Minka Kelly – White Dress Beauty

Minka Kelly - White Dress Beauty 1

37 year-old Minka Kelly looked stunning as she wore a long ruffled dress with a deep V cleavage at the Garret Leight X Ulla Johnson collaboration launch party in Beverly Hills the other day.

See her full look inside!


Minka Kelly - White Dress Beauty 2  Minka Kelly - White Dress Beauty 3

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12 thoughts on “Minka Kelly – White Dress Beauty”

  1. I love that fins skirt and it is correctly balanced only by naked shoulders and a bit of cleavage, but having books that size myself, actually like those, I would never in a million years go around with that low cut. It is just very distracting for everybody and therefore uncomfortable for me.

    • I dunno 34 and 37 respectively are still quite young to talk about aging well. If they looked this good at 50, then that’s something to talk about.

      • You’re right, they are still pretty young. But I guess having seen my fair share of on-the-track-of-awful-aging-twenty-somethings around my social circle makes me a bit biased lol.

  2. Hi Versus. Which body shape could this be: slim person, narrow hips kinda same width as the shoulders, long slim legs, small waist (gains weight in the stomach area, but waist is still a bit smaller than hips) and big boobs? Not enough waist to hip ratio for hourglass.

  3. my body is a lot like miley cyrus’ but without the broad shoulders. Which body type am I? anyone able to help me out? 😀

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