Liv Tyler in a Shiny Dress, Front and Back

liv-tyler-in-a-shiny-dress-front-and-back - Liv Tyler in a Shiny Dress, Front and Back

This kind of silky, shiny fabrics are very unforgiving when it comes to slight lumps and bulges. In fact, these kinds of fabrics are responsible for numerous “Celebrity X is pregnant!!!” rumours which are almost always… false. Only some days ago Britney was, as tabloids were saying, “pregnant for the third time” in a silky purple dress and even skinny Paris herself was “knocked up with Benji’s baby” in a shiny green dress that reveled the fact that she had eaten that day.

Now onto Liv: since Liv is carrying her weight in the middle area, yet manages to maintain skinny legs and arms (fact proven by some bikini pictures taken some months ago) she should say “no thanks” to this type of fabrics and to these sack-like dresses. Instead, she should choose thicker, more consistent fabrics and dresses that minimize her midsection, such as the empire waist ones.

Helena Christensen in a Bikini

helena-christensen-in-a-bikini - Helena Christensen in a Bikini

Here is former supermodel Helena Christensen wearing a purple bikini – before you say or think anything resembling to “if she is a supermodel, why doesn’t she look like Adriana Lima?”, let’s take her (39) years into consideration.

Even if Helena’s stomach is not perfectly lump-free, her best parts overcome her minor flaws: an overall lean figure, great legs and toned arms. How do you like Helena in a bikini?

Lauren with Friends, Audrina Not Included

lauren-with-friends-audrina-not-included - Lauren with Friends, Audrina Not Included

… Or I could have just titled this photo “Lauren playing with Whitney and Lo, part 2″ since the girls were at A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival and definitely had a little fun. Now moving on over the fact that Audrina was not in their group, you probably heard by now that Whitney is going to have her own reality show, fact which will probably determine her transition from low-profile into gossip spotlight 24/7 .

And since we mentioned Whitney, her legs are definitely really skinny, but without looking bony, as in Nicky Hilton’s, for example – must be thanks to a really tiny frame and delicate knees. Lo, even though slim, appears to be the “heavier” one and Lauren is still her slim self in a flowy dress.

Lindsay Lohan Almost in a Bikini

lindsay-lohan-almost-in-a-bikini - Lindsay Lohan Almost in a Bikini

Lindsay actually got to the point where she was wearing nothing else than a bikini, but, unfortunately for us body gossipers, she was lying down and not offering much gossip material. From this minimal outfit and perspective, we can notice that, for once, Lindsay’s legs are white and not spotty orange, which is a step towards the “natural Lindsay, with pale skin and red hair” aim. Secondly, we can observe the unusual choice of the strappy and super-high shoes, considering that she was about to undress and tan by the pool.

What do you guys have to say?

Mischa Barton – Don’t Try This (Look) At Home

mischa-barton-dont-try-this-look-at-home - Mischa Barton - Don't Try This (Look) At Home

Err… how should I start? OK, maybe by saying that this was a bad day for Mischa. Why? With the risk of being brutally honest, everything went wrong the minute she chose that outfit. Let’s see:

1. Mischa should learn once and for all that she is a pear shape and dress accordingly. A bottom heavy girl can rarely pull of leggings (or skintight pants). A bottom heavy girl can almost never pull of leggings that are not in slimming black and, on top, that have a certain shimmer. Wait, there is more: a bottom heavy girl can NEVER EVER pull of leggings with a short top. Well, Mischa proves that all the mentioned rules are correct. Read more