Celebs Wearing Little Black Dresses

celebs-wearing-little-black-dresses - Celebs Wearing Little Black Dresses

Oh, the little black dress – how simple, how easy, how stylish, how flattering on each body type, on each body shape and at any age!

celebs-wearing-little-black-dresses-2 - Celebs Wearing Little Black Dresses

Here’s a bunch of celebs that took their little black dresses out of their closets and wore them in the last days: on the younger side, we’ve got Evan Rachel Wood (21) with Lindsay Lohan (22) and on the more mature side, we’ve got Marisa Tomei (43) and Kim Cattrall (52).

We’re not comparing this time, we’re just admiring (or criticizing, if you must). Let’s hear it!

Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Gets Sexy

bond-girl-olga-kurylenko-gets-sexy-5 - Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Gets Sexy

8 pictures from 2 different photo-shoots starring the latest (and one of the hottest) Bond Girls, Ukrainian model and actress Olga Kurylenko!

Age? 28

Height? 5’9” (175 cm)

Measurements? 33”-23”-34” (85-58-88 cm)

Dress Size? US 4

Since Olga’s wearing super cleavagy, super revealing and super short outfits in these shoots, no further comments are necessary – Enjoy, observe, admire and then give your verdict:

How do you like the newest Bond Girl?

P.S. Can’t help it, one comment: The plastic effect in the last picture is making the boobs (which obviously exist in other pics) look more like… pecs.

See 7 pics after the jump!

Note: Measurements according to Source

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Gemma Atkinson on Her (Enlarged) Bust, Body Type and Weight Loss

gemma-atkinson-on-her-enlarged-bust-body-type-and-weight-loss - Gemma Atkinson on Her (Enlarged) Bust, Body Type and Weight Loss

British glamour model Gemma Atkinson had a long talk with Nuts magazine. About what, you ask? About body image, body shapes and breast surgery – here are the body-related parts of the interview!

Gemma on her gigantic boobs:

I’m an E cup now, which is pretty big, but not too big for my frame. I’m tall with a strong body, so I don’t look too top heavy. I have to say that having my boobs done hasn’t given me a taste for surgery. I’d never have it done to my face and liposuction is lazy – I’d rather work weight off at the gym. My clothes have changed a lot since I got new breasts two years ago, and I’ve done a calendar with my new assets. People keep saying they’re massive but they’re the same size as they were before – I’ve just lost loads of weight and had my boobs put back to the same size. I read somewhere that they were double-F, but if they were, I wouldn’t be able to walk! I was really surprised at how much coverage they got the enlargement. It felt like the nation was obsessed with them!

Gemma on her sexy curves:

I’d hate to be too skinny. Skinny girls just look ill to me. When I was younger, all the girls wanted to be like Kate Moss, but I wanted to look like Jet from Gladiators or Xena: Warrior Princess! I come from a surdy northern stock. I’m like my mum and my sister – we’re all broad-shouldered with strong legs and curves. I’ve never been fat but when I got asked to do my first men’s mag, I was aware I was carrying too much weight. I had a pot belly and big hamster cheeks! The Hollyoaks producers were brilliant and never put me under pressure to lose weight, but I knew that if I was going to start to do bikini and lingerie shoots, I’d need to improve my figure.”

More lingerie pictures featuring Gemma after the jump!

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Hayden Panettiere’s Bold Cleavage

hayden-panettieres-bold-cleavage - Hayden Panettiere's Bold Cleavage

Continuing the all-black outfit trend (that was also sported on Blake in the previous post), here’s yet another young and blond celeb showing her devotion to the slimming and flattering color.

WAIT, why am I going on about nuances and trends, when there’s clearly something much more interesting going on? What could that be, I wonder? Oh yes, I think I know: the fact that sweet young Hayden is wearing a veeeery low-cut top with a maaaassive golden chain for an even more dramatic effect.

That’s an all-black outfit, alright, but with an unexpected twist! The whole outfit is on the next page!

How do you like it?

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