Megan Fox: Slim and Curvy Recipe

megan-fox-slim-and-curvy-recipe - Megan Fox: Slim and Curvy Recipe

Well, it looks like Megan Fox has got the magic ingredients in order to make this slim and curvy recipe work:

 – an overall thin appearance

 – curvy hips and thighs, though still in the limits of thinness

 – medium set of b~~~~

 – small waist

 – thin arms

 – close to perfection bust-waist-hip ratio.

Photo source: A class celebs

Kate Hudson’s Butt Strikes Again

kate-hudsons-butt-strikes-again - Kate Hudson's Butt Strikes Again

Kate Hudson’s Butt looked great in a bikini, it looked great in shorts and it also looked tight and round in a smart outfit. And, for the fourth time, Kate’s butt also looks great in tennis wear. But in case you missed the old times (when Kate was not as dressed), click here.

kate-hudsons-butt-strikes-again-2 - Kate Hudson's Butt Strikes Again

It’s a fact at this point that Kate has had skinnier days, when the back bump was less bumpy and visible , but I’d vote PRO this figure she’s got going on right now!

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Photo source: Gecce

America Ferrera on Set

america-ferrera-on-set - America Ferrera on Set

It’s not like we had to mention where exactly America was when this picture was taken – considering, you know, the outfit. But now that I think about it, the outfit is that horrendous that it seems implausible even in the whole Ugly Betty context.

Other than the outfit that probably manages to gather 17 colors, 8 different styles and 12 kinds of fabrics and regardless if she’s wearing extra flab-wannabe-cushions, America is appearing to be sticking with her healthy weight.

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Photo credit: Wenn

Alicia Keys Is in the Air

alicia-keys-is-in-the-air - Alicia Keys Is in the Air

Alicia Keys is in the air… and we mean it literally. In fact, the flowing effect is sure making Alicia look like she’s as light as a feather, even though her thighs represent a curvy, voluptuous woman that, besides having curvy thighs, also has a pretty slim waist – and we can observe them all thanks to the tight and high-waisted pants.

And since we mentioned the pants – not that Alicia’s is not looking fab, but there might be better and even “fabber” choices of pants for a pear shaped girl – like something not as tights on the lower legs.

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