Christina Ricci in Her Workout Outfit

christina-ricci-in-her-workout-outfit - Christina Ricci in Her Workout Outfit

In case you need a little dosage of stimulation in order to get off your comfy couch and hit the treadmill so you could start looking a little more like the slim and toned celebrities, here is Christina Ricci after a workout.

Christina was always fit and petite, but she is definitely looking more athletic than she did in the past. Now by the shape of Christina’s arms, I am assuming that the workout didn’t imply just carrying around big sacks full of clothes around (even though that might work too, at least for the lazy ones), but something a little more grueling.

How do you like Christina’s fit and petite look in her workout outfit?

Anna Kournikova – This Time with Curves, Not Bones

anna-kournikova-this-time-with-curves-not-bones - Anna Kournikova - This Time with Curves, Not Bones

OK, OK, I know she is wearing a long and loose dress, the number one dress for girls who want to accommodate their little bellies (definitely NOT the case here), so we don’t get a complete and clear body view. Now we would have probably seen some skinny legs if the dress was shorter, like last time we saw Anna – click here to remember! Judging on this picture, the super slim and toned arms are still present and, on top, some unexpected cleavage appeared in sight.

How do you like Anna’s looks?

Kelly Osbourne Keeping the Weight Off

kelly-osbourne-keeping-the-weight-off - Kelly Osbourne Keeping the Weight Off

Here is Kelly Osbourne in a matchy zebra outfit, confidently showing off her recently slimmed down legs. We have all seen how Kelly went from flab to fab – in case you missed the weight loss result, click here! And this picture is following proof that she managed to keep her fab status tight.

Now be nice and don’t rush to say “yeah, she lost weight, but her face is still puffy – is she bulimic?”, because you all know her face has always been on the rounder and puffier side, regardless of her up or down weight.

Who’s Hotter? Petra Nemcova or Kate Beckinsale?

whos-hotter-petra-nemcova-or-kate-beckinsale - Who's Hotter? Petra Nemcova or Kate Beckinsale?

One post, two different beauties. You guessed, it’s “Who is hotter?”!

Why are we comparing these two ladies? Well, because they showed up at the same events with smiles on their faces and wearing Greek-inspired dresses (Petra also borrowed a Greek hairstyle). Now one is blonde, the other one is brunette, one is a supermodel but the other might pass as one too, thanks to her skinny and fit body – so yes, this should be a tough one.

What do you think: who’s hotter on this occasion? Petra Nemcova or Kate Beckinsale?