Mischa Barton – Don’t Try This (Look) At Home

mischa-barton-dont-try-this-look-at-home - Mischa Barton - Don't Try This (Look) At Home

Err… how should I start? OK, maybe by saying that this was a bad day for Mischa. Why? With the risk of being brutally honest, everything went wrong the minute she chose that outfit. Let’s see:

1. Mischa should learn once and for all that she is a pear shape and dress accordingly. A bottom heavy girl can rarely pull of leggings (or skintight pants). A bottom heavy girl can almost never pull of leggings that are not in slimming black and, on top, that have a certain shimmer. Wait, there is more: a bottom heavy girl can NEVER EVER pull of leggings with a short top. Well, Mischa proves that all the mentioned rules are correct. Read more

Hayden Panettiere in a Bikini: Which Pic Was Photoshopped?

hayden-panettiere-in-a-bikini-which-pic-was-photoshopped - Hayden Panettiere in a Bikini: Which Pic Was Photoshopped?

There you go! You were actually looking at a classic example of Before and After Photoshop. So yes, the little extra bumpiness is fake and so is the perfect abdominal flatness - not that these two retouches were making Hayden more appealing than she already was.

Are you surprised?

Note: This picture was edited by skinnyvscurvy.com for enjoyment reasons only and the above is simply meant to be a lighthearted game. 

Eva Mendes, Front and Back

eva-mendes-front-and-back - Eva Mendes, Front and Back

Eva Mendez is surely devoted to Calvin Klein and promoting the brand in all the ways she can. After participating in a highly controversial and partially banned campaign where her clothes were basically lacking, on the streets, she chooses to wear Clavin Klein clothes, such as the dress above.

And looks pretty good in it. Nice skin, nice little cavle muscle there, nice and slim figure. How do you like Eva’s body and looks?