Nicole Richie: “Makeup has … power. You can transform yourself into another being”

wenn33555984-770x1024 - Nicole Richie: "Makeup has … power. You can transform yourself into another being"

On her love for make-up:

“Makeup has … power. You can transform yourself into another being, which I think is really amazing. I know women who feel most like themselves when they have a full face of makeup on and that makes them feel strong about themselves. We as women have every tool that we need in order to feel our strongest. best self. I don’t think that makeup has to hide you. I think it can accentuate what you already have.”

On her love for fashion:

“I feel that way [empowered] about fashion. My fashion choices are extremely emotional. I am somebody who likes a lot of color around me. It elevates me. I’m very passionate about color and I know that it has a direct effect on the energy that I have around me. And so when I’m putting something on, that definitely changes the way that I feel and the way that I approach the day. If I’m sick or I’m having my ‘monthly-not-feeling-too-great-about-myself’ woman moment, I’ll wear a bright color to make me feel a little more alive. I hated pink for so long and I’m really gravitating towards a magenta and hot pink this season. That’s what’s so fun about fashion, you can really hate something for a long time and come back to it later and you feel a totally different way about it.”

… says Nicole in People Magazine.

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nicole-richie-leaves-tracy-anderson-studio-in-los-angeles-01-16-2018-2 - Nicole Richie: "Makeup has … power. You can transform yourself into another being" nicole-richie-rachel-zoe-spring-2018-presentation-666x1000 - Nicole Richie: "Makeup has … power. You can transform yourself into another being"

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18 thoughts on “Nicole Richie: “Makeup has … power. You can transform yourself into another being””

  1. I always loved her but she is kinda on the skinnsh side now. I mean, she always is, but like not too heathy again imho
    or maybe no, maybe she is THIS small and just ahd bed times when she was fat – like emotional eating etc

  2. I don’t know, I kinda feel more powerful without makeup. Granted my skin looks ok and I wear glasses so colorful eye-makeup doesn’t reach its full potential, but without makeup I never have to worry about uneven eyeliner, smeared mascara or lipstick on teeth. Or looking “worse” when not wearing it. When I wear make-up, I always end up with panda eyes, no matter which mascara I use (and always waterproof, I guess I just have oily lids?). Plus not wearing it is much more ecological.
    I also feel the most “powerful” in functional clothing. No frilly cold shoulders, torn knees or trousers so wide you dust the pavement with them. It’s cool if people like to experiment, but a (creative) outfit in which you barely move or feel uncomfortable in is a no-no for me. I do like colorful clothes, though most of my closet is green and blue.

      • If “boring”, means women get to focus their precious time on more valuable endeavors than being a hot sex doll for the random public, then fokken hit us up, yo

        • omg this so much! I think women are finally understanding the value of time..
          think of the hours compounded over months and years spent on how you looked .. how much that would add up, not even counting the money

      • Sweet dreams!
        I’d rather look boring than actually be boring. Just because I don’t follow fashion or want to spend half an hour daily to put on and remove makeup (which is not only wasteful time-wise, but also environment-wise) doesn’t mean I’m not a creative person with hobbies and interests and active lifestyle. Then I wouldn’t have time to read this gossip site 😉

        • i don’t wear makeup either because i don’t have the time either. but just saying, women like you all who feel superior about it are pretty hateful and boring yourselves. get over your internalized misogyny – not everyone has to feel great wearing baggy sweatpants and an oily face

  3. While I agree makeup is enhancing and sometimes magic I don’t think it is for her. She still looks kind of sickly and bird-like from not eating enough.

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