Jessica Alba Is Super Pregnant

jessica-alba-is-super-pregnant - Jessica Alba Is Super Pregnant

Before the pregnancy, Jessica Alba was a health and fitness nut – and the results lead her to the top of “who’s sexiest” charts. In the first months of her pregnancy, Jessica Alba was still a fitness nut – and some started to get worried that she was spending too much time and energy in the gym. But judging on the picture above, Jessica hasn’t gained much weight during her pregnancy, just like she hasn’t gained back her pre-Cash Warren smile.

Let’s place our bets! How fast will Jessica shed the pounds after giving birth? Will she beat the Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie records? Will she go back to her skinniest days or will she settle for a more comfortable and easier to achieve number on the scale? What do you think?

Salma Hayek, That Is Not the Outfit for You

salma-hayek-that-is-not-the-outfit-for-you - Salma Hayek, That Is Not the Outfit for You

Salma Hayek has got perfect hourglass shape, let’s start from that. But is she as gorgeous as she can be in the above picture? Umm, nope. Why nope? Simply “thanks” to the clothes. Yes, it’s another one of those: body shape and clothes.

Firstly, Salma’s blouse and large boobs – a “no no”. Why? Because what the blouse does is that it creates the impression of the chest meeting the bellybutton. Next, Salma’s neck is not particularly long and lean – so the neck and the bow at its base is yet another big “no no” to put on the “what not to wear” list. Thirdly, we know that Salma lost the baby weight, but the chosen outfit almost, almost shows the contrary. What are your thoughts?

Eva Longoria and Her New Curves

eva-longoria-and-her-new-curves1 - Eva Longoria and Her New Curves

What is the occasion that implies the red carpet and the evening gown, you ask? Well, in the picture above, Eva Longoria was just making her entrance at the Cannes Film Festival in France. How is the dress? Gorgeous. How is Eva? Gorgeous! How is the belly bulge? Oops, I didn’t mean to say it. OK, to say it nicely, the dress is great and all, yet not particularly flattering on Eva’s “usually known as flat” belly.

Eva was saying some while ago that she gained 10 lbs during the writer’s strike and, even though the strike ended some time ago, Eva is still enjoying her new curves. What do you think? Does she look better at this weight and shape or not?

Bikini Body Battle! Blake Lively or Maria Menounos?

bikini-body-battle-blake-lively-or-maria-menounos - Bikini Body Battle! Blake Lively or Maria Menounos?

What a hot combination on the beach! As if one of these girls wasn’t enough, here you’ve got two gorgeous, yet different women having fun wearing nothing else but their bikinis. Perfect time to choose the body shape you like more! Which are these girls’ best assets? Well, while Blake is famous for her long and lean legs, Maria is known for her cleavage – do you agree or not?

Which one is your favorite? Which body shape would you rather have? Bikini Body Battle Time! Choose your side: Blake Lively or Maria Menounos?

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Nicole Richie or Mandy Moore?

skinny-versus-curvy-battle-time-nicole-richie-or-mandy-moore - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Nicole Richie or Mandy Moore?

What do these Hollywood girls have in common? Well, besides an ex, they both decided to wear jeans and black tops and took their boyfriends (or not, in Mandy’s case) out for a walk. Now Mandy looks like she’s been losing some weight and well, Nicole is always losing weight, so there, another thing they’ve got in common.

You decide! Who looks better? Who looks more appealing in jeans and flat shoes? The short and skinny Nicole or the taller and curvier Mandy? Skinny versus curvy battle time!