Nicole Kidman Brings the Quotes of the Day

Nicole-Kidman-Brings-the-Quotes-of-the-Day - Nicole Kidman Brings the Quotes of the Day

How do you cope working in an industry that refuses to let women age naturally and gracefully?
Well, I live in Tennessee so it is slightly different than living in L.A. I just worked with Sophia Loren [in Nine], and she is so gorgeous and she has such grace. I use her as a role model.

Do you like to cook?
I am a terrible cook. I cook chicken for Keith, and it’s always dry. I’m a much better person to cook for because I love food and I will eat almost anything.

Nicole Kidman in People Magazine

6 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman Brings the Quotes of the Day”

  1. Well both Sophia and Nicole have done surgery or at least some injections, so i don’t know how that falls in to the “aging gracefully” category. If anything, i’d say Nicole has just accepted the fact that she “has to” look as young as possible for as long as possible and doesn’t whine about it. I prefer a non-altered look, b/c i don’t like the way women turn into wax figures, i really think a few wrinkles look better. I mean if your eyelids get super droopy or such it’s another story. But I don’t hate Nicole’s looks either, and Sophia is really stunning and her past alone is enough for me to give her respect even if she does prefer to enhance herslef a bit too much for my taste.

  2. Um…she works in the acting industry.

    If anything, out of all of the media industries, the acting industry is the MOST OPEN to letting people age gracefully since there will always be roles that need to be fulfilled by older actors/actresses, not just younger ones.

    The more and more I see Nicole Kidman interviews, the less and less I like her. It’s not Hollywood that’s not letting her age gracefully, it’s her own selfish desire to still look like a 25 year old. The thing is, to continue to be an actress, you don’t have to only look like a 25 year old. So I wish she would stop acting like she’s never had work done and like she wouldn’t still get acting gigs…maybe not the ones that go to 25 year olds, but there will always be acting gigs for the 40, 50, 60, 70 year olds too.

    I’m also tired of people talking about the evil, all powerful “industry/media” that is really not as powerful as people assume. It’s only one dimension of culture, which is the truly powerful entity.

    • I agree with what you said about the acting industry- if you want to continue giving emotional and beautiful performances you have to grow old gracefully. If you get botox suddenly you can’t change you’re facial expressions and you become a terrible actress- completely unrelatable to the audience because you look frozen and stiff.

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