Marcia Cross – Bones Popping Out Alert

marcia-cross-bones-popping-out-alert - Marcia Cross - Bones Popping Out Alert

Marcia is not one of those celebrities that expose their legs by wearing short dresses on permanent basis, nor is she one of those who gets constant paparazzi attention. What I am saying is that maybe this is why we never noticed till know just how skinny she actually is.

Granted, probably not even Victoria’s Secret models look hot enough and ready enough for a magazine cover when they are exercising – but those are some serious bones popping out right there on her chest – and irony is that she is still lifting weights.

What do you say? Scary skinny or just skinny?

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Hudson?

skinny-versus-curvy-battle-time-victoria-beckham-or-jennifer-hudson - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Hudson?

Before you rush to say that Jennifer Hudson does not exactly have the ideal curvy body, let me just remind you that Victoria Beckham is not your average skinny girl either. This competition is about comparing different body shapes – and these ladies sure are different! The competition only refers to the above picture, and not to the way they look on other occasions (since their weight and outfits vary).

So, let’s hear it: whose body would you rather have? Whose body would you like your girlfriend to have? Skinny versus curvy battle time! Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Hudson? Choose your side!

Penelope Cruz in a Bikini, Multiple Perspectives

penelope-cruz-in-a-bikini-multiple-perspectives - Penelope Cruz in a Bikini, Multiple Perspectives

Ok, ok, don’t panic: it’s not a bikini, it’s a swimsuit, but all the significant parts that a bikini would normally expose are… exposed. Right, except for the stomach, which we can only assume that looks as great as the rest of Penelope.

Penelope’s best features? Long and slim legs and full cleavage are the first ones that pop in mind (and sight). Even though the first picture on top might look like it is sensual and amazing enough to be in a 5 page photo shoot from a men’s magazine, it’s just Penelope being her natural self on the beach and looking effortlessly great.

How do you like, love (or dislike, if possible) Penelope’s bikini body?

Ashley Olsen with a Rounder Face

ashley-olsen-with-a-rounder-face - Ashley Olsen with a Rounder Face

Yes, rounder=better for Ashley Olsen, don’t worry.

It’s been a while since any of the Olsen Twins had a fresh and youthful glow on their faces, since their skinny looks also implied skinny faces. But here we have Ashley and I am really glad to see her face in the above picture, not only because because it looks prettier, but because she is fully smiling, which she doesn’t do so often, so yes, it’s a reason for joy.

What do you say? Has Ashley put on some weight or we are just not used to see her without the trademark duck lips?

Tara Reid Says: “Oops!”

tara-reid-says-oops - Tara Reid Says: "Oops!"

OK, so you just have to trust me that this is Tara (in case the body posture and the ignored butt flash did not give her away already). Now that I take another look at the picture, Tara is not saying any “oops!”, since she doesn’t look worried at all that a good portion of her butt is showing, former-Britney-style. Nice to have a laid back attitude when you’ve got an exposed back.

Moving on, Tara’s legs look slim and fine from the profile too, since we already know they look pretty decent from the front. What do you have to say about the body parts Tara is exposing?