Kristin Davis Shows How to Dress for the Pear Body Shape

kristin-davis-shows-how-to-dress-for-a-pear-shape-body-type - Kristin Davis Shows How to Dress for the Pear Body Shape

Kristin Davis is at a wide range of events these days, due to her increased popularity as a result of the Sex and the City premiere. So, here she is, in two different outfits that are not that different at all – Why? Simply because Kristin knows precisely how to dress for her body type and what kind of dresses embrace her figure best.

How is her body type? Since Kristin has small shoulders, small waist, wider hips and also appears to carry her weight on her thighs and upper legs, Kristin is a perfect pear shape. How to dress for a pear shape body type?

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Halle Berry Out, Around and About

halle-berry-out-around-and-about - Halle Berry Out, Around and About

Every time we see Halle Berry she appears to have lost a little bit more of the baby weight – “slowly but efficient” seems to be her motto, which is by far better than the “fast and probably unhealthy” slogan that belongs to so many celebs out there. In fact, besides a really tiny belly that she has left and probably one inch over the hips, there is nothing left to shed.

How do you like Halle’s post pregnancy body? Do you think she will keep on losing or stop at this healthy weight?

Heidi Montag in a Bikini, Front and Back

heidi-montag-in-a-bikini-front-and-back - Heidi Montag in a Bikini, Front and Back

Here is Heidi Montag in a bikini and yes, of course this is a spontaneous candid. No, Heidi is not wearing any make-up, she naturally looks like that, just like everything else about her is natural.

In case you are still not convinced, the rest of the pictures from this set were also picturing Spencer on the beach with Heidi and they were doing something that all people naturally do on the beach – and that would be drinking champagne from fancy glasses.

On a body related note, I have to say that Heidi is not looking as super skinny as I would have expected (good thing!): she’s got a super flat stomach, but also a plump little booty and curvy hips!


Ashlee Simpson Confirms Pregnancy and Looks Like This

ashlee-simpson-confirms-pregnancy-and-looks-like-this - Ashlee Simpson Confirms Pregnancy and Looks Like This

Not only did Ashlee finally confirm that she is expecting a baby, but she also confirmed that she is in her second semester – wow! Ashlee said she wanted to wait until after the first semester to confirm the news – or, as we, the suspicious minds might put it, until she got enough “oh I’m pregnant, oh I’m not” publicity.

What can we say? We can definitely say that she hasn’t gained any weight at all to this point and looks borderline slim to skinny. There will be updates on how big Ashlee’s belly (and other) will grow!

Mariah Carey’s Fully-Dressed-Phase Was Just a Phase

mariah-carey-fully-dressed-phase-was-just-a-phase - Mariah Carey's Fully-Dressed-Phase Was Just a Phase

Remember that a few weeks ago Mariah decided to give full-length clothes in the right size a try. Click here to remember! That unusual phase passed and now Mariah is letting us know just how good her new body looks, by wearing a pair of daisy dukes and also, by NOT wearing a top that covers her (toned) stomach.

Now, don’t get us wrong, Mariah. We are here to gossip about celebrity bodies and looks, so the more skin you reveal, the more material we have and our comments are obviously more accurate, so thanks for that.

How do you like Mariah in daisy dukes?