Ashley Tisdale Is Pretty Leggy

ashley-tisdale-is-pretty-leggy - Ashley Tisdale Is Pretty Leggy 

Since many of you liked Ashley’s legs on a previous and popular occasion, let’s admire them one more time.


What can be said? That when your legs are looking slim and lean in flats with unforgiving straps, you must be the possessor of a pretty awesome pair. 


How do you like it?


P.S. That little doggie must be related with Blake Lively’s little doggie. Check it here!


Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

Beyonce Presenting a Slim & Curvy Figure

beyonce-presenting-a-slim-curvy-figure - Beyonce Presenting a Slim & Curvy Figure


Since we don’t get to see many of these super lucky combinations, let’s take a long look at Beyonce’s recently slimmed figure, a figure that has managed not to lose the curves in the weight loss process.


beyonce-presenting-a-slim-curvy-figure-1 - Beyonce Presenting a Slim & Curvy Figure


The hips are still there, and even though Beyonce’s not treating us with her back, we can guess that the loved and admired curvy booty is still in the right place as well.


Photo source: Gecce

Paris Hilton Shows Us Her Butt

paris-hilton-shows-us-her-butt - Paris Hilton Shows Us Her Butt

Umm, I’m not sure whether to comment on the oh so fake blonde hair that certainly does not belong to Paris or on the see-through-cotton-candy-colored-dress. Well, I guess I did both just in one sentence.


Granted, Paris was not attending a red carpet gala in this transparent (Is it a dress? Is it a night dress? Is it lingerie?) outfit – in fact, she was having fun at the Playboy mansion.

And since it’s right in front our eyes, what are your thoughts on Paris’s butt?

Photo source: Celebslam

Britney Spears Continues to Surprise Us

britney-spears-continues-to-surprise-us - Britney Spears Continues to Surprise Us

Britney Spears continues to surprise us… with her hot and highly improved bikini body. Here are two sides of Britney (front and side, both fit, both lean) in a little brown bikini, showing us a slimmed down and toned up figure.

britney-spears-continues-to-surprise-us-1 - Britney Spears Continues to Surprise Us

Do you think Brit will stop at this (I’ll say “pretty perfect”) body and weight or will she continue to shed the pounds and amaze us with a hard-as-a-rock bod that could easily squeeze in a size 2?

Photo source: Celebutopia