Christina Aguilera Is Loyal to Her Style

christina-aguilera-is-loyal-to-her-style - Christina Aguilera Is Loyal to Her Style

Wow, dumb me – here I was thinking that that dramatic makeup (that intentionally doesn’t follow the contour of the eyes) was Christina’s stage look, like at the VMA’s… or like in her promo pictures. I guess it’s her daily makeup now.

Same Christina recently said that she’ll keep on going strong with the sexual look, because it is important for her to stay true to herself. The exact quote?

“It is important to show Max what mommy does. It is really important to me is that he is an individual and that’s why it is important for me to stay true to myself. If it happens to be raunchy so be it! It’s a matter of self expression to me.”

What do you have to say about it?

Who’s Hotter? Paris Versus Nicky Hilton!

whos-hotter-paris-versus-nicky-hilton - Who's Hotter? Paris Versus Nicky Hilton!

Here are the Hilton sisters wearing Cinderella silver shoes and celebrating Nicky’s 25th birthday, glamorously and fabulously.

I recall hearing Paris say on the red carpet a few years back something like “We’re hot, we’re so hot together. It’s true” (it’s not a quote though, it’s my memory) – well, Paris, you asked for it:

Who’s Hotter? Paris Versus Nicky Hilton! Oh, and while you-re at it, try this: Who’s the Skinnier Sister Now?

Photo credit: Splash News

Angelina Jolie, Before and After Pregnancy

angelina-jolie-before-and-after-pregnancy - Angelina Jolie, Before and After Pregnancy

Picture 1: Angelina in June 2007, before getting pregnant with twins.

Picture 2: Angelina on 4th of October 2008, at the New York Film Festival.

Even though post-baby bodies are actual nightmares to oh so many women, Angelina’s got luck and genes on her side this time, too, since she’s looking like a million times better on the right. We get hips instead of a scrawny figure and fuller boobs instead of chest bones.

A perfect “Skinny Versus Slim with Curves” case!, with a pretty obvious winner. Feel free to agree (or disagree)!

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Nicole Kidman’s Got Cleavage in Elle

nicole-kidmans-got-cleavage-in-elle - Nicole Kidman's Got Cleavage in Elle

We all know that Elle Magazine is pretty keen on photoshopping celebrities intensively (no offense, we get it: fashion, model-looks, blah blah). Remember the 10 years younger and 15 lbs thinner Mariah Carey or the “Whose Body Is This?” Jennifer Lopez?

Well, it looks like the digital artists weren’t that occupied in this case, since Nicole was skinny to begin with (surprisingly skinny, some might say). What I do spot, though, is the fuller, rounder, bigger bust – FUN FACT: magazines supposedly sell better when there’s a woman with (at least) C cup breasts on the cover (yes, that’s right, both men’s and women’s magazines).

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