Who Is Hotter? Audrina Patridge Versus Leighton Meester!

who-is-hotter-audrina-patridge-versus-leighton-meester - Who Is Hotter? Audrina Patridge Versus Leighton Meester!

Here are Audrina and Leighton (who needs second names?) looking as their usual fab selves.

Yo might ask: Why these two in a “Who’s Hotter?” battle? Simple: they’re sort of the same age (23, respectively 22) and surprise surprise, they’re not blonde! Can’t remember a non-blonde battle, ever.

Who’s hotter? Audrina Patridge versus Leighton Meester!

Choose your side!

Mary-Kate Olsen Loves Volume

mary-kate-olsen-loves-volume - Mary-Kate Olsen Loves Volume

… when it comes to her fashion sense, that is. You know, some seasons ago, the voluminous clothes trend  started to pop everywhere and for Mary-Kate, the trend will probably never end. From oversized shirts to baggy sack-like tops or to this big and black coat, they all show Mary-Kate’s passion for volume.

No idea what’s going on under the big black coat, but we’ve got a feeling that it’s slim and healthy.

Photo source: Gecce

Beyonce with Short Hair Versus Beyonce with Long Hair

beyonce-with-short-hair-versus-beyonce-with-long-hair - Beyonce with Short Hair Versus Beyonce with Long Hair

Here is one Beyonce with short hair in a yellow / golden dress and one Beyonce with long hair in a golden suit (talk about a theme color).

Not that it will come as a surprise, considering the wide range of hairstyling techniques that are available on the market today, but both Beyonces were photographed last night, at Conde Nast Media Group’s 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event.  

Not a typical battle, but still fun: Beyonce with short hair versus Beyonce with long hair – Which one do you prefer?

Versus’s expert verdict: Gimme Beyonce with long hair any day. Why? Cause she’s waaaay younger.

Rihanna Left Her Makeup at Home

rihanna-left-her-makeup-at-home - Rihanna Left Her Makeup at Home

… and she’s looking pretty flawless. OK, so I wasn’t there to see whether she put on foundation or not, but facts are that she’s got the “naturally pretty” thing going on.

rihanna-left-her-makeup-at-home-2 - Rihanna Left Her Makeup at Home

Now onto the body talk, umm, what exactly is the one piece thing under the coat… I’m not sure, but it looks like an extension of a pair of leggings. Well, she’s Rihanna, she’s hot, she’s fit, she can pull even a sack off.

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