Blake Lively Out, Around and About

blake-lively-out-around-and-about - Blake Lively Out, Around and About

Like I said last time when we saw Blake, no, these two were not filming a scene in the above picture – in case you didn’t figure that out by yourself, judging by the lack of over-the-top, vanguard and stylish wardrobe specific to their show (or judging by Penn’s beard). So yes, that means that they are just walking on the street, holding hands.

Now onto body-talk – Blake appears to be some sort of celebrity body inspiration, since she’s almost taking Cameron Diaz’s title for best legs in Hollywood, plus she gets noticed in the lean, tall and well-proportioned categories. What do you say?

Nicole Richie Won’t Say “Bye” to Skinniness

nicole-richie-wont-say-bye-to-skinniness - Nicole Richie Won't Say "Bye" to Skinniness

Is it just me, or do Nicole’s sunglasses appear bigger and bigger every time we see her? Or could it be because she has an ever-shrinking face and body? Now there was a lot of speculation on whether Nicole was going to embrace her former uber-skinny figure after giving birth and some said that she will settle at a healthy weight. Well, it doesn’t look like it, since Nicole appears to be losing weight – slowly enough to avoid tabloid covers going “Nicole is anorexic again”, but still losing.

Tara Reid Shows Some Leg Skin

tara-reid-shows-some-leg-skin - Tara Reid Shows Some Leg Skin

Tara Reid looks pretty good here, because certain conditions are fulfilled. One, she looks more sober than usually. Two, the enormous chest is not exposed. Now of course, we still get to see the stains on the dress and the messy hair, but we always appreciate improvement. Even more, she is not as skinny as she used to be a little while ago, when she was almost receiving “emaciated” comments.

Now it is a smart thing that Tara only exposed her best body part, aka her legs, because we can’t say anything bad about them, since they seem slim, shapely enough, bruise-and-cellulite-free. How do you like her legs and overall look?

Who Can Pull Them Off? Hilary Duff or Keira Knightley?

who-can-pull-them-off-hilary-duff-or-keira-knightley - Who Can Pull Them Off? Hilary Duff or Keira Knightley?

What do we have here? On the left, we’ve got Hilary Duff, representing the healthier-looking bodies and on the right, we’ve got Keira Knightley who stands for the tiny figures. What do they have in common? Well, clearly, not their body shape, nor their body size. What they have in common is a pair of high-waisted jeans (which they both decided that worked best if paired with plain black tops).

Have your say: Does this type of pants look better on a skinny or on a curvy figure? Who can pull the high waisted jeans off? Hilary Duff or Keira Knightley?

Marisa Miller Is Barely Dressed and Clearly Hot

marisa-miller-is-barely-dressed-and-clearly-hot - Marisa Miller Is Barely Dressed and Clearly Hot

Time for a new body on this site: Marisa Miller. Not sure who she is? Well, you might have seen her in the Victoria Secrets catalogs or in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues – oh oh, alert, this means she is out-of-this-world hot.

People say that Marisa Miller is a rare case of skinny AND curvy. She is definitely slim (duh, she’s a model) at a first sight (popping collar bones are definitely a sign of skinniness), but on a second sight, we can see that her goods can definitely fill a bra – not the case in this bra-free picture, but still.

What do you think? Is Marisa Miller skinny AND curvy or not?