Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Nicole Richie or Mandy Moore?

skinny-versus-curvy-battle-time-nicole-richie-or-mandy-moore - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Nicole Richie or Mandy Moore?

What do these Hollywood girls have in common? Well, besides an ex, they both decided to wear jeans and black tops and took their boyfriends (or not, in Mandy’s case) out for a walk. Now Mandy looks like she’s been losing some weight and well, Nicole is always losing weight, so there, another thing they’ve got in common.

You decide! Who looks better? Who looks more appealing in jeans and flat shoes? The short and skinny Nicole or the taller and curvier Mandy? Skinny versus curvy battle time!

Kelly Brook, Front and Back

kelly-brrok-front-and-back - Kelly Brook, Front and Back

We already know that Kelly Brook is a true hourglass. This is why, when looking at pictures with her, there are two main attraction areas. Not this time – this time, the focus is on Kelly’s legs.

First of all and not at all weight-related, she must make up her mind: leather jacket with fur collar and naked legs – is she cold or is she hot? Regardless, her legs look, besides naked, slim and lean, not particularly toned (no, I am not saying being so is a must), pretty cellulite-free, except for some suspect minor shadows that might indicate the contrary.

How do you all like Kelly’s legs and overall body?

Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss Result

kelly-osbournes-weight-loss-result1 - Kelly Osbourne's Weight Loss Result

I am thrilled to say that this is the best looking Kelly Osbourne I have seen, and I don’t mean just lately. Now we all know that Kelly has been losing weight for a while now and I see that she appears slimmer at every event. And for this particular event, she even went for a white outfit and matched it with her pale skin – and guess what? She looks fab.

How do you like Kelly’s new body size and shape? What are your predictions? Will she stay at this weight, gain back or lose some more?

Then and Now: Amy Winehouse

before-and-after-amy-winehouse - Then and Now: Amy Winehouse

Be honest: how many of you would have guessed that the curvy brunette on the left is (was) Amy Winehouse? Yep, that is right – Amy Winehouse was once (besides clean, neat, put together), attractive and shapely. How is she now? Well, for starters, she is on the line between skinny and emaciated – never would have guessed that she had the right curves in the right places to begin with.

Now we’re not going to speculate on the reasons that were responsible for the transformation from curvy to scary skinny or from pretty to messy, but it’s a fact that Amy suffered a very noticeable, if not unbelievable make-under.

What do you all have to say?

Photo source: Celebutopia


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Britney Spears and Ugly Boots Number 17

britney-spears-and-ugly-boots-number-17 - Britney Spears and Ugly Boots Number 17

The first thing that comes into my mind when looking at the above picture is that Britney Spears must have a very, very large collection of very, very ugly boots. How else are the boots? Terribly unflattering would be the answer. Especially if they are paired up with tight shorts and some “not exactly stockings catalog material” legs.

We’ve seen that Britney has been working out and while I can definitely see some muscle definition, this choice of clothes surely isn’t doing Britney’s thicker figure any favors. How do you like it? Can Britney pull of short shorts or not?

Versus’s expert advice: Tip no. 1: Please wear pants. Long pants, that is. Tip no. 2: Or a middle-length skirt – show off your knees but not your thighs, yet. Tip no. 3: Throw the boots in the ocean.