Golden Globes Afterparty Hotties: Barbara Palvin & Miranda Kerr


Left: 19 year-old model Barbara Palvin at NBC Universal’s 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards after party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Right: 29 year-old beauty Miranda Kerr and her high-cut / low-cut look at the 14th Annual Warner Bros. And InStyle Golden Globe Awards After Party held at the Oasis Courtyard at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

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79 thoughts on “Golden Globes Afterparty Hotties: Barbara Palvin & Miranda Kerr”

  1. Miranda is so beautiful, she blows me away. They’re the perfect looking couple! I love her dress and makeup, and everything!

    Barbara is also stunning! I don’t like the dress though haha

    • Yeah the dress is beautiful, but it’s so awkward the way she keeps poking her leg out of the split or holding the dress up to show of her leg in EVERY picture. Women always do that when they wear a dress with a high split. I like high splits like that, but I like it much better when you only notice it when they’re walking or the wind blows it open or something. Holding it up just looks awkward.

  2. miranda kerr looks boring, which i guess i matches her boring personality. barbara palvin has an attractive eye color but thats it. her face shape is not very attractive, and i suspect the only reason she is dating justin bieber is for publicity.

  3. just to clarify, i dont think barbara is hideous, i am just sick of every joe becoming a model just because of a single nice feature that they might have. To me being a model is about having the package.

    • “Hideous”and ugly are cruel words to use. That says more about you than her. You don’t have to find the girl attractive. Everyone has a different opinon and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so we are not all attracted to the same kinds of people. For example I never found Megan Fox that beautiful, she was just ok to me, but I would never call her ugly or anything like that. Whats attractive to some people may not be to others… No one will EVER be attractive to every single person in the world, no matter who they are and what they look like. However, that’s no reason to call someone hideous. You can state that you don’t find her attarctive, but there’s a nicer way to put it. How would you feel if someone called you ugly or hideous? … I personally think Barbara is better looking than Miranda… Miranda is cute to me but Barbara is beautiful. That’s just my opinion.

  4. ….MIRANDA KERR…. !!! That woman can’t do nothing wrong…?! After she’s had her baby, she’s really grown on me… And now, it’s like ‘that woman is perfect!’…! Seriously… It’s almost annoying…! She looks SO healthy and SO friggin vibrant and happy!
    What does she weigh, how tall is she, what does she eat and what is her exercise routine…?!

    I love Barbara, but that dress is just horribly wrong for her… The makeup isn’t very good either.

  5. They’re both pretty women, but Miranda’s arms are too skinny. I think Barbara is actually more beautiful than Miranda (in my own opinion), but I’m not really a fan of either one of their dresses.

    • Yes she’s beautiful and youthful looking, but don’t worry lc, I’m sure the comments on how she really looks like a pubescent boy in drag will be upon us soon 🙂 Barbara too looks nice but dress is ill-fitting.

      • Yep, agreed. Miranda looks simply perfect to me here. Something of Jessica Rabbit too. As for Barbara Palvin, I find her generally gorgeous. But her dress here is atrocious, very ill-fitting. I am probably more used to seeing her dressed only in underwear.. 😀

  6. Miranda looks amazing in that dress, but her close up face shots are not so amazing in these pics. Barbara is beautiful, that dress was a bad choice.

  7. The title says “hotties” and “afterparty” the theme there is girls that are not the subject of skinny or curvey they have other agendas. I think they are going to put those seductive looks to work… they both look the part… maybe beiber will get lucky….

    • You mean Miranda, right? I thought the same. Her b❆❆bs used to be so small before. Here she has some significant cleavage.

  8. I’ll be glad when the world gets over Miranda Kerr. She’s very beautiful but I think she’s not a nice person. I find her fake. She goes on about how young girls should love themselves, tad hard Miranda when people like you are glorified for being very very skinny and airbrushed to have big b❆❆bs etc as well. Whatever.

    • Well Soph what is she supposed to say, that we should hate ourselves for not being models? 😀 She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

    • I too noticed her nose Anastasia. I wouldn’t call it ugly but I’ve never noticed it before. It seems quite chunky and an odd shape. I think she looks better from a distance.

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  10. I think Miranda looks beautiful. That dress is perfect for the globes, sexy and elegant yet some what simple. Barbara is really pretty, still hard to take her seriously because of her age of 19 and she’s in underwear… makes me a little uncomfortable and I feel like it might give a bad message to teenagers but maybe not… thats a topic that would be totally open for a different discussion. So for right now I’m say that dress is hideous, wondering how she could look in the mirror after trying on tons of dresses and say to herself, “Wow this one is it!”

  11. I normally cannot stand Miranda but I have to give credit where credit is due, she looks stunning. Jaw-dropping to me.
    Thank-god a quote from her wasn’t posted, would probably change my mind.

  12. Miranda looks SMOKING. Like so hot. Oh my gosh everything about her hair and makeup and outfit and body in it is right.

    Barbara is probably my favorite VS girl and I think her hair/face look gorgeous as usual… but that dress. nonono. everything about it is wrong. the sleeves, the awk pattern, the fact that it makes it look bigger… ugh barbs =/ ]

  13. I think Miranda has the perfect body. She means perfection to me. I would do everything to look like that, but I’m just 5’3 :'(

  14. I think Miranda looks absolutely amazing! She pulls of the dress so well. Barbara Palvin is very pretty but what the f is with her dress!

  15. Before Miranda had her baby I always thought she was a bit too straight up and down and just not to my taste. Since then though, she has looked great – she seems to have gained some curves from her pregnancy and she looks stunning in this dress. She’s always been thin, but it really seems natural and healthy on her. I don’t find her personality attractive – she does sort of come off as a bit conceited, but she really is beautiful to look at most of the time (and she’s well aware of that!)

    Barbara has a great figure, but I’m not liking this dress and I also find her features a little heavy somehow. I can’t explain it well, but I don’t find her face that appealing.

  16. OH MIRANDA. Yes, she is perfection, and totally a role model, she is the epitome of healthy living from head to toe – literally. Even her own skin care line is all organic. Love!

    I love Barbara too but Miranda will always have a special place in my heart as someone I can look up to.

  17. Miranda looks gorgeous. That dress looks beautiful on her and I love her earrings and makeup.

    Barbara has a beautiful face but this hairstyle and makeup make it look less beautiful. And the dress makes her look frumpy.

  18. I’m not her biggest fan but I have to admit MIranda definitely rocked it.

    The dress, color and style match her perfectly and her hair and makeup looks gorgeous.

    She would make me turn my head if I saw her.

  19. Barbara’s dress is God-awful, but whe looks quite nice…from the back. as i mentioned in the previous GG post, Miranda looks stunning

  20. Has Miranda had implants? It’s always the suspiciously firm side b❆❆b that gives it away….hers makes me look twice? Looks an awful lot like Swifty’s….

    Also, who wants a 16 y.o. to model anything…yawn…I can’t think of anything less interesting than a vapid teenaged facade.

  21. i love both. Miranda is almost naked, in a good way x) and barbara’s dress is interesting, different. And both have rocking bodies, lovely lovely legs and perfect radiant skin!

  22. Miranda looks amazing! Beautiful, vibrant, and glowing.
    I think Barbara is very beautiful, she’s one of my favourite VS girls, but the dress n the make up are terrible.

  23. Miranda looks great even though I find her dress a bit too revealing.
    Barbara’s dress is ugly IMO and I don’t find her extraordinary

  24. I think I’m in the minority but I love Barbara’s dress 😀 Miranda looks sexy fur sure but I wouldn’t wear that dress -it’s just too revealing for me personally.

    • Well i agree with you 🙂 for women that are usually in bikini and very exposed, would be nice to see them in something more serious and soft, like Barbara`s dress.

      I guess Miranda got some improvment to her breasts ? Looks like they say: smile and wave boys hahaha

  25. wow i have my favourite of VS model now and its barbara 🙂
    i dont get why some people complain about how she looks too young..well shes a teen this is how 19 y.old girl is supposed to look-natural!and i think her body is amazing her legs are so long, with actual hips(for a change) and she looks soo tall how tall is she?
    as for miranda 2 things i really like about her is her skin and her natural, youthfull look.

  26. barbara looks really weird when she smiles with a open mouth but other her pictures are nice
    miranda on the other hand she looks beautiful. in general i don’t find her beautiful but here she definitely looks stunning….

  27. Miranda was never my fav VS Angel and nowadays she seems so camera-hungry and full of herself. :/
    I always thought Orlando was more into her than she was into him and each new bunch of pictures of them together confirms that fact. I have a bit of pity for him.

  28. On the other hand I love Barbara though obviously that dress is not flattering. I hope than although she’s a bit short she becomes an angel one day, she has the total package with that face and body.

  29. What is everyone on today???! Miranda is absolutely GORGEOUS, up close and in the full body shots. Her features are beautiful and they combine together even more beautifully. Barbara is a natural beauty too, but she seems to be changing (well, she is getting older!) and not looking quite as outstanding as she did a year or two ago.

    I really feel bad for the people who actually think they are less than glorious.

  30. I just realized that so many VS models have blue eyes (Barbara, Miranda, Candice, Elsa, Lindsay, Erin, Doutzen, Adriana, Behati, Gisele, Rosie, etc). Alessandra is the notable dark-eyed beauty. Interesting that they select for eye color.

  31. Both are obviously absolutely gorgeous.Whoever says otherwise is lying. I think Miranda looks better as a whole and from far away. Whereas, Barbara looks more stunning close up. They both have such shiny, luminous hair!
    So Jealous of them both!

  32. I don’t find Miranda’s dress classy, it leaves very little to the imagination, but I guess if it was Kim k or j.lo wearing this dress, people would pointed it out. Anyway I don’t like her baby face, caked in makeup. But I find Barbara so gorgeous! I would love to look like her, 10 pounds thinner though! She’s sexy, beautiful, cute and classy, all at the same time, love her!

    • I think Barbara is gorgeous too! I also agree about Miranda’s dress…and I feel like she is just so vapid. Like, she just seems to think all the attention is on her all the time (maybe it is) but doesn’t she step out of the limelight for one minute (even if it’s protested) to give support and admiration to her hubby? She comes across as loving herself…a LOT…which is probably why she ended up with someone else that also loves her a lot.

      She does look great though!

  33. WHAT IS MARANDAS SKIN SECRET!!!!??? ohhh to have skin like that at 20 let alone nearly 30! (thirty’s not old at all but usually u have at least 1 line by then!) and don’t tell me water and vegetables coz I drink enough water to drown 1000 cats and eat a very balanced diet 99% of the time. and dont tell me kora skincare coz I will virtually slap u! it is just not fair my skins soo dry, then oily, then dry, then pimple.
    and babara is beautify but should refrain from smiling coz i was jelly of her till I saw that photo now my jealousy has diminished. and what a fuggo dress jeeeeeeezz…
    Chickey plz give me ur skin care advice specially if you have found a cure for dry skin .

    • the best (and most importantly individual) skin care advice you can get from a visit to the dermatologist or cosmetologist. but from my experience if you lead a mostly healthy lifestyle ans still have skin problems it whether means you have some health issues (first things to check in problems that affect skin – stomach and hormonal problems) however it also maybe that you just haven’t found the regimen and products that suit your skin cos everyone is diff.
      just like you i eat mostly healthy, workout, drink a lot of water, no smoking, alcohol at all, reduced sugar intake, rarely use make up (though never anything on my skin even when had acne, i mean sometimes make up can make skin probl worse) – still had suddenly developed mild acne (at 24 which means its not teenage acne so there is some issue), simple visit to dermatologist (my health is fine), a prescription for acne and a total ban of mass market cosmetics and use on my extremely dry and spotty (even a less than mild acne makes dry skin even dry-er) only dermo-cosmetic brands like Bioderma, uriage, la-roche posay etc (depending on the country you can buy them in pharmacies or get a prescription) – no more mass market at all! though again you’ll have to go through trying them and again figuring out the brand and regimen that suits you, and although in my case the doc was spot on, it helped, my skin care costs me a pretty penny, i mean these brands are expensive in my country

  34. The other girl is beautiful but Miranda Kerr has something else about her thats a bit different then the other models. I think because she’s got a different face and her dimples! I think she’s gorgeous

  35. miranda really does seem so into herself and any attention she can get from the she’s totally ignoring her husband

  36. My fav new model.. Barbara Palvin (even though she’s a bit young!) She is SO gorgeous/exotic looking!! Adriana Lima & her are my 2 favs!! I’ve seen Miranda Kerr in person, and believe it or not, she is 100X more beautiful than how she photographs. I’m not crazy about her in pics – she’s always struck me as more cute looking, but in person I was absolutely STUNNED by her beauty!

  37. barbara is ok, in my book she’s somewhere btw pretty and beautiful, but nothing wow, as for her look here the first pic is like the head belongs to 16y.o and from the neck down (i mean the dress) 40 y.o. its terrible, why not just find smth as youthful and flirty/fun as is she and her image here? why “old her up”?
    as for Miranda, gorgeous dress on a beautiful body, and omg she must have an awesome make-up artist, i mean she Always has this glow or smth, i know part of it is also her smile but mostly its thx to make up, the skin looks amazing, not caked up with foundations etc and all of her already pretty features are perfectly highlighted.

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