5 thoughts on “Natalie Portman Shines in Venice”

    • phhsssttt nope. the dress is a bit avant garde–structure can allude to “age” but in this case I’d say it’s just for play. she looks just as young as she always has. methinks it’s her vegan diet. 🙂 it works, people. free radicals in meat cause oxidative stress to the organs, and the largest organ we have is our skin!

      • And what about salma hayek who is 50 something, looks 20 years younger and definitely eats meat? You can certainly be healthy being vegan, but it’s not gonna make you age slower than a high healthy fat, low sugar, balanced healthy diet

      • its not the vegan diet, its the millions of dollars diet, and the fact that spending money on your appearance is part of your budget as an actress – not so much for the average woman

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