Milla Jovovich, That’s the Wrong Dress

milla-jovovich-thats-the-wrong-dress - Milla Jovovich, That's the Wrong Dress

OK, we already made the statement: this is the wrong dress for Milla Jovovich. Here is why:

1. We know Milla gave birth less than a year ago and nobody expects to see her at her previous supermodel weight and skinny figure. However, the deep cut of the dress is not making the best out of Milla’s legs.

2. If we ignore the cut, the dress resembles a sack on many levels. Firstly, there is no waist definition whatsoever. And just a little waist definition would definitely flatter Milla’s shape.

How do you like Milla in this dress?

Madonna’s Arms – Wow or Eww?

madonnas-arms-wow-or-eww - Madonna's Arms - Wow or Eww?

There is a thing called being fit and there is another thing called being INSANELY fit. That fit, that it just doesn’t look right, unless you are a guy, a bodybuilder guy, that is. Now Madonna is most definitely in the second category, since you would never guess that those arms belong to a woman and not to a (male) fitness trainer.

Now I am pretty sure that many of you out there think that Madonna should lay off the weights for good, but there are probably some who love this as-fit-as-it-gets look and athletic body type. So, let’s hear it: How do you find Madonna’s uber-toned arms? Wow or Eww?

Versus’s expert verdict: Hate to be abrupt, but Eww. Little bit of feminine softness is mandatory for a Wow rating.

Bikini Body Battle! Kim Kardashian or Gemma Atkinson?

bikini-body-battle-kim-kardashian-or-gemma-atkinson - Bikini Body Battle! Kim Kardashian or Gemma Atkinson?

Now there might be two questions in mind when looking at those pictures:

1. OMG, are they real??!!

2. Who is Gemma Atkinson?


1. You be the judge.

2. She’s a British glamour model – and if we take “British” out, that’s not far from what Kim is.

What do they have in common? So besides the fact that their career is based on their looks, Kim and Gemma might be able to borrow bras from each other.

So, let’s hear it: Who’s got the better bikini body? Kim Kardashian or Gemma Atkinson?

Blake Lively Out, Around and About

blake-lively-out-around-and-about - Blake Lively Out, Around and About

Like I said last time when we saw Blake, no, these two were not filming a scene in the above picture – in case you didn’t figure that out by yourself, judging by the lack of over-the-top, vanguard and stylish wardrobe specific to their show (or judging by Penn’s beard). So yes, that means that they are just walking on the street, holding hands.

Now onto body-talk – Blake appears to be some sort of celebrity body inspiration, since she’s almost taking Cameron Diaz’s title for best legs in Hollywood, plus she gets noticed in the lean, tall and well-proportioned categories. What do you say?

Nicole Richie Won’t Say “Bye” to Skinniness

nicole-richie-wont-say-bye-to-skinniness - Nicole Richie Won't Say "Bye" to Skinniness

Is it just me, or do Nicole’s sunglasses appear bigger and bigger every time we see her? Or could it be because she has an ever-shrinking face and body? Now there was a lot of speculation on whether Nicole was going to embrace her former uber-skinny figure after giving birth and some said that she will settle at a healthy weight. Well, it doesn’t look like it, since Nicole appears to be losing weight – slowly enough to avoid tabloid covers going “Nicole is anorexic again”, but still losing.