Nicole Richie: “I stay away from makeup because it clogs my skin”


On the fact that she doesn’t like makeup:

I stay away from makeup because it clogs my skin. I have dry skin so I moisturize all the time. I just this year seriously getting into sunscreen, been warned about it [for] 15 years.

On whether she wears makeup:

I wouldn’t say that I’m against it because I know people that really get joy and feel the most like themselves when they put on makeup. I feel the most like myself when I don’t have any on so that’s the road I go down.

On the one thing she wishes she knew in her 20s:

Woo. Many things. Number one not to over tweeze my eyebrows. Always wax your legs, don’t shave. Eventually you won’t have any hair on your legs.

… says Nicole.

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14 thoughts on “Nicole Richie: “I stay away from makeup because it clogs my skin””

    • true, but at least she has a brain and some wit. plus a story to tell. sure most 34 y.o.s look more fresh but they’re also not lionel richies adopted daughter who did blow w paris for so many years (etc etc). i find her way more classy, interesting, charmingly goofy, and real than so many other celebs of the 00s.

    • The cautionary tale. She was perhaps a little chubby when she was hanging around Paris Hilton but she looked much healthier. It’s obvious she had a complex and wanted to emulate the skinny Paris Hilton. Now even Paris Hilton has adopted a more healthy body weight. This just looks like a whole lot of calorie restriction. She will age rapidly as she gets closer to 40. Shame since she is an attractive woman……….

  1. I don’t like to arbitrarily accuse people of having eating disorders, but…she looks like she has a disorder. Her skin has a grey/purple appearance, her hair is thin, and she looks prematurely aged. D:

  2. I don’t think she looks old so much as extremely skinny. no matter what age if you maintain an unnaturally lean weight you will look pretty angular….usually in a not so attractive way

  3. I was about to say she doesn’t look bad for her age and then I read she’s 34. I thought she was in her 40s. And it’s so weird to say you dislike makeup for what it does to your skni and then say you’re just now starting to use sunscreen…Also that haircut from the first picture is the stuff of nightmares.

  4. I have always found her to be strikingly beautiful. There is something so unique & exotic about her face, and I have never been able to describe it. Her eyes are wonderful to look at, I am just all-around pleased to view her.

  5. It´s great that the no-makeup trend is spreading! Never seen a pic with her without makeup but I don´t think these pictures does her any justice

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