AnnaLynne McCord in a Tiny Outfit

annalynne-mccord-in-a-tiny-outfit1 - AnnaLynne McCord in a Tiny Outfit

Here’s tall and slim AnnaLynne McCord from the new 90210 – showing off a high percentage of her (not as skinny as her co-workers’) fit and toned body. And since AnnaLynne’s outfit REQUIRES an explanation, know that she was performing together with “Sirens of TI”at Christian Audigier The Nightclub in Las Vegas.

How do you like AnnaLynne’s figure?

Check the next page for back and side views!

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Nicole Richie on the Purple Carpet

nicole-richie-on-the-purple-carpet - Nicole Richie on the Purple Carpet

To say it, not to say it, to say it… yeah, I’ll say it: Nicole has looked better. Before you scream and shout, let me mention that weight-wise, body-wise, shape-wise, she’s just right and I’m not spotting any problem.

But maybe some of you will agree that makeup-wise and hairstyle-wise, Nicole has made more jaw-dropping choices in the past.

Say your thoughts!

A close-up after the jump!

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