Claire Danes Looking Healthier

claire-danes-looking-healthier - Claire Danes Looking Healthier

You might remember the time when we saw Claire in a red bikini. If you do, then you also might remember the “scary skinny” and “emaciated” comments that came along with the pictures. In case you need to refresh your memory, here’s the bikini picture:

claire-danes-and-her-skinny-bikini-body - Claire Danes Looking Healthier

Well, facts are that Claire is not looking as skinny in this little flowery-dress above. But then again, we don’t get to see her middle area that was clearly showing some serious bones in her bikini pic (still showing those collar bones, though).

What do you say? Has Claire gained in between or is she still that scary skinny under her dress? 

Photo credit: Getty, INF

Blake Lively’s Hotness Strikes Again

blake-livelys-hotness-strikes-again - Blake Lively's Hotness Strikes Again

For the millionth time, here I am saying: “Nice legs, Blake!”. And this time, may I add one extra compliment: “Nice waist, Blake!”. OK, I know that I’m leaving the low cut and out-there-cleavage out of the discussion, but you can bring on your compliments!

So, besides the hot legs, slim waist and natural cleavage, what are your thoughts on Blake’s look?

Photo source: Celebutopia

Heidi and Spencer Did It Again, This Time It’s Really Outrageous

heidi-and-spencer-did-it-again-this-time-is-really-outrageous - Heidi and Spencer Did It Again, This Time It's Really Outrageous

In yet another (proven to be successful) attempt to make people talk about them, here is another page of the novel called “Heidi and Spencer Can Not Possibly Be More Ridiculous”.

heidi-and-spencer-did-it-again-this-time-is-really-outrageous-2 - Heidi and Spencer Did It Again, This Time It's Really Outrageous

In previous chapters, you’ve all admired how Barbie and Ken (that now go under the names Heidi and Spencer) have tasted champagne from shiny crystal glasses wearing their swimsuits, how they’ve took long and romantic walks on the beach while posing from the right angles that favor Heidi’s pretty cleavage and how they’ve kissed passionately and spontaneously while mansion-hunting. Read more

Lauren, Audrina and Lo Share the TV Guide Cover

lauren-audrina-and-lo-share-the-tv-guide-cover - Lauren, Audrina and Lo Share the TV Guide Cover

Already that famous that they don’t even need second names… Here are Lauren, Audrina and Lo, not looking all like pretty and perfect dolls posing in slimming positions – for a change. OK, so that was my number one reason for posting this.

lauren-audrina-and-lo-share-the-tv-guide-cover-2 - Lauren, Audrina and Lo Share the TV Guide Cover

And number two: just take a look at Lo’s, Lauren’s and Audrina’s legs in the second photo – because I didn’t realize until now that they have the exact same size, shape and skin tone. Yet another Photoshop job?

Photo credit: TV Guide