Kelly Osbourne Keeping the Weight Off

kelly-osbourne-keeping-the-weight-off - Kelly Osbourne Keeping the Weight Off

Here is Kelly Osbourne in a matchy zebra outfit, confidently showing off her recently slimmed down legs. We have all seen how Kelly went from flab to fab – in case you missed the weight loss result, click here! And this picture is following proof that she managed to keep her fab status tight.

Now be nice and don’t rush to say “yeah, she lost weight, but her face is still puffy – is she bulimic?”, because you all know her face has always been on the rounder and puffier side, regardless of her up or down weight.

Who’s Hotter? Petra Nemcova or Kate Beckinsale?

whos-hotter-petra-nemcova-or-kate-beckinsale - Who's Hotter? Petra Nemcova or Kate Beckinsale?

One post, two different beauties. You guessed, it’s “Who is hotter?”!

Why are we comparing these two ladies? Well, because they showed up at the same events with smiles on their faces and wearing Greek-inspired dresses (Petra also borrowed a Greek hairstyle). Now one is blonde, the other one is brunette, one is a supermodel but the other might pass as one too, thanks to her skinny and fit body – so yes, this should be a tough one.

What do you think: who’s hotter on this occasion? Petra Nemcova or Kate Beckinsale?

Mariah Carey in a Bikini

mariah-carey-in-a-bikini - Mariah Carey in a Bikini

OK, the first thing we noticed about this picture is, surprisingly enough, not that Mariah is wearing a bikini (especially since we all know how much she loves minimal outfits), but that she is as orange as “the covergirl for self-tanner”, Paris herself. Plus, we also get to compare her with a much whiter “won’t get out of the way” girl.

Now if you are wondering “how come Mariah is in a bikini, yet not in the vicinity of a pool or beach?”, the reason is that she was in the middle of a photo shoot where she was proudly exposing her bikini body. So, what do you think about it?

Kylie Minogue Pulling Off Hot Yellow Pants

kylie-minogue-pulling-off-hot-yellow-pants - Kylie Minogue Pulling Off Hot Yellow Pants

Kylie Minogue definitely has the body that looks great in pretty much anything, so why not in some lemon-colored pants? Very bold choice, if you think that she matched them with a purple shirt and some hot pink platforms – but somehow, she manages to look like a fashion icon instead of fashion victim.

P. S. I bet Paris would have matched these pants with a glossy yellow bag and some yellow heels.

How do you like Kylie’s outfit on Kylie’s body?