Jennifer Love Hewitt in Her Kind of Dress

Jennifer_Love_Hewitt-Blue-Dress - Jennifer Love Hewitt in Her Kind of Dress

No, no, of course we are not going to get into the “oh, so dramatic” Jennifer Love Hewitt size 2 debate, we are not even going to mention it. Oops, too late. What we can see here is, probably or possibly, Jennifer’s way on becoming the mentioned size, as in 2. To say it more directly, it seems that Jennifer is losing weight. Or is she simply tricking us by wearing what she knows looks best on her curvy and small waisted body?

What do you all think? Is this outfit flattering on Jennifer or is she trying to shed some pounds?

Skinny Style, Presented by Kate Beckinsale

Kate_Beckinsale-daughter - Skinny Style, Presented by Kate Beckinsale

So, for starters, Kate Backinsale is friends, very good friends, with Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham. Eva Longoria is skinny and Victoria Beckham is skinnier, the skinniest, some might say. Therefore, with such a group of pals, Kate would look pretty meaty if she weighted more than 120 lbs. We all know that Posh is some sort of diet guru, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she contaminated Kate with her “dieting wisdom”. We can all see the result above – Kate is thin and stylish.

Not Another Skinny Celebrity – Hilary Duff

hilary-duff-comrie - Not Another Skinny Celebrity - Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is one of those rare, almost soon to be extinct celebrities that look like they actually serve, occasionally, a dessert after dinner. You know, as opposed to others that look like they skip both the dessert and the dinner as well, while occasionally having lunch. So hooray, nothing but praise for Hilary. Yes, yes, I know, the ones in bad moods will say that she’s got some full arms, paired up with a short neck but, well, who can please them all?

What do you think about Hilary’s non-skinny body? Would you like to have it? Why or why not?

Photo source: Celebrity Gossip

Halle Berry’s Is the New Hot Mom in Town

Halle_Berry-leopard- - Halle Berry's Is the New Hot Mom in Town

Here is Halle Berry’s new body. And no, new body doesn’t mean in this case “new, super big boobs”, as aliens that do not even know who Halle is might be inclined to think, but an actual post-birth body. So yeah, “wow” would be the proper word. And we bet that this wow presupposed some really hard work.

What do you all think? Do you like Halle Berry’s new mom body?

Kim and Khloe Kardashian – Curves Exhibition

kim-kardashian-aussie - Kim and Khloe Kardashian - Curves Exhibition

Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe are, without much questioning, pretty “consistent” girls. And the fact that they are spotting some silver-ish or gold-ish mini dresses that basically shine, sparkle and reflect light at the same time, accentuates their curvy, fleshy, meaty and oily figures – but while Kim can still brag that she’s got a waist that probably is 60% the size of her hips, sadly, we can’t say the same thing about Khloe, fact which probably convinced Kim that she was the right sister to pair up with, as in “come with me to the event, to make me look thinner”. Nicely done!