Lindsay Lohan Was Out of Fabric

lindsay-lohan-was-out-of-fabric1 - Lindsay Lohan Was Out of Fabric

Here is Lindsay Lohan wearing a dress which can probably found in Guinness Book, under the “shortest dress ever created” category. Now I am pretty sure that moving without paying maximum attention or slightly bending in this dress would give the paparazzis first class material for a week, let’s hope Lindsay knows it too.

Onto weight gossip: judging by her shoulders, arms and face (even thbough she might be sucking in the cheeks, Jessica Simpson-style) it looks like Lindsay lost a bit of weight recently – and, probably, that’s how she got the confidence and impulse to take the above green dress from the wardrobe.

What do you think about Lindsay’s choice of clothes? Can she pull it off?

Then and Now: Hilary Duff

then-and-now-hilary-duff - Then and Now: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is one of those girls who were at a healthy weight to begin with, then got under the Hollywood “lose some or else say good bye to your career” pressure and lost weight till worrying levels, then bounced back till a middle figure. Another example with the same weight fluctuations pattern: Lindsay Lohan.

You probably remember Hilary as the sweet and blonde, healthy and average-looking girl when she was very young, but you might not recall her as “the girl who got too skinny”. Take a look at the above pictures of Hilary 2 years ago and Hilary this week and observe the transformation. While in the first picture Hilary was almost resembling a lollipop, she looks curvier and overall shapelier these days.

Which Hilary do you prefer and why?

A Less Flaunty Kim Kardashian

a-less-flaunty-kim-kardashian2 - A Less Flaunty Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was not looking like her usual flirty, flaunty and smiley self on this red carpet event. Maybe it’s because of the outfit, an outfit which covers an unusual amount of skin. Maybe it’s because the photographers did not exactly listened when she told them which her best angles were – and we know that Kim can rock certain angles! Regardless, Kim’s (real or not) curves are still there (as far as we can tell), even if the smile and attitude aren’t.

What do you have to say on this one?

Breaking News: Britney Spears Can Look Hot

breaking-news-britney-can-look-hot - Breaking News: Britney Spears Can Look Hot

Britney Can Look Hot… if she wears the right clothes, that is. Plus, the hair looks considerably less of a mess here, and we have all waited to see this happening for a long time now.

You tell me if I am wrong: take a look here to see a picture of Britney from last week. “Thanks” to the ugly boots number 17 and outfit combo, she looks at least 10 lbs heavier. So, Britney: black works for you, short dress & heels work for you. Keep it up!

How do you like Britney’s look on this occasion? Do you see the improvement or not?

Jessica Simpson Says: Oops!

a-jessica-simpson-oops - Jessica Simpson Says: Oops!

Now let’s begin the speculation on what (in the world?) Jessica is doing in the above picture:

1. The wind was messing with her short dress and she was not in the mood to give us a preview of her assets.

2. Too gross to say.

3. You take a guess.

Now onto body gossip: wow, the calves! Girl’s got some serious leg muscles going on. OK, enough body gossip: take a look at the shoes, the platforms, the heels – now I get it, that’s how she got those calve muscles in the first place!