Cheryl Cole in a Bikini, Multiple Perspectives

cheryl-cole-in-a-bikini-multiple-perspectives - Cheryl Cole in a Bikini, Multiple Perspectives

Second bikini stop for today: Cheryl Cole. If you are still not familiar with her, then you are definitely not located in UK, since she is super popular there, as well as the band she is in, Girls Aloud.

Now what you probably don’t know is that Cheryl lost loads of weight after her footballer husband cheated on her (and apparently, here she is on vacation with him, trying to fix their rocky marriage). How much weight did she lose, exactly? Various sources say that she was down to a scary weight of 85 lbs at a 5’4” height (6 st/39 kg, 164 cm) – but probably gained some back since then.

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Beyonce Is Shedding Pounds

beyonce-is-shedding-pounds4 - Beyonce Is Shedding Pounds

I’ve been suspecting for a while that Beyonce is shedding some pounds. I guess I was right and it is now safe to say so. Take a look at Beyonce almost two months ago and tell me if you agree.

What indicates the weight loss?

1. Super tiny waist - I am aware she’s always had a very enviable waist-hip ratio, but in this case but what we’re seeing now it’s just a tinier version of those proportions.

2. Narrower hips;

3. Slimmer face, slimmer neck and smaller shoulders.

P.S. She can definitely pull off the minimal-makeup face, she should try it more often.

Photo sources: Pacific Coast News, Bauer Griffin

Bikini Body Battle! Heather Locklear or Lisa Rinna?

bikini-body-battle-heather-locklear-or-lisa-rinna - Bikini Body Battle! Heather Locklear or Lisa Rinna?

It was about time we hosted a bikini body battle featuring two ladies that are not in their 20’s, nor in their 30’s, but in their 40’s. Yes, you’ve heard it right – more precisely, Heather Locklear is 46 and Lisa Rinna is 44. Years old, that is, which is pretty great, judging by their bodies, where almost everything seem to be in the right size and shape (definitely excepting Lisa’s lips).

What’s funny is that they don’t only share the age prefix and a competitive status on our little battle right here, but they were also feud partners on a popular show a few years back, if you recall.

You be the judge: Who takes home the “best bikini body” crown and on what basis? Heather Locklear or Lisa Rinna?

Photo source: Celebutopia