Britney Spears Looking Better in a Bikini

britney-spears-looking-better-in-a-bikini - Britney Spears Looking Better in a Bikini

You might recall that last time we saw Britney in a bikini, she was sporting a little belly, as well as a heavier appearance. Click here to see!

Well, this time, it appears that she has traded the little belly for a flatter stomach and a thinner figure, both from the front and from the back. Sure, the perspective and the light (a light which last time revealed cellulite) could also be helping the matters.

How do you like Britney’s bikini body this time?

Photo credit: X17

Kelly Osbourne Is Leggy

kelly-osbourne-is-leggy - Kelly Osbourne Is Leggy

Kelly Osbourne was recently spotted walking around in some fuchsia shoes that definitely caught the eyes and in a tiny dress that showed off her legs – and might I say, she is looking pretty good.

Even though the frontal perspective is slightly more flattering than the side, I’d say that Kelly can be overall really proud of her weight loss achievement and should hang on to this healthy weight.

What are your thoughts?

Photo source: Daily Mail

Jessica Simpson Is Back to Daisy Dukes

jessica-simpson-is-back-to-daisy-dukes - Jessica Simpson Is Back to Daisy Dukes

Jessica Simpson is back to daisy dukes, that’s right, but she’s not back to what some call “her skinny Daisy Dukes days”. Even so, we must notcie and admit that Jessica’s legs are looking great, regardless of the cellulite touch on the back thigh. In fact, I say that (besides the uber-admired set of b~~~~ that top “best b~~~~” tops), Jessica’s best assets are her toned and shapely legs.

On another hand, short white tops like the ones she is wearing above are not exactly the most flattering clothing items she could wear, considering her top heavy body.

How do you like Jessica’s daisy dukes look?

An Upgrade from Mischa Barton

You might remember the times when Mischa Barton looked like this:

unflattering-outfits-for-mischa - An Upgrade from Mischa Barton

We’ve been hoping (some even praying) that Mischa would hire a stylist and start being her gorgeous self again, thus wearing clothes that compliment her body type and shape. Well, it looks like the wonder has finally happened, since Mischa was spotted looking like this:

an-upgrade-from-mischa-barton - An Upgrade from Mischa Barton

I’m pretty sure that we are not dealing with a major weight loss and that the upgrade is all thanks to the much smarter outfit. Yaay!

What do you say?

Hilary Duff in the Shortest Shorts

hilary-duff-in-the-shortest-shorts - Hilary Duff in the Shortest Shorts

Wow, a round of applause for someone (called Hilary) in Hollywood who doesn’t have pin thin, skinny legs, nor legs that could be labeled with “not in shape, thick, chubby”.

Next, another round of applause for the dosage of confidence that is required to wear such short shorts when you know that you are going to be compared with legs belonging to Nicky Hilton or Posh and some silly little mind out there might call you, as a result of the comparison, “fat”, even though you represent nothing else but a healthy figure.

Photo source: Celebutopia