Update on Ashlee Simpson’s Baby Bump

update-on-ashlee-simpsons-baby-bump - Update on Ashlee Simpson's Baby Bump

Ashlee Simpson confirmed her pregnancy at the beginning of June, when she also said that she waited till she reached her second trimester to share the highly expected news with us.

Well, in this case, the above candid is presenting Ashlee and her baby bump in the middle of the second trimester – which is around the time when many pregnant bellies basically pop up over night and the body is going through a lot of changes – remember Jessica Alba?

What are your thoughts on mom-to-be Ashlee?

Photo source: A Class Celebs

Who’s Hotter? Ashley Tisdale Versus Jessica Simpson

whos-hotter-ashley-tisdale-or-jessica-simpson - Who's Hotter? Ashley Tisdale Versus Jessica Simpson

If you haven’t noticed till this point, let me tell you what today’s Who’s Hotter? competitors have in common:

1. They’re both fans of brown boots.

2. And fans of little summer dresses with small prints.

3. Slim legs.

4. Wavy blonde hair.

So, let’s hear it! Who looks better in this little outfit? Who’s hotter? Ashley Tisdale or Jessica Simpson? Choose your side!

Photo credits: Pacific, Splash

Hayden Panettiere with 2 Outfits, 2 Hairstyles

hayden-panettiere-with-2-outfits-2-hairstyles - Hayden Panettiere with 2 Outfits, 2 Hairstyles

If you missed litte Hayden, here is not once, but twice – meaning on two different occasions and looking pretty different. More specifically, the left one would be the on-set-Hayden and the right one is a casual looking Hayden on her free time.

Obviously, in between the two candids, Hayden paid a visit to the hair salon where she had some cutting done or had some extensions removed – considering that extensions are a top celebrity trend, almost as popular as the number one celeb trend, “the skinny look”.

Which one is your favorite Hayden? Which outfit embraces Hayden’s body better and which hairstyle beats the other?

Photo source: Celebutopia

Anna Kournikova: Skinny, Leggy, Smiley

anna-kournikova-skinny-leggy-smiley1 - Anna Kournikova: Skinny, Leggy, Smiley

Here is Kournikova in Sports Illustrated – wait, what? Then how come we get a two piece suit instead of a two piece bathing suit, also known under the name bikini? Pretty unusual choice of clothes, especially considering that Anna’s got a pretty impressive portfolio filled with sexy photos.

anna-kournikova-skinny-leggy-smiley-2 - Anna Kournikova: Skinny, Leggy, Smiley

Well, at least the classy little white number over here is giving us a pretty clear view on how skinny Anna really is – even though I’m suspecting that the tiny little hip curve over there was you know, NOT there before the editing part.

Photo credits: Sports Illustrated

Jessica Alba Is Matchy-Matchy

jessica-alba-is-matchy-matchy - Jessica Alba Is Matchy-Matchy

So, the shirt is yellow and white, matching the shoes, that are also yellow and white, plus some pink. Furthermore, the scarf is pink and the bag is white, facts which make Jessica perfectly matched. Congrats!

Since we couldn’t quite guess her shape the last time we saw her, “thanks” to the long and loose dress, this time it’s a certainty: Jessica, as in new mom Jessica, is looking fit and lacking flab.

What do you have to say?

Photo source: Spree Celebs