Kim Kardashian Says She’s 117 Lbs and Fits in Size 27 Jeans

kim-kardashian-says-shes-117-lbs-and-fits-in-size-27-jeans - Kim Kardashian Says She's 117 Lbs and Fits in Size 27 Jeans

This will be a fun read… Kim Kardashian recently posted on her blog a ton of information about her weight, size and body measurements. What did she have to say?

I am a size 27 jeans… My measurements are 34, 26, 39. But remember I am 5’2″ and 1/2 and everyone carries their weight in different places.

My body frame is small, but since I have curves, many people assume I am bigger and wear a bigger size in jeans. This is simply not the case! The misconception carries over to my weight, too. I am right under 120 lbs, but a lot of people have been shocked to hear that and have accused me of lying! Haha. (…)

I was clear to state that everyone carries their weight differently. I have very skinny chicken legs, so my jeans need to be a smaller size to fit my legs. I have a tiny waist, which is smaller than a size 27 so i always need to have the waist tailored.I also wear stretch jeans, because my booty just gets flattened in any jean that has no stretch and just doesn’t fit into non stretch jeans. I usually wear Serfonatine or JBrand, those fit the best! In those certain brands, on a good day I even fit into a size 26! I am a lot smaller than I look in pictures or on TV and that’s the first thing people say when they meet me! When I first started doing photo shoots, stylists would bring me a size 6 or 8, and they had to come back with 2’s and 4’s. I am only 117 lbs! 
I am really sick and tired of people being so mean and nasty and assume I am lying. Why should it upset people that I am a size 27? Kourtney is a size 23 or 24, if she can find her size and wears kid sizes most of the time, and Khloe is a size 30. We are all shapped differently and are proud of our shape big or small….

Conclusion: The measurements that Kim provided indicate a BMI of 21.4, which is in the middle of the healthy range (18.5 – 25). I am pretty sure that these stats will cause a little controversy and that some will say “No way she fits in size 27 jeans / is 120”, but then again, she’s not very muscular, she’s very short and besides her big butt, she’s quite a slender girl. Definitely don’t agree about the “very skinny, chicken legs” part, though.

What do you say? Do Kim’s measurements and sizes sound realistic to you?

UPDATE: Due to the fact that she received many comments from people saying that she can not possibly be that small, Kim also made a little video entitled “See, I told you!” and put it on her blog – in the video, she tried on 3 pairs of jeans in front of the camera, 2 of them size 27 and one pair size 26. And yes, she did get inside them – yes, they were tight on her butt and yes, she tried to squeeze herself in, but they did fit.

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Teri Hatcher Versus Christina Hendricks!

skinny-versus-curvy-battle-time-teri-hatcher-versus-christina-hendricks - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Teri Hatcher Versus Christina Hendricks!

Not familiar with Christina? Well, you can find her in Emmy winner series MadMen – but more relevantly, she’s an explosion of curves, ready to knock Kim Kardashian’s socks off! Yes that right, she’s got the booty, she’s got the boobs, she’s got the waist – which makes her an ideal hourglass figure, ready for our little battle.

On the other side, we’ve got the ever-skinny Teri Hatcher who chose a bright yellow dress last night to reveal her thin and tall frame. Finally, this year, the celebs forgot all about the classic black and went for much bolder colors.

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Teri Hatcher Versus Christina Hendricks! Choose your favorite!

P. S. Now at a second glance, these two would make an excellent “Brunette Versus Redhead” Battle or “Tanned Versus Pale” Competition.

Evangeline Lilly on the Red Carpet, Front and Back

evangeline-lilly-on-the-red-carpet-front-and-back - Evangeline Lilly on the Red Carpet, Front and Back

I figured that Evangeline Lilly (from Lost) deserves her own post instead of a body battle – why? Because 1. She’s hot and 2. We don’t get see her around. Note to paparazzi: Please do your job!

And to extend the term “hot”, Evangeline is super toned and fit, yet not overly skinny, nicely proportioned and has got some great abs, too bad the dress won’t let us see more.

Say your thoughts!

Battle of the Cleavages! Nancy O’dell Versus Kathleen Robertson!

battle-of-the-cleavages-nancy-odell-versus-kathleen-robertson - Battle of the Cleavages! Nancy O'dell Versus Kathleen Robertson!

From the wide range of impressive and less impressive cleavages that were displayed on the red carpet at the Emmy’s last night, we picked two that clearly pop out, belonging to Nancy O’Dell and Kathleen Robertson. Sure, in Kathleen’s case, we’re talking about new mommy boobs, but it still counts.

Reason number 2 why we picked these 2 is that you’ve got 2 very different types and techniques of revealing your full bust:

Technique number 1: Grab a dress with a cut almost till the bellybutton and then let your bust (and the tape, in some cases) do the rest!

Technique number 2: Squeeze them tight & lift them up – works all the time!

Which cleavage do you like better? Nancy O’dell Versus Kathleen Robertson!


Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Cynthia Nixon Versus Tina Fey!

skinny-versus-curvy-battle-time-cynthia-nixon-versus-tina-fey1 - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Cynthia Nixon Versus Tina Fey!

Random pair, you say? Well, it was about time to bring on a new batch of skinny and curvy celebs, since Posh and Kim were getting kinda old (not literally, no no). And since the red carpet dresses are usually designed to tightly embrace one’s figure and assets, we got the chance to notice some valuable representatives from the skinny and curvy sides.

We all saw that Cynthia was kinda skinny in SATC movie – and here she is, showing off her long neck, skinny arms and thin figure at the Emmy’s. Tina actually surprised us with a very hourglassy figure, kudos to the dress!

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Cynthia Nixon Versus Tina Fey! Choose your side!