Michelle Trachtenberg Asks: ‘Where Am I Fat?’

Michelle Trachtenberg Asks: 'Where Am I Fat?' 1

Because she is not a size 0-2 and she’s a curvy pear shape, Michelle Trachtenberg’s been bombed with ‘FAT’ labels. What does the actress have to say about these remarks?

Let’s find out the details from Hollywood Life:

We got to catch up with actress Michelle Trachtenberg at week two of the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge on Jul. 31 at Blue Star Jets field in Bridgehampton, where she took a break from filming Gossip Girl and openly expressed her frustration over being called fat – and considering how great the actress looked, wearing a flowing floral Rebecca Taylor maxi dress standing in the shade while attendees mingled at the SWAGG Moblie Application lounge, I don’t blame her! “Look at me,” she said while grabbing both sides of her teeny waist, “Tell me, where am I fat?”

Honestly, I couldn’t agree with her more! I’ve seen her in person at multiple events and Michelle is a thin girl with a nice figure – I think it’s ridiculous that her body is constantly under scrutiny! The down to Earth star said at the end of the day, it’s all about how it effects her fans. “It isn’t even about me, it’s about the message it sends to normal girls,” she said. “Some girl in Middle America is gonna pick up [a tabloid] and say, ‘Oh Michelle is my favorite actress and they think she’s fat, what does that say about me?’”

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93 thoughts on “Michelle Trachtenberg Asks: ‘Where Am I Fat?’”

    • “The down to Earth star said at the end of the day, it’s all about how it effects her fans. “It isn’t even about me, it’s about the message”

      WRONG GRAMMAR!!! it should be written as
      how it AFFECTS her fans…

      holy crap… where are all the editors these days????

  1. I believe that this (unmotivated) label of “fat” is due to the fact that she is a pear shape – which she can’t help, because this is how God meant her to be. So, no matter how tiny her waist would be, she will always have meaty legs, hips and bum.
    That being said, I know the mechanism: it the same with me, no matter how much weight I lose and how bony I get on my top half of body – remember the xylophone expression? – my arms and my lower half remain curvy and meaty and my hips stay somehow wide – and I continue to feel “fat” and chubby, even if the scale says I’m not.
    Nevertheless, some think I just happen to look very good, and I strive to think the same way, because, like I said already, there’s a reason why God made us this way.

  2. Agreed. It’s almost insane how much smaller celebs look in person. I always thought Lauren Conrad was average sized until I saw her in person at a book signing….she was impossibly tiny!!! It’s crazy what the camera adds….

    • I TOTALLY agree with you. The camera and still photos make people look way bigger then they actually are. I think if you saw michelle in real life she would look so tiny compared to pictures of her, not that she doesn’t look great in the pics already.

  3. lol. i like her response, she is a clever girl. And, she absolutely right about girls reading something like that and thinking that they are fat. I know a lot of people on the site think that magazines don’t influence body image, but in reality women compare themselves to other women, and celebs provide a salient comparison because we have so many images of them in our heads, magazines, televisions, etc. Actually, social comparison is a basic facet of human psychology (read Festinger, 1958), and in a culture that is so obsessed with looks and weight, it should come as no surprise that we compare ourselves to celebrities. The problem with social comparisons is that you have no how others evaluate the person you compare yourself to, and in the case of celebs we have plenty of evidence of who is attractive, fat, too skinny, because everyone gives their opinions on that very openly.

    • I agree with you!
      I compare my body to other women’s ones all the time!
      Not saying that’s a great thing to do, it can actually make you feel bad if you don’t have a good self-esteem, but it’s just something I do automatically.

  4. It’s “affects”, not “effects”. Geez, where’s the proofreader?

    She looks fine and she’s definitely not fat.

    • EXACTLY! That totally bothered me. =P

      Any I agree; she is DEFINITELY not fat. But as a previous poster mentioned, she does have to be careful how she dresses her lower-half.

  5. I think the other problem might be that she used to be extremely thin. I remember some movie (Eurotrip?) she was in and she was so so tiny. I remember I hadn’t seen her for a since then and I noticed she was bigger. I have enough sense to realize she was so much younger back then! I think she and her body just matured to it’s natural shape and she has hips now, as is normal. She’s still super tiny though, so I don’t get the fat comments. Do all women have to be shaped like a ruler to not be labeled fat in Hollywood?

    • I agree. I remember her from ‘Buffy’, where she was really small- but obviously she was a child and hadn’t developed her adult figure. But I can see how people might compare the two, and see that she looks bigger. I would hope people would have the sense to realise that if you looked at pictures of most women as a child/teenager, they will look a lot smaller 🙂

    • I agree…lol, I remember her Buffy days when she used to make Sarah Michelle Geller look larger in comparison….. I bet if she were more tanned ppl would think she was thinner too, cuz being extra white makes you look bigger.

  6. You can have the smallest waist ever and still got some fatty areas.Im pear shaped and I dont like my legs.You can be thin but labeled as fat just because your legs are not toothpicks.

    • ughh i KNOWWWWW!

      i’m also a pear shape and i just feel like a big huge hoss all the time. my waist is probably 23 inches around, but it doesn’t matter because when i wear shorts my legs cast a shadow.

      when will the toothpick leg craze end?

        • I don’t know….I’m a pear as well and I always feel ppl underestimate how big I am because by upper half is disproportionately thin for my weight. That said, I do wish I had the skinny legs!

      • I KNOW! Haha. Even if my thighs are muscular, it looks weird. My upper body is tiny like yours and then boom. I haven’t worn shorts in yeaaaars.

        • Aww, you should wear shorts! I have the same body, but I still wear them. Shorts aren’t only reserved for toothpick legs!

          • i know a lot of people who have thin legs and dont like them too! it goes both ways! i mean you ask different people what their ideal legs are and everyone will have differing opinions! Man, I have Britney type legs with a bit less calf that i used to HATE but i get so many compliments about them! U just have to learn to realise that beauty is subjective and there is no one ‘ideal’ for everything! and just go out and wear what YOU want to and just feel great because you are you! noone else looks like you…thats pretty special imo

      • I understand your frustration with having larger legs and feeling bigger thanks to the media only favoring long slim legs, but in calling other legs “toothpicks” you’re doing the same thing that is being done to you.

        Just like you can’t change your leg shape, there are those with “toothpick” legs (usually apple-shapes) who cannot change THEIR leg shape.

        I just wish people would express their frustrations or distaste for lack of body variety in the media without needing to attack other body types, as if somehow it is their fault for being mainstream attractive. When it comes down to it, those with thin legs had about as much choice in the matter as you did…they got what they were born with. That’s all.

        • agreed, I have skinny legs, always have, always will, and honestly I feel just as insecure about them as my sister does about her “big” legs (she has very muscular, athletic legs), if only we could swap lol. But anyway its not fair to refer to thin legs as “toothpicks” – that is just as hurtful as saying to someone their legs are too big!

  7. I agree with Dominique, it’s because she used to be really really thin. But that was years ago when she was young. She looks amazing now, and she seems sweet. Good for her for standing up for herself.

      • yea…i know it did seem a bit conceited but i dont think she meant it to be. i see what she is saying aswell! also its more maybe girls may look at her and go ‘wow, i look similar to her…or she has a figure/ eyes/ nose/ whatever like me…and i dont like this about me. BUT she is famous and people think she is hot! and they arent picking on that body part about her…so maybe im hot too!” thats the way i kinda look at it.

        i was thinking. it must be hard being famous and responding to things. I mean, everything would have to be so calculated. i sometimes say things in real life that doesnt quite come out right. Like, i know what im thinking but just havent vocalized it properly. But then i can explain myself better and make more sense and give more depth to the point i am making. whereas if your a celeb. you make a comment. maybe you then explain it…BUT its not up to you if the explanation makes it into print/ tv etc. that was just a side comment though…i wasnt having a bash at anyone!

    • yeah i think so too. she is lucky in that her weight isn’t distrubuted to her waist, so of course she isn’t fat there. but her lower body would look better if she lost some weight…sorry, i had to say it.

  8. Such a pretty girl! I agree with other commenters; you can’t (naturally!) change the body shape you were born with, especially with a pear shape.

    As women, our bodies were made to carry extra weight in our thighs to help stabilize the body for/during pregnancy; that is why it’s one of the first places fat goes to when you gain weight and, as my fellow pear-shapped beauties will attest, one of the last places you will lose it from during weight-loss!

  9. well she doesn’t have to worry about someone picking up a magazine and saying “my favorite actress” 😉 lol but all kidding aside she is a beautiful woman and by no means fat

  10. She’s beautiful, but because she’s not caved in to the pressure to be super skinny the media are always going to comment on her curvier figure because of that. It’s stupid, but hopefully girls are increasingly savvy to the media and realise the expectations they put on women to be a size which is unnatural for some people is unrealistic and wrong. And Versus, pretty please can we have a Lea Michele post? 🙂

  11. thats a shame that she would be labelled fat, she looks healthy and beautiful, she glows. She can not help her natural shape and it is just as wrong to condemn a pear shaped woman for her “big” legs as it is to condemn a woman for having small breasts, but you wouldn’t see a magazine saying something mean about a woman with small boobs.

    • Exactly. It sucks, but it’s true. I saw her in person recently, she was walking out of a hotel, and I could not get over the size of her cankles compared to the rest of her body. She just has to dress carefully. We all have something we have to be aware of!

    • Her ankles are defined by her bone structure – there’s nothing she can do about them. She’s still not fat at all.

  12. “Oh Michelle is my favorite actress…” Ummm….yeah…okay. I would like to meet someone who claims she is their favorite actress.

  13. She’s a beautiful girl, not fat at all…well, until you get to her ankles. She has really thick ankles that morph with her thighs…this may give the impression she’s bigger depending on what she’s wearing.

    But nothing wrong with her…nothing wrong with being a pair shape.

  14. I honestly don’t think most people consider her as fat. I think they just don’t know body shapes very well, or maybe they don’t know how to describe people? Having bigger thighs does not mean the same thing as being fat.

    That being said, I think the writer/interviewer is equally ridiculous in calling her thin. She’s not fat, but she’s not thin either. She’s normal/average, looks healthy, and I think she’s attractive.

  15. This has nothing to do with her weight, but I am SO glad that there are celebrities like her who are willing to stay pale instead of spray tanning themselves orange. Represent those of us who glow white!

  16. cankles aren’t a symptom of being fat, they’re to do with a persons body structure….just the way muscle forms. Proven my Cheryl cole who is a small girl but she still has got them…
    that said michelle has an ok body….she doesn’t have good legs but everyone has their flaws….her skin tone is really nice….not everyone has to have an orange tan to ‘look good’

  17. It’s the hardest part of being a celeb I guess,people are opening your pics and looking carefuly at the every inch of your body and then they try to find a fault and yet they verbalise it harshly.I always wonder if celebs google themselves and read the comments about themselves?lol

  18. She looks lovely. Being pear shaped may make her look bigger in certain areas, but she looks no different to lots of other girls out there. I love the fact that she’s not orange either, she looks great!

  19. c’mon people, curvy hips are sexy 🙂
    I wouldn’t want skinny legs, although I have to exercise mine every day and I have this never-ending fight to avoid cellulite 🙂

  20. i am soooo jealous
    i have the opposite problem im uk size 10-12 on top and 8-10 on the bottom which look ridiculose and my friends are always teasing my skinny legs 🙁

  21. Even if you are not a pear shape it is still frustrating. My waist is 24 and my hips are 32 so I don’t look that great in jeans and clothes of that sort. I tend to gain in my stomach and arms so I envy someone with really skinny arms. I think that hollywood says she is fat because that is just the hollywood size 0 standard.

  22. personally im not a fan of her figure i think her lower half is very unflatterring but i wudnt call her fat at all, she cud work on toning her legs tho..

  23. Because your waist is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t hide your fat elsewere.

    However, Michelle is a pretty obvious pear, which would make it necessary for her to have a very fragile-looking (perhaps bony) upper half if she were to lose weight from her thighs.

    Her thighs are, yes, meaty, and, like some posters said, it would be good for her to be careful when dressing them. But in no way fat and I think she could stay the way she is!

    Also, I just have to say her face is so, so gorgeous, and I love it that her waist has always been so tiny!

  24. i can tell her where she is fat….her legs. i wouldnt normally be so harsh, but she obviously doesn’t work them out. you can have thick, muscular thighs or just plain old flabby thighs.

  25. All I wanna know is if she’s fat, then what the hell is that Nikki Blonsky girl?!? (I think thats her last name….) . Hollywood people are ridiculous.

    And for those saying she’s fat in her bottom half/cankles/legs whatever….. what are you suggesting?? That she should lose weight in her legs?? She cant! Its just how her body is! Your just as bad as hollywood people

    • you can lose weight in your legs. and if its IMPOSSIBLE, which nothing is impossible, then it’s definitely possible to tone them. and nikki whatever her name is is obese. beyond fat.

      • I assume she meant you can’t spot reduce fat in your legs which is absolutely true.

        Also ‘toning’ is really just the reduction of fat and adding muscle. Again you can’t spot reduce fat although you can build up muscle, but that won’t make her legs smaller.

      • Thats exactly what I was about to say but you said it for me. You cannot spot reduce. And I know everyone on this site is gonna disagree with me and get all technical about this but whatever……. If your obese, your fat. They are synonyms. Thanks 😉

        • fat and obsese are not synonyms. fat to me is someone 20-100 overweight. obese is 100+. i know they say nowadays 20lbs overweight is considered obese, but that is absurd. no wonder they say american is obese.

          also, if toning is reducing fat, then she can “spot” reduce the weight in her legs. all she needs to do are leg exercises out her wazoo. they’ll still appear bigger, but at least it tone big not chubby big.

          • I knew you’d disagree. This is whats wrong with some of the over-analystic people on this site. The definition of fat doesn’t come with a number limit. Neither does obese. Look it up on thesaurus.com. They are synonyms.

            And like you aid, her legs are still gonna be big wether she tones them or not. So the next time she says “where am i fat?” and people say her legs…. she can just say “oh thats not fat thats muscle” right???…… well she cant go around telling everyone she meets that her legs are no longer containing fat but are now containing muscle. She’s gonna be bottom heavy regardless, and she looks great that way. She is not fat at all.

          • of course i disagree. and you’re not the type of person who can agree to disagree. but even if she were still bottom heavy with tonage versus chubage people wouldnt be calling her fat. you dont hear people calling rihanna fat or beyonce fat and they both have similar legs to her. difference is….they are toned.

          • also, i’ve never commented on here even though i find her legs chubby. im not over analytical. the posts title made me comment :”Where am I fat?”. Well just let me tell you…. 🙂

            I’m seriously not been rude or snide, she asked, so i told. I’m one of those girlfriends you’d probably hate. If my friend says does this make me look fat….and it does….I tell them. I would want the same. I help them pick something that flatters them and makes them look skinny 🙂

          • And I completely respect that. Saying her legs are bigger than the rest of her body is okay. Telling her to lose wight in that specifc area even though her body is like that naturally is what I have a problem with. 🙂 Lets just agree to disagree

  26. I’m a pear shape myself and it gets to a point where losing more fat just to slim the bottom half compromises the upper body. You need to just settle at a comfortable weight and size.

    • as a former hourglass, i can say that i am now more pear shaped because i did exactly that and kept trying to lose weight and all that hapenned was i lost my boobs…sad days!

      HOW THE HELL is that fat?!?! she’s not fat at all….some people have REALLY distorted views on fat…and i thought I did!

  27. What has she done lately??? She’s a very average size. Not fat by any means – she’s normal/slim. Not skinny tho – which is completely fine. Its good to be normal sized – more realistic anyways.

    • Except not. Go look up other pictures of her. If you still think she is fat, then I feel very sorry for you and your distorted views on body image.

  28. She’ snot overweight or fat, but she does look doughy. I think she just has a higher body fat percentage and has no visible muscle tone.

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