Jessica Alba’s New Mommy Body

jessica-albas-new-mommy-body - Jessica Alba's New Mommy Body

I’m not even surprised that Jessica opted for a long and loose dress – after all, Ashlee is hiding her baby bump pretty efficiently under these types of dresses (who also happen to be “in”, luckily for the pregnant ladies and new moms).

Besides the slightly thicker arms and the fuller cleavage, plus some extra inches on the butt, we can’t identify extra weight gain – even though I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing skinny arms and a fit butt on Jessica really soon.

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Photo source: Celebutopia

Lauren Conrad, With and Without Clothes On, Plus Audrina as a Bonus

lauren-conrad-with-and-without-clothes-onplus-audrina-as-a-bonus-1 - Lauren Conrad, With and Without Clothes On, Plus Audrina as a Bonus

First stop: Lauren Conrad in a pair of skinny jeans, which are not precisely the most flattering type of jeans she could have picked for her body type.

lauren-conrad-with-and-without-clothes-on-plus-audrina-as-a-bonus - Lauren Conrad, With and Without Clothes On, Plus Audrina as a Bonus

Next stop, Lauren with Lo and Audrina (all at the same time!) showing off tanned and shiny legs, various colors of nail-polishes, slim arms, pool wear, trendy sunglasses and colorful drinks.

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Photo source, credit: Celebutopia, Startraksphoto

Lily Allen and an Interesting Choice of Pants

lily-allen-and-an-interesting-choice-of-pants3 - Lily Allen and an Interesting Choice of Pants

Since I wrote the title, which was exactly 3 seconds ago, I changed my mind about trading the word “interesting” for the word “terrible”. I’m not exactly gonna say that Lily doesn’t have the mini thighs that she would need in order to pull off those pants, because I’m pretty sure that they will look tacky on anyone, regardless of the thigh circumference.

Now besides the animal print (which works and rocks may clothing items, just not pants), she cut of the pants is truly unflattering – girls with pear body shapes can rarely pull off tight pants that are cut below the knees, especially light colored ones. And since the top is only accentuating Lily’s A shape and “small breasts-big thighs combo”, I’d say that the outfit is, unfortunately, terrible.

Photo credit: Wenn

Nicole Richie on the Beach

nicole-richie-on-the-beach - Nicole Richie on the Beach

Nicole Richie is on the Beach… but not wearing a bikini just yet – daisy dukes (under the loose top) will have to do instead of the bikini.

We’ve recently seen JLo in a bikini and realized that celebs are not performing magic tricks to shed the baby pounds – and even though Nicole is a very skinny mommy, she probably doesn’t have a flat-board-tummy just yet (nor should she).

In fact, it was rumoured that Nicole has been using a lot of spandex since she gave birth to hide the (very little) flab the baby bump left behind. Well, she sure doesn’t sport any flab on her legs or on her arms and definitely not on that boney chest.

Photo source: Celebutopia

Katie Holmes Out, Around and About

katie-holmes-out-around-and-about - Katie Holmes Out, Around and About

In case you were missing Katie Holmes, here she is with her family, celebrating the 4th of July. I’d say that based on this candid, Katie isn’t looking as skinny as she did a few months ago, even though she’s not exactly carrying a healthy glow – who’s with me?

Now on another issue, if some were complaining that Katie has been losing her innocence and sweet doll face in the past years and inclining towards a mature (even old) style and aspect, I am pretty sure that this new hairstyle she’s been sporting is not helping the matters.

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