Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGenres: Boat, Sun, Bikini

portia-de-rossi-and-ellen-degenres-boat-sun-bikini - Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGenres: Boat, Sun, Bikini

This duo might not be as fresh and as hot as, let’s say, the Kardashian sisters in their bikinis on a boat a few weeks back, but they have their underwear bikini on and that qualifies. Since Portia’s been in the weight gossip spotlight some years back, when eating disorders and her name were in the same sentence on the cover of tabloids, let’s focus on her:

After some scanning and observation, I’d say that Portia appears to be a very skinny apple shape, since she’s got super thin legs and arms, a bony chest and the little fat her body’s got, it appears to be deposited in the middle area.

So, how do you like this couple in their sunbathing outfits?

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Tara Reid in a Bikini, Yet Again

tara-reid-in-a-bikini-yet-again - Tara Reid in a Bikini, Yet Again

We’ve seen Tara in a bikini before and she was definitely not as skinny as above. Check the picture here! OK, OK, this time Tara only chose a bikini top and a tiny jeans skirt for the bottom – but I say it still counts as a bikini. It might be hard to put your eyes on Tara’s bikini body, considering the guy’s hair and all, but let’s analyze:

 – The weird tummy is still there, although it’s visibly less weird than it was a while back. Still, no reason to attract eyes on that region with a little chain bling. And the tan is so not helping.

 – The fake b~~~~ are considerably smaller, yet still weird – check the right one.

Say your thoughts!

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Nicky Hilton Versus Jennifer Love Hewitt – Who’s Got Better Legs?

nicky-hilton-versus-jennifer-love-hewitt-whos-got-better-legs - Nicky Hilton Versus Jennifer Love Hewitt - Who's Got Better Legs?

I know what you’ll say: that neither of these girls have ideal legs (umm, especially Nicky, oops, don’t mean to influence). Well, at least they are as different as possible, which makes it easier to pick a side!

Nicky’s legs? Well, skinny (or even scary skinny), bony knees, tanned, long and ending with really big feet… would make a good characterization .

Jennifer’s legs? Well, definitely fuller than Nicky’s, pale, not particularly toned and probably thicker than Hollywood ideal, yet still decently slim and shapely.

Your turn now! Nicky Hilton versus Jennifer Love Hewitt – Who’s got better legs?

Photo source: Celebutopia

Shakira’s Waist Exposed

shakiras-waist-exposed - Shakira's Waist Exposed

One of the first things that pop in mind when looking at Shakira’s body from the front is the fact that she’s got a pretty perfect waist to hip ratio and she’s pretty amazing at flaunting it with the help of sensual dance moves – or, now that you think about it, those exact dance moves might be the ones responsible for that perfect waist-hip ratio, at least partially.

shakiras-waist-exposed-2 - Shakira's Waist Exposed

One of the first things that pop in mind when looking at Shakira’s body from the profile is that she’s got a pretty bumpy & round butt which, paired with that small waist and defined abs works out perfectly and creates the image of a slim, yet curvy figure.

How do you find Shakira’s abs/waist/hips/proportions?

Jennifer Lopez – 1 Girl, 2 White Dresses

jennifer-lopez-1-girl-2-white-dresses - Jennifer Lopez - 1 Girl, 2 White Dresses

Jennifer knows precisely how to dress for her new body that slightly differs from her pre-pregnancy fit figure:

1. Jennifer knows just how short the dress can be in order to hide the back thigh cellulite (that appears in the bikini pictures).

2. Jennifer knows that one of the most efficient ways to camouflage any negative post-pregnancy effects on her body is to flaunt the positive effects instead, such as: full cleavage.

3. Jennifer also knows that dresses with a high waist and delicately pleated just above the stomach can perfectly hide all possible love handles or any new mommy flab.   

4. Jennifer knows that a thick belt displayed on the right spot does a great job in hiding a small post-baby belly.

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