An Upgrade from Mischa Barton

You might remember the times when Mischa Barton looked like this:

unflattering-outfits-for-mischa - An Upgrade from Mischa Barton

We’ve been hoping (some even praying) that Mischa would hire a stylist and start being her gorgeous self again, thus wearing clothes that compliment her body type and shape. Well, it looks like the wonder has finally happened, since Mischa was spotted looking like this:

an-upgrade-from-mischa-barton - An Upgrade from Mischa Barton

I’m pretty sure that we are not dealing with a major weight loss and that the upgrade is all thanks to the much smarter outfit. Yaay!

What do you say?

Hilary Duff in the Shortest Shorts

hilary-duff-in-the-shortest-shorts - Hilary Duff in the Shortest Shorts

Wow, a round of applause for someone (called Hilary) in Hollywood who doesn’t have pin thin, skinny legs, nor legs that could be labeled with “not in shape, thick, chubby”.

Next, another round of applause for the dosage of confidence that is required to wear such short shorts when you know that you are going to be compared with legs belonging to Nicky Hilton or Posh and some silly little mind out there might call you, as a result of the comparison, “fat”, even though you represent nothing else but a healthy figure.

Photo source: Celebutopia

Jennifer Love Hewitt Looking Like a Dark Ballerina

jennifer-love-hewitt-looking-like-a-dark-ballerina - Jennifer Love Hewitt Looking Like a Dark Ballerina

Isn’t Jennifer looking like a little ballerina here? Well, a little ballerina that got bored of the immaculate white ballerina dresses and went for the opposite color instead. But the rest, as in the hair pulled in the back, the position, the open “T” cleavage and fluffy bottom of the dress all say the same thing.

The only thing that I’d to to Jennifer in this picture is… I’d let her long, wavy, full hair down on her shoulders. Why? Jennifer is definitely known for her bottom heavy figure and since she decided to go for a fluffy dress and exposed her legs, the voluminous hair would definitely balance her proportions.

Photo credit: Getty

Rachel Bilson Looking Hot in Jeans

rachel-bilson-looking-hot-in-jeans - Rachel Bilson Looking Hot in Jeans

This picture shows that even a skinny girl like Rachel Bilson can brag that she’s got curves in the right places. In this case, the right place represents the hips.

Now I know that “Rachel in jeans” can only mean that she’s looking pretty hot, but you’ve got to agree that on this occasion, thanks to the fact that she matched the nice hips with the smile, the heels and the electric blue, Rachel is looking double hot.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News