Miley Cyrus Responds to “Fat” Criticisms on Twitter


Believe it or not, Miley’s figure was criticized on Twitter and the word “fat” was part of the description. Not only is that totally absurd, but it’s also totally wrong to say that to a 16 year-old. How did Miley respond? Here’s what The Daily Mail says:

Miley Cyrus has hit the beach looking every inch the Hollywood star she has become at the tender age of 16. The Hannah Montana star is in the Bahamas soaking up the sun for a relaxing family holiday.

Pictured in a mix and match bikini set she is spotted at one point climbing on an inflatable banana boat for a high speed thrill. But her idyllic break was rudely interrupted when she was attacked via her Twitter page after she left a post commenting on her thighs.

The singer turned actress joked that she should give up eating sugary food at night after spotting her ‘jiggling thighs’.

But she hit back at her critics saying she was just a ‘normal girl’.

She wrote: ‘Talk all you want. I have my flaws. I’m a normal girl (sic) there’s things about my body I would change but stop with calling me f*t in post.’

‘I don’t even like the word. Those remarks that you hateful people use are fighting words. The ones that scar people and cause them to do damage to themselves or others.’

‘People that are so okay with being so hateful disgust me and need to spend last time on a gossip website and more time a. reading your bible b. reading stories/articles about what happens when cyber abuse and name calling happens. Kids hurt themselves.’

‘This is not something to be taken lightly. I know these ‘message boards’ are ‘no big deal’ to YOU but (it) is to the victim. This has got to stop!’

And in keeping with her sense of humour, Cyrus, who was recently in Britain added: ‘oh and ps if [your] thighs don’t jiggle go see a doctor. thanks’


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56 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Responds to “Fat” Criticisms on Twitter”

  1. She's not fat. In any sense.

    But she talks about her thighs and how she should cut out sugar at night to make them less jiggly, then says she's not the one with fat issues? Please.

    I'm not defending the people who replied to her Twitter and called her fat, but what was she expecting posting something like that?! If you don't want people to talk about your body then don't give them the opportunity.

    Having said that she's a baby, she's entitled to being naive. I'm just surprised she's not more savvy.

  2. totally agree with ela. she points out her jiggly thighS and says she shud cut out sugar, and then complains. get real lil girl. i see no good things in this lil 16 yr olds future. great body, cute face, HORRIBLE FUTURE AHEADD.

  3. people saying things like that is just stupid HELLO.
    Lots of little girls admire Hannah montana/ Miley Cyrus, and then people in the media etc calling her FAT is giving these young girls a bad image of what girls should look like,
    If you ask me its pathetic, shes 16 come onnnnn.
    Cant someone just look normal without being labelled as "fat" these day?

    • I agree Kirsty.

      Labels like that on such a young girl just cause more insecurities.

      Plus…she's thin! HELLO? Forget being too skinny or too heavy…why not idolize NORMAL??

  4. she has a gorgeous figure! and is talking loads of sense. i'm the same age as her, and if she's fat i must be obese.

  5. She's only 16 and her body will change over the coming years!!! How can people be so stupid and criticise the shape of a teenager, knowing that she's in the middle of growth??? I mean, don't they have better issues to worry about???!





  7. people are so dumb if they think she has fat thighs she is really skinny .they need to get their eyes checked,and i absolutely adore miley for speaking out why should celebrities have to look skinny they have a life too they werent born to please us .i think miley is healthy and thank god she isnt one of those crazy anorexic celebs who look like they are going pass out anytime soon

  8. People need to remember that not everyone wants to look like a skeleton (cough, victoria beckham, cough)…Miley is slim and gorgeous without looking skeletal and ill. Most people would die for her figure, so all those haters who said that need to f off and get a life.

  9. I'm exactly her age, and *cringe, when me & my friends took my little sister to the Hannah Montanna movie, we were surprised at how skinny she looked! We're probably the slimmer girls in our class and she's definitely thinner than some of us. I loathe her arrogance, but I think she's got a gorgeous body that she should be proud of!

  10. I don't care for this girl at all, she's an example of what is wrong with today's youth. BUT….she isn't fat, not even close. She has a great figure and jiggly thighs well…most female have them to a certain extent.

    • My thoughts exactly! I do not like her one bit, but she does have a great figure. I wish I looked like that at 16. Now all we need to do is cut off her head and she'll be perfect!

      And I can't believe anyone would call her fat, I'm kinda thinking she might be making it up lol. I mean, can anyone find this article that supposedly calls her fat? Anyone who calls her fat is either jealous or anorexic. Or both.

  11. miley cyrus is NOT fat…she's just not a skeleton. hollywood has gotten so out of whack with it's definitions of pretty that anyone who approaches a healthy BMI looks "big" compared to the itsy bitsy starlets. does she have boobs? yes. does she have hips? yes. does she have meat on her arms and legs? yes! fat? no. just a normal girl with a normal teenage body.

  12. As much as I find her incredibly annoying and not very talented, I think its ridiculous anyone would find this 16 year old kid fat. In the great words of GOB Bluthe: COME ON! She hasn't even finished growing yet!! I'm glad she spoke out, but I'll be even glader (word?) if she doesn't become emaciated as the rest of Hollywood in the following weeks.

  13. She's not fat. However, why the hell would we want to read the bible? Boring! She's so weird. Censoring 'fat'. God. Goody two shoes much.

    • i think her comment makes it clear that she is very young and sheltered, and not entirely capable of understanding and speaking her own thoughts yet. i mean look i'm a fan of the bible but there's only so much time you can spend reading the same book?

  14. Whatever hapend with medium? In Hollywood you are either "skinny anorexic b—" or "fat"! Please she is by no means fat! She is not even curvy, first of- she is kid!!! So what Beyonce and Kim are obessed?!!

  15. Personally, I do not think she is anywhere near fat, but she could use a little more tone. Her arms aren't toned and neither are her stomach or thighs.

    • I think it's a matter of personal preference as to how toned someone "should" be. I think she looks beautiful as is.

      • I agree with that. As long as you are healthy and not overweight then it's up to you how 'toned' you want to be. She is certainly not flabby whatsoever, I'd say she is actually fairly lean.

      • I agree with your comment. I think she looks toned the way she is now but I don't subscribe to the "no body fat" type of body that seems to be so popular these days.

    • Hmmm….nit picking a little bit. She could use more tone in her arms, stomach and thighs? This girl has a pretty toned figure and she looks quite good as she is.

    • What's so special about "toned"? I've never understood that, if the woman is a healthy looking size and not flabby, saggy, or fat, why does she need a little more tone?

      • Yeah, it's not as though the general population wants to DISECT her (ew ew ew).

        and if you are part of the minority that does, then let me give you the number of a great therapist….

  16. I think she looks great. I agree that she did set herself up for that one, but someone would have to be either a. really jealous of her or b. really fat and insecure about themselves if they have nothing better to do than comment on her body. These hater teenagers need to get a life…

    • I would like to point out that "really fat" people are not the only ones that are insecure about themselves, and not all that are go around insulting other people about their bodies.


  17. lol same here. but im talking about ina s—ty way. she causes attention on her very easily, and ina bad way. her pictures and the way she performs and acts. its scary girls look up to her.

  18. people are just jealous. so, they're rude. she looks awesome… and she's only 16– her body still has a lot of changing to do.

  19. thats not a 16 yr old body… i think another issue that Vogue woman should of talked about is young girls hitting puberty wayy early. (which is true in america compared to otehr countries) theyre pretty much trying to look older, but with such a developed body, u cant hide itt

  20. wow!!! I want be fat as Miley!!!

    She's not fat, she's a young girl and her body is chaging every day. Of couse, her weight is not the same as when she started Hannah Montana 3 years ago, she was just thirteen.

  21. I LOVE MILEY CYRUS!!. Im 17 years old but i absolutely love this girl's attitude about things. She has an amazing body, which i wouldnt mind having myself. She is a normal looking girl. She looks very healthy. Not fat or too thin. I love her and her confidence.

  22. Me,

    I hope you never have a daughter. Your innocent "pointers" on what could be improved on a 16-yr-old's body (!!??!?!) are the comments that royally screw up a young girl's psyche.

  23. i don't like miley cyrus at all and don't think that she's a good role model for little girls. But people who call her fat must be blind. She has a nice figure and i'd love to have a similar figure. Just because someone doesn't like a celebrity doesn't mean he or she has to make up blatant lies just to provoke said celebrities. I honestly think that miley cyrus is not talented at all, but she's definitely not fat or ugly.

  24. You think this is early? I can assure you 16 is NOT what people are talking about when they mention early puberty. More like EIGHT. I had my period and needed a bra in fourth grade. THAT is early. By the time I was sixteen almost every girl around me had developed. I think females STOP growing on average around fifteen.

  25. Perhaps she was joking about her legs on her twitter, that's her business, and from what other things she's said it sounds like it may have been an off handed comment (thanks to instant internet that allows us to post our thoughts so quick we don't censor them). In any case, she's not fat, she is normal and healthy looking. I think she's got a great head on her shoulders, I can only imagine how so many other starlets( or girls in general) would have crawled into a starvation diet. I hope I can raise kids (if I ever have any) to be as secure as her, hell I wish I was as secure as her!

  26. It's too bad that she thinks "fat" is an insult and not a description. She isn't fat by any stretch of the imagination, but being fat isn't an insult, let alone one so bad that it needs to be *asterisk-ed* out of a conversation!

  27. I do not think she is fat but I do believe that her thighs are her fattest body part. She even said herself that she jiggled them and so on…. you know the rest.

  28. The singer turned actress joked that she should give up eating sugary food at night after spotting her ‘jiggling thighs’.

    "Joked" is the key word, people. She wasn't serious about that. Why people took it seriously and tweeted back that she was fat is beyond me.

    • THANK YOU. A comment like that merits maybe a “lol ur crazy” or “psh good luck with the no sugar, maybe you’ll do better than me” or a “lawlz we luv you Miley,” or something. It’s not an invitation to suddenly jump all over her for the unforgivable crime of *GASP* being a normal teenage girl!

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