Kelly Brook Defines the Hourglass

kelly-brook - Kelly Brook Defines the Hourglass

So, first of all, I think we can all pretty much agree on the fact that Kelly Brook is a curvy girl. And no, by no means we mean that, in her case, curvy has flabby as a synonym, which, well, is an accomplishment – see Kim Kardashian, an exquisite exhibit in this case. Kelly Brook seems to be the epitome of an hourglass, you know, with all the bust and hips and waist combination she is spotting on – and, well, that is an accomplishment, as well, proudly exposed by the bikini she is wearing.

What do you guys think? Does Kelly’s body picture the ideal body type or not?

Rihanna in the “Oh, So Stylish” Fishnets

rihana2 - Rihanna in the "Oh, So Stylish" Fishnets

Rihanna’s got, besides the “I can not possibly understand why they are (still) trendy” fishnets and a “revealing cat woman-like outfit”, some serious hip-waist rate – if you don’t believe me, check her video “Umbrella”. Now this is not exactly the outfit that I would recommend her to wear, especially considering that, you know, performing on a stage implies pictures from unflattering-for-the-thighs angles. Regardless, we all know Rihanna rocks the pear shaped body that she’s got, like, literally.

Jennifer Aniston in the Sun

jennifer - Jennifer Aniston in the Sun

Jennifer Aniston in the sun = Jennifer Aniston in a bikini. And even better, two sides of Jennifer in a bikini, one front, one back. There is not much to deliberate here – Jen looks great, toned & tanned, fit & fab and this has been her trademark look for some years now, since her skinny (should we say “Brad” or “Friends”?) days.

What do you all think? Do you like Jennifer’s 39 year old body?

Jessica Simpson’s Comfort Weight

jessica - Jessica Simpson's Comfort Weight

Jessica Simpson has been in “worthy of daisy dukes” shape, she’s been, you know, bursting out of her own clothes (or cleavages) and well, she’s been like the above. For a while now. I say it’s pretty middle-ish what we are seeing in the candid, since both flabs and bones are out of sight. But it seems that Jessica is not yet confident enough to walk out in flat shoes… we will be waiting for the day when she will give up the heels – and yes, that would be something. Remember that while she was on the voluptuous side, she was wearing high heels shoes even when going to the supermarket, counting on the “make me taller” and “make me leaner” effects.

What do you guys think? Is she looking fit and fine right now? Fug and flab? Fierce and fab? Which pair of “f’s” is it? Give me a verdict!