Alicia Keys Is in the Air

alicia-keys-is-in-the-air - Alicia Keys Is in the Air

Alicia Keys is in the air… and we mean it literally. In fact, the flowing effect is sure making Alicia look like she’s as light as a feather, even though her thighs represent a curvy, voluptuous woman that, besides having curvy thighs, also has a pretty slim waist – and we can observe them all thanks to the tight and high-waisted pants.

And since we mentioned the pants – not that Alicia’s is not looking fab, but there might be better and even “fabber” choices of pants for a pear shaped girl – like something not as tights on the lower legs.

What do you say?

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Jennifer Lopez in Another Bikini

jennifer-lopez-in-another-bikini - Jennifer Lopez in Another Bikini

Jennifer is definitely enjoying her vacation and spends a good percentage of it in the water – sometimes wearing her shiny, silver bikini and sometimes wearing the above less flashy two piece. Oh, and I forgot to mention that she is always wearing round, big diva earrings and other such blings – in the water, when swimming.

jennifer-lopez-in-another-bikini-2 - Jennifer Lopez in Another Bikini

Body talk? Nothing major happened in the last days on Jennifer’s bikini body, the plump butt is till there, together with the curvy thighs and with the little belly.

How do you find Jennifer’s in a bikini this time?

Jessica Alba Still Not Sharing Smiles

jessica-alba-still-not-sharing-smiles - Jessica Alba Still Not Sharing Smiles

Well, I guess that motherhood didn’t actually effect Jessica generosity, when it comes to something as basic and as free as… smiling. In fact, in case Jessica will actually smile in one (probably extremely joyful)occasion, then it will definitely be “Breaking News”-worthy.

Till then, let’s just admire Jessica’s slim new mom body – we can also notice that she’s not even trying to hide any imperfections, (you know, by wearing empire waist dresses, slimming black or other such tricks) – probably because the imperfections don’t actually exist.

Photo source: Celebutopia

Hilary Duff in a Blue Dress, Front and Back

hilary-duff-in-a-blue-dress-front-and-back - Hilary Duff in a Blue Dress, Front and Back

Here is Hilary Duff in a flowy dress that exposes her most debated body part: the arms. Now you’ve all heard mean little comments saying that Hilary’s got the thick arms “curse” and they also say that it’s the same same “curse” that is haunting Hayden – hey, don’t yell at me, I said “they say”.

How do you like Hilary in this bohemian blue outfit?

P.S. She must have ditched the thick belt in between the two photos.

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