Eva Herzigova’s Still Got It

eva-herzigovas-still-got-it - Eva Herzigova's Still Got It

And the hot supermodels of the 90’s strike again. Why do I say “again”? Because just a few weeks, Christy Turlington showed us how she still deserves the supermodel title in a hot and high fashion photo shoot.

eva-herzigovas-still-got-it-1 - Eva Herzigova's Still Got It

This time, it is Eva Herzigova who is delighting us with her impeccable body that has a bit of both sides: the skinny side and the curvy side, just the right amounts from each for a pretty flawless figure.

How do you like it?

Photo credit: GQ

Update on Jessica Alba’s Baby Weight

update-on-jessica-albas-baby-weight - Update on Jessica Alba's Baby Weight

In case you were wondering whether Jessica Alba is back to her skinny little body that she was sporting before the pregnancy, the answer is: Not yet. So, for now, here is a healthy, curvy and great looking fresh-mom body.

Obviously, going back to her “oh my God, what does she eat to stay this thin?” days is not a vital priority, nor should it be, so good for her, let’s all give her a round of applause.

What do you say?

Jessica Biel’s Softer Side

jessica-biels-softer-side - Jessica Biel's Softer Side

Here is one occasion when “as hard as a rock” Jessica Biel is presenting her softer, more feminine side in a pretty little black & white dress. Besides the dress that surely looks great on Jessica, the hair is also pretty flattering, wouldn’t you say?

Which look do you prefer? The buff and tough Jessica in casual outfits or the glammed up Jessica?

Photo source: Gecce