Introducing NEW SVC Men: First Plus-Size Male Model Zach Miko

are-there-plus-size-male-models - Introducing NEW SVC Men: First Plus-Size Male Model Zach Miko

That’s right: from now on (as a result of many requests over the years), Skinny VS Curvy will feature, besides women and their wide range of body shapes and body image issues, MEN!

And here we are, launching our new category with the first plus-size male model – Zach Miko, who was signed a few months back with ING Models, modeled for Target and became the image of a ‘brawn’ model or the equivalent of ‘curve’ for women. Zach’s stats:

Age: 26

Height: 6ft 6in / 198cm

Waist: 40in / 102cm

On how society views men who have body image issues as un-masculine:

I always had my own body-image struggle. With men, there is still a lot of bravado and false masculinity to get through. You’re not supposed to care about how you look. If you have issues, you aren’t supposed to talk about it. It’s considered weak or un-masculine. Which is stupid. It’s about having feelings that make you human. I think, even now with the progression, you still have that 1950s male mentality of men being strong and emotionless. If it makes men realise that it’s OK to care about how you look, or even feel bad about it and want to change … I have had [body] issues all my life and that can make you insecure. You project those feelings on to others and that can damage relationships. It creates this vicious cycle. It could all be avoided if you opened up and said I do or don’t feel good about myself.

On the cause of his insecurities and trying to make people feel good about themselves:

I was between diets and trying to change the way I look for so long. As an actor, I was told by every casting director that I was too big. But I think I was trying to make other people more comfortable. I have always been a big guy, I was picked on as a kid, and that’s where it came from. We live in a society where “big” and “fat” have become insults, and “skinny”, “little” and “petite” have become compliments. We have come to correlate a negative meaning with “big” and “fat”.

On the fact that plus0sized people can be healthy:

I am a big advocate of health. I just don’t think you have to be a twig to [be healthy]. Other people don’t have a right to project an idea of unhealthy on to you if you have this extra weight. I think labeling people as unhealthy is unfair. You don’t know what their health is. People think I’m a slob and that I don’t take care of myself. But I do. For starters, I cycle every day. But you do start to internalize that [feeling].

… says Zach.

plus-size-male-model - Introducing NEW SVC Men: First Plus-Size Male Model Zach Miko

More pictures of the first plus-size male model next!


first-plus-size-male-model - Introducing NEW SVC Men: First Plus-Size Male Model Zach Miko  plus-size-male-model-agency - Introducing NEW SVC Men: First Plus-Size Male Model Zach Miko plus-size-male-models - Introducing NEW SVC Men: First Plus-Size Male Model Zach Miko plus-size-male-model-zach - Introducing NEW SVC Men: First Plus-Size Male Model Zach Miko

28 thoughts on “Introducing NEW SVC Men: First Plus-Size Male Model Zach Miko”

  1. This is cool, Versus!

    I agree with him about men’s body image issues, and the conflation of health and body image in general. People can certainly be healthy with a some extra fat. But from seeing his pictures (can’t really tell in the ones posted here but I googled him), he would really look a lot better and be a lot healthier with some more muscle mass. He doesn’t need to lose weight imo, just do some strength training. I also don’t find him handsome at all, but I guess he’s part of that ‘relatable’/’average’ model trend. Anyways overall its good to have different body types featured for men as well, I find the male ideal nowadays to be far too thin, personally.

    • yeah, if you’re a male model you can be bigger and muscular or skinny and lean. Extra fat is even worse for men, cause it goes to their gut= unhealthy.

  2. YAY!! I was just going to say we should at least have like male mondays or something.

    This is the first ive heard of plus sized for men, so luckily its not as big as it is for women but again– no. No more plus models, please. It’s stupid. Regular, not super skinny models– great. Fat models- no.

    • Plus sized models do serve a purpose though…there are plus sized clothing lines, and they need models to advertise their clothes, obviously. Not saying Tess Holiday should be walking the catwalk or anything, but it’s reasonable to have a Lane Bryant model be a size 14, for example.

    • Not having plus sized models isn’t going to make overweight people cease to exist. That’s what I usually assume comments like “no fat models” really mean. Overweight people need to buy clothes too unless you’d prefer them all to go naked.

  3. He is gorgeous! As a chubbier girl, I personally have always been into the teddy bear type guys: the taller the better and if there’s more to love, that’s cuter. Although, as Zach mentioned, the extra weight doesn’t bother me at all but if a guy’s actually really lazy and physically inactive, no matter what size, that’s not very attractive.

  4. I think he looks really good in the last photo (his arms actually look quite sexy to me!) but he’s kinda average looking in the others…the pictures almost look low budget, not like they’re from an ad campaign!

  5. Ok, I’ll be the negative voice here. I’m not a fan. He looks like Perez Hilton. Here in my country I see a lot of very attractive “chubby” guys on a daily basis. It is way more common to see bigger guys than girls. So I don’t think this guy is all that, I do like the concept, but I don’t find the guy attractive at all. Plus he gives me major gay vibes (nothing wrong with that, and he might be super straight, but it kind of kills the vibe for me).

  6. I don’t really care if a guy is chubby or skinny, but I don’t find Zach here very attractive. Just not my type I guess.

  7. I see much better plus size male models in real life. He is n ok guy…but I don’t find him attractive (nor ugly). Just vanilla. and a bit of a dumb American smile.
    not feeling it.

  8. He doesn’t really look that tall tbh…and he’s not very handsome :/

    He just looks a guy who had some professional photos taken of himself

  9. Yes! Finally we get men featured here!
    He is tall wow! I think he would look better if he was a bit leaner. He has nice eyes. But I usually don’t like beards on men. Anyway, I’m glad that this is not an extreme case of plus-size.
    Now when it comes to body image, at least where I live I hear a lot of young men and male teenagers talking about their body related issues. They’re mostly insecure for being too thin. So they workout a lot, eat a lot, and even when they gain some muscle, they still see themselves as too thin.

  10. Wooh! Can I request David Gandy and Jon Kortajarena for the next entries? You know, for discussing their profound contributions to world politics (aka drool over their gorgeous faces?)

  11. He doesn’t look like a model to me, more like a regular guy i’d see if I walked down the street. Maybe it’s the photos, they aren’t great

    • I’m curious about the new mens section. I can literally only think of 3 or 4 mens models so it will be interesting to see who else is out there.
      i can see myself all the Kardashian posts. Thank goodness they’re finally started to go away, even the younger ones aren’t as visible as they were a year ago.

  12. where are his pictures showing a– or belly button?? Perhaps that’s a “privilege” only women have, the need to be sexy, half naked or objectified.

    He looks gorgeous though, my opinion has to do with the media approach to female vs male body, and how we as a society need to present women almost all the time showing off skin.

  13. Sad but I’m not used to “critiquing” men’s bodies in this way. What has society done to us poor girls???? I find him attractive in the tattoo picture, but other than that too much of a teddy bear for me to feel the hots for. Still kinda fun seeing a dude on here. What he’s saying is definitely within the topic range!
    Also that height is never a bad thing!

  14. Not my cup of tea but it’s interesting to have on here to say the least. Not saying men do not get picked apart, but imo their looks will never be scrutinized as much as women’s are.

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