watch the full video ad and let us know how you like it!

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20 thoughts on “Megan Fox’s Thumb Gets Replaced with Hand Double in Super Bowl Ad”

  1. Doesn’t really surprise me. Apparently Megan has clubbed thumbs, which don’t look too great right up close on camera, so they had to use a hand double.

    • Ha, i agree. I mean no one is perfect, and with that hot body and face who will ever look at her thumb? And as the article says, using body doubles is quite common, so using a thumb double should not be harshly judged. It’s not like it’s sending the wrong message, for once…

  2. Ooh. She has stubby little thumbs.

    Probably the only thing of mine that looks better than hers. XD

    As for the lip thing, I’d say it’s just her pouting.

  3. Really, I wouldn’t mind if I had bad thumbs if that was my only flaw, like her’s. Everything that matters is gorgeous about her (face, eyes, lips, hair, skin, body).

    Also, I thought the commercial was funny. Kind of cheesy, but then again it’s being targeted to middle-aged men who watch pro football. So wasn’t expecting it to be Oscar-worthy or anything.

    • This is one girl who everyone thinks is gorgeous and I simply do not agree! I think sooo many women are absolutely gorgeous but megan is just not one of them! I think in Transformer’s with all the heavy makeup and tanning and what not that she looks pretty but without it I do not think she is very pretty. Her body is fine, she seems to be naturally thin but her body is nothing to freak out about in my opinion. What I do like about her and what makes her look pretty at times are her lips (which I believe are injections but they look fabulous!) and her eyebrows I love the thick, long brow. Do you guys think that she was pretty before the plastic surgery? You can google it and see pics, i just see nothing at all special about how she looked before.

      • I think she was cute before plastic surgery. In a girlie, innocent, adorable way. Pretty is a good word too. Now she is more fierce, sexy, hot, everyone’s drooling over her and so on. A bit in your face – especially because of her attitude – but there really is smth about her that i find stunning…

  4. a couple months ago a friend msged me, saying i should google Megan Fox’s thumbs, and i actually lol’d.
    They look like toes….

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