Jessica Simpson – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

jessica-simpson-1-girl-2-outfits - Jessica Simpson - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

Here is the blonde sweetheart Jessica Simpson in two pretty different outfits – What makes the outfits different? Firstly, one is long and one is short, one is girly and the other one is cowgirly. The only things that the the above looks have in common are, besides having Jessica inside them, the bag and the platform shoes.

Now while the first short dress is emphasising Jess’s legs and cleavage, the right one covers Jess’s body, without revealing anything, not even the top of the head. So, which outfit do you like better on Jessica? Which one fits her body shape better?

Britney Spears in a Bikini, Front and Back

britney-spears-in-a-bikini-front-and-back - Britney Spears in a Bikini, Front and Back

Seeing Britney spears in a bikini is not as “gossip worthy” as I thought, meaning that it is not bad enough. It is probably the fact that her feet are inside the ocean and not inside some ugly boots. Also, it could be the fact that she is wearing nothing but a bikini, instead of stained and dirty outfits plus broken fishnets. So I guess that when you take all the unflattering factors from the picture, the picture is not so bad after all.

Have your say! How do you like Britney Spears in a bikini?

They Say Eva Longoria Is Pregnant

they-say-eva-longoria-is-pregnant - They Say Eva Longoria Is Pregnant

… And the reason why they do so can be seen above. Eva Longoria has been showing a (pretty unusual for her skinny figure) belly bulge and tadaa!, people started to talk baby names already. Wait, people are talking even if a celebrity does not present any bulge at all, just for the fun of it, so why be surprised?

And in case (in the very likely case) Eva is not pregnant and has simply been eating more than appetizers and diet coke for a while, there is still nothing to worry about, because she probably is just a few sit-ups and jogging sessions away from her previous skinny self.

What do you say?

Anna Kournikova and a Pair of Pin Thin Legs

anna-kournikova-and-a-pair-of-pin-thin-legs - Anna Kournikova and a Pair of Pin Thin Legs

Here’s a fact: when the calves are visually larger than your thighs, then you know that you’ve got to open the fridge or the menu, simple as that. Now it is quite a performance to look as skinny and to be, at the same time, as toned as Anna appears to be in the above picture, but I guess this is the look she is going for (well, otherwise, she wouldn’t have exhibited it so clearly in a short skirt), since she has been spotted working out and jogging.

Do you like Anna’s body size or are you advising her to gain a few pounds in order to look like she is not gonna break when she steps healthier?

Jessica Alba Is Super Pregnant

jessica-alba-is-super-pregnant - Jessica Alba Is Super Pregnant

Before the pregnancy, Jessica Alba was a health and fitness nut – and the results lead her to the top of “who’s sexiest” charts. In the first months of her pregnancy, Jessica Alba was still a fitness nut – and some started to get worried that she was spending too much time and energy in the gym. But judging on the picture above, Jessica hasn’t gained much weight during her pregnancy, just like she hasn’t gained back her pre-Cash Warren smile.

Let’s place our bets! How fast will Jessica shed the pounds after giving birth? Will she beat the Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie records? Will she go back to her skinniest days or will she settle for a more comfortable and easier to achieve number on the scale? What do you think?