Kim and Khloe Kardashian – Curves Exhibition

kim-kardashian-aussie - Kim and Khloe Kardashian - Curves Exhibition

Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe are, without much questioning, pretty “consistent” girls. And the fact that they are spotting some silver-ish or gold-ish mini dresses that basically shine, sparkle and reflect light at the same time, accentuates their curvy, fleshy, meaty and oily figures – but while Kim can still brag that she’s got a waist that probably is 60% the size of her hips, sadly, we can’t say the same thing about Khloe, fact which probably convinced Kim that she was the right sister to pair up with, as in “come with me to the event, to make me look thinner”. Nicely done!

Breaking News: Mariah Carey Is Fully Dressed

Mariah_Carey-white - Breaking News: Mariah Carey Is Fully Dressed

Tabloids have been saying for a while that Mariah Carey has lost weight, but nobody bothered to believe them. Now I’m a little confused. Either Mariah Carey, one of the most persistent yo-yo dieters we know, has, indeed, lost some love handles and some leg flab or… how shall I put this nicely… she looked in the mirror before she left the house, decided that the 6 inch skirt and the 5 inch top/bra were a bad idea and went for the outfit above. Yeah, this definitely makes sense.

What do you guys have to say on this one? Is this a better choice of clothes for a Mariah or are her skimpy outfits an actual trademark?

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Kerri Russell’s Mini Dress-Worthy Body

59359_-Keri_Russell-son - Kerri Russell's Mini Dress-Worthy Body

Keri Russell has always been a skinny girl, but being a skinny new mommy is another (harder to achieve) thing. Must be pretty awesome to wear a miniskirt (or a yellow mini dress for that matter) soon after giving birth, without even bothering to try to look slimmer by opting for some high heels (hopefully not yellow too).

What do you all think? Do you like Keri’s new mom body? Why or why not?

Britney’s Cheetos and Coffee-Free Picture

britney - Britney's Cheetos and Coffee-Free Picture

Britney, where do we start? Firstly, hopefully you are not as big of a wreck as Amy Winehouse about who we recently wrote that, well, she’s got bigger problems then her weight (or lack thereof). You probably have bigger issues, too, so excuse us for focusing on your body’s status. While we do appreciate you working out, as seen in recent candids and while we like your efforts of pulling yourself together and looking better, we are not actually seeing the weight loss and toned up results that, honestly, the majority of the “Britney’s comeback hopers” want to see. However, it sure seems that the “Cheetos – no, no. No good. Frappuccinos – bad, bad for you.” advices are paying off, since well, the above candid pictures Britney is holding nothing but water.

What do you all think? What weight-related advices would you give Britney, if, let’s say, she’d actually hear and listen to you?