Bikini Body Battle! Heather Locklear or Lisa Rinna?

bikini-body-battle-heather-locklear-or-lisa-rinna - Bikini Body Battle! Heather Locklear or Lisa Rinna?

It was about time we hosted a bikini body battle featuring two ladies that are not in their 20’s, nor in their 30’s, but in their 40’s. Yes, you’ve heard it right – more precisely, Heather Locklear is 46 and Lisa Rinna is 44. Years old, that is, which is pretty great, judging by their bodies, where almost everything seem to be in the right size and shape (definitely excepting Lisa’s lips).

What’s funny is that they don’t only share the age prefix and a competitive status on our little battle right here, but they were also feud partners on a popular show a few years back, if you recall.

You be the judge: Who takes home the “best bikini body” crown and on what basis? Heather Locklear or Lisa Rinna?

Photo source: Celebutopia

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Figure, Front and Back

jennifer-love-hewitts-figure-front-and-back1 - Jennifer Love Hewitt's Figure, Front and Back

I am not quite sure, but I would say that Jennifer is shedding some pounds. What do you say? Doesn’t she look slightly bigger on this occasion, for example?

Now of course her overly discussed “problem” areas (also known to some as simply “curves”) might be covered nicely by the loose dress, while her tiny parts, as in her shoulders, slim neck and face are nicely exposed. On top, the collar bones are showing, for all you who might rush to say she isn’t slim enough.

What are your thoughts?

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Blake Lively in a Fancy White Dress

blake-lively-in-a-fancy-white-dress - Blake Lively in a Fancy White Dress

A few days ago we said that Blake appeared softer, as in possibly 5 or so pounds heavier – umm, not anymore. Wanna check the picture in question? Well, it appears that a short skirt, flats and certain angles can actually slightly distort the reality, because here is Blake looking like her slim and tall self. Oh, and also looking like a prom queen with a pretty full cleavage.

How do you like Blake on this occasion?

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Kirsten Dunst – Skinny Girls Have Saddle Bags, Too

kirsten-dunst-skinny-girls-have-saddle-bags-too1 - Kirsten Dunst - Skinny Girls Have Saddle Bags, Too

In the past we’ve seen that even Rachel Bilson can sport, from certain angles, little saddle bags. Then Hayden was looking like she has some of her own and even more, she was carrying them proudly. Click here for Rachel and click here to see Hayden!

Now here we have skinny Kirsten who’s got the saddle bags attached to her skinny body. There! This was aimed to make you feel better about yourself (same effect as celebrity cellulite has).

Photo source: A Class Celebs