Anne Hathaway in a Little Black Dress

anne-hathaway-in-a-little-black-dress - Anne Hathaway in a Little Black Dress

OK, I am split in two:

On one hand, love the look. The unexpected bob hairstyle, the classy little black dress with a twist (as in the puffy sleeves), the sleek appearance, the great legs, the shiny hair & shiny dress combo.

On the other hand, I dislike the look. The disproportionate, unbalanced effect that the massive shoulders of the dress visually create on Anne’s skinny body with very narrow hips. I bet the dress would have created an optically perfect result on a pear body shape.

How do you feel about it?

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Skinny Sienna Miller with Skinny Keira Knightley

skinny-sienna-miller-with-skinny-keira-knightley - Skinny Sienna Miller with Skinny Keira Knightley

I do understand that there is such a thing as being naturally skinny and I also know that Keira has always been a skinny girl. But also, she hasn’t always been THIS skinny. Besides the skinniness itself, the thing that seems pretty “off” is her body’s slightly convex shape, which yes, looks unnatural to me.

Sienna on the other hand, is definitely in the skinny zone (interesting outfit, by the way), but doesn’t look as gaunt or as “bendable” as Keira. What do you say?

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Rihanna Front and Back

rihanna-front-and-back - Rihanna Front and Back

Of course I am going to mention the shoes. They are… interesting. “Millipede” comes to mind, don’t know exactly why – maybe because of the hundreds of  lines and straps?

Moving on from the shoes to the body talk, Rihanna says that she is 133 lbs and 5’8”, but also says that her weight varies, as well as her clothing size – which, by the way, varies between a 2 and a 4. I see her fit in a size 4 dress, but I am pretty sure she is can’t fit in size 2 pants.

What do you say? Is she being honest about her weight and size?

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Who’s Hotter? Fergie or Eva Mendes?

whos-hotter-fergie-or-eva-mendes - Who's Hotter? Fergie or Eva Mendes?

Fergie sure is fond on glitter and silver, isn’t she? Let’s count: sparkly legs, glittery arms, sliver-ish dress, super silver purse, shiny bracelets, silver necklace, glossy belt and sparkly rings – yes, that would be 8. Did I leave anything out? Eva is dressed to impress and glam herself, but she is not running for “shiniest red carpet appearance” title.

Both girls are slim & fit, fab & fancy and all the rest, but you’ve gotta decide: who’s hotter on this occasion? Fergie or Eva?

Photo source: Celebutopia