Michelle Pfeiffer: “I’m now at, ‘She looks great for her age.’”

184702925_10 - Michelle Pfeiffer: "I’m now at, ‘She looks great for her age.’"

On beauty and aging:

“The loss of youth, the loss of beauty — it definitely plays havoc with your psyche. There’s this transition from, ‘Wow, she looks really young for her age,’ to, ‘She looks great for her age.’ And there’s a big difference. I’m now at, ‘She looks great for her age.’ There is certainly a mourning process to that. I used to think I would never have surgery but it’s really hard to say never. I’m in the ‘never say never’ camp now.”

… says 55 year-old Michelle in Telegraph UK.

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180275737_10 - Michelle Pfeiffer: "I’m now at, ‘She looks great for her age.’" 180275767_10 - Michelle Pfeiffer: "I’m now at, ‘She looks great for her age.’" 180275786_10 - Michelle Pfeiffer: "I’m now at, ‘She looks great for her age.’" 184702629_10 - Michelle Pfeiffer: "I’m now at, ‘She looks great for her age.’" 184702636_10 - Michelle Pfeiffer: "I’m now at, ‘She looks great for her age.’"

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29 thoughts on “Michelle Pfeiffer: “I’m now at, ‘She looks great for her age.’””

  1. I hope i dont go through this mourning process, I would love to age with satisfaction. I would be happy looking that great at her age.

    Then again, i havent been fawned over my entire life, so i’m sure it’s hard to age when you are used to being admired for your looks.

  2. Love her. My mum has always been against surgey and has always looked young for her age and now at 60 she says the same as Michelle. But.. she is more interested in the minor stuff like fraxel, botox etc. Face lifts rarely look great

  3. The more beautiful you are the more difficult it is, obviously, my mother went through that, to me she’s still stunning, but I guess I can understand. I hope Michelle opts to not go under the knife, they just might bloat and ruin her like they do everyone else, at a certain age, plastic surgery doesn’t react with the body.

  4. I definitely see her point. She still looks good, but not YOUNG anymore. And I really respect her honesty and that she’s able to stand for changing her mind and that she openly considers surgery rather that doing it & then claiming she just went Benjamin Button over night naturally. Also, I think surgery in to some extent is completely fine, as long as one is feeling genuinely better afterwards and isn’t using it for the wrong reasons.
    But before having something done, maybe she should gain a bit weight, it would fill out her face and neck a bit, imo.

  5. I love Michelle. I think she’s beautiful and has a certain poise and grace. I hope she doesn’t do anything too extreme, Joan rivers and Janice Dickinson look terrible and I would think that it’d be worse psychologically to look like them than accept aging naturally or go the very minimalist route.

  6. I think Michelle is absolutely stunning, and aging beautifully. I might be a little bit biased though, if you gave her a darker complexion she is a dead ringer for my mom who also hasn’t had any work done.
    She is also a great actress so even if she weren’t too age so well, she would still be admired for her work, but she is lucky to have beauty and talent.

  7. Aging is a pretty difficult thing for everyone, I guess – but especially so in an industry obsessed with youth and beauty. Michelle was always celebrated for her looks, so I can understand she is more sensitive than most to how they are changing. She’s still a beautiful woman and I like her honesty – though sometimes she sort of looks like she’s already had some work done….

  8. the first(last) outfit is amaaaaaazing!! bite the dust victoria beckam! damn I want the jacket,is gorgeous with the White high-neck-soft fit-with bottons under!
    however I think it is more like “mm..she looks pretty good” “wait a minute, it’s evident she is over 40 so why do I find her attractive?advertisings,medias,medium age of actresses and singers told me that she shouldn’t look good at her age” “mm..she looks good, and plus I see an over 30 age so she looks good for her age”

  9. Why surgery? Aging is not something you can stop or control, anyway. All you can do is postpone the process, but eventually you will have to face it and deal. It’s better to work on your self-esteem and coping skills than work against time to avoid the inevitable. I can see how “losing beauty” in a look-oriented industry is though, but there are really far worse aspects to aging.

  10. Um, she has already had work done, clearly. Just look at the area around her eyes. It has altered her face considerably.

  11. She’s not good at all for her age, she looks like someone who is over 60 years old : and she had surgery and all of that stuff

    • Yeah I agree. There are 50-something women who look better at that age. And so already did surgery. Certainly her nose, much earlier in her carreer, and botox recent years.
      Such a pitty. It must be very difficult to age in Hollywood. Its like you aren’t allowed to live anymore once you cross a certain age.

  12. Yikes that makes aging sound kinda scary. But i’m sure it’s tougher on Hollywood women than it is on non-famous ladies.

    I’m torn between wanting to be glamorous until i die or giving up at 60 and saying f *** it.

  13. It’s hard to ge to that sort if mentality that she has. I’d like to think that when I’m as old as she is now (not implying that she’s super old or anything) that I’d be just like “just f*cking deal with it” about my looks…

  14. “I used to think I would never have surgery”? She had a nose job over 20 years ago (you can see her old nose in Scarface) and she looks like she’s done a little bit here and there. She has always been gorgeous and exotic looking. She was purrfect as Catwoman in Batman!

    • you’re right. I actually like her old nose much better. after her nose job, she looked a bit like Michael Jackson. If she still wanted to make her nose thinner she should have done it less dramatic.

  15. she is a realised woman with a creer behind her and stil working, a mom to make a good example and she lived a great life.. to hear her talking about considering plastic and even answering this stupid questions is kinda degrading to woman and makes her sound vane and stupid. she should know her sex symbol days are over..how about aging healthy and gracefully, that is stil very beautifull.. hm

  16. Gosh, she is such a beauty. I wanna look like her, when I’m her age. I really hope she won’t do something drastically…because it looks never good or better than before surgery.

  17. I’m 32 and I’m starting to age, just small things like some forehead lines that stay if I don’t get a good sleep or darker bags under the eyes some people say they don’t notice so much like my mother she said I could pass for late twenties but to me that’s not even that young and that’s the best it gets, it’s a bit of a wake up call! It’s got me thinking about how my face is going to hold up for the rest of my life and it’s now a reality that things are going to change forever. It’s not like that feeling of being 22 and you can’t even imagine what those changes feel like. Michelle is gorgeous whatever she’s doing or done looks good, I’ll probably look like crap when I get to 55. spf 50 sunscreen every day rain or shine people!

    • I want a mild rhinoplasty to reduce the excessive bulbous tip of my nose, a chin implant to improve my heavily receding jaw that gives me the appearance of two chins, and small breast implants combined with a lift to put my saggy 32c’s into pert and perky 32dds.

  18. She is always gorgeous! I think ageing is difficult for everyone, and more so with the pressure of the media etc. However, there are people that place a lot of emphasis on their beauty…but aren’t that attractive anyway (I’m thinking more the people that buy their beauty). However, Michelle was always classically stunning so I could see how it would be hard for her to have that transition in her life. I loved her in the Witches of Eastwick. I think her late 20’s and 30s were actually her prime. These days the media plays up actresses ‘prime’ as much younger.

  19. I think I will be more concerned with physical abilities than beauty when I grow older. Not being able to endure as much, loss of muscle mass, menopause etc. all sound so much worse than just some wrinkles.

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