Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Jaslene Gonzalez Versus Kelly Brook!

skinny-versus-curvy-battle-time-jaslene-gonzalez-versus-kelly-brook - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Jaslene Gonzalez Versus Kelly Brook!

Before you rush and shout that Kelly Brook is 20 lbs too thin to be considered curvy, let me justify my choice by saying that Kelly Brook is the lucky winner of a “slim and curvy” package, shaped under the enviable form called hourglass. She’s got the hips, no doubt about it, she’s got the b~~~~, no doubt there either. See, curvy! If you need further justifications, check out Kelly’s bikini picture!

OK, now that we settled all that, let’s debate Jaslene. Wait, there’s nothing debatable here, she’s skinny in every book and by every definition. So, there you go, one skinny, one curvy. One’s got the waif look and she’s probably thinner than most models out there and one can be proud of carrying curves in the right places.

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Jaslene Gonzalez Versus Kelly Brook! Choose your side!

Photo source: Celebutopia

Kate Beckinsale’s Fierce Look

kate-beckinsales-fierce-look - Kate Beckinsale's Fierce Look

Granted, Kate Beckinsale’s got a whole portfolio of fierce looks, but you’ve got to agree that this one could be a representative poster. Well, I guess it proves one more time that celebrities don’t need to be in their bikini or in tested, repeated and overly used sexy positions in order to look hot and sell magazines.

How do you like Kate this time?

Photo credit: California Style Magazine

Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein Lingerie

eva-mendes-in-calvin-klein-lingerie - Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein Lingerie

You know how hot the last Calvin Klein ads featuring Eva Mendes got. Well, this time, Eva isn’t precisely nude, but she’s not far from the term either. This time, the sexy lingerie is on the spotlight and under the slogan: “Perfectly Fit”. Wait, the lingerie or Eva, because Eva’s hot bod could easily be promoted with the exact same slogan.

eva-mendes-in-calvin-klein-lingerie-2 - Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein Lingerie

How do you like it?

Heidi Montag Living In Her Fairytale

heidi-montag-living-in-her-fairytale - Heidi Montag Living In Her Fairytale

Ooo… How sweet, how gentle, how pure and lovely. Yet another picture perfect moment coming from Heidi and Spencer, this time without champagne in crystal glasses on the beach. But wait, this time, the fairytale gets better, more fabulous and more luxurious (and the champagne must have poured behind closed doors – in case these two are familiar with such a term).

heidi-montag-living-in-her-fairytale-21 - Heidi Montag Living In Her Fairytale

Why am I saying all these? Because in the fairytale, as blonde-as-it-gets, tanned and big-boobed Heidi (who know walks around with a highly fabulous and expensive bag) and Spencer were shopping for… a mansion in Malibu. Barbie’s hair and b~~~~, Ken as a boyfriend, Hermes bag, mansion in Malibu and authentic kissing moments such as the one above, isn’t that a genuine fairytale?

Photo credits: Pacific Coast News