Sophie Monk – When Cellulite Survives Through Pants

sophie_monk_profile_shot_day_10_big - Sophie Monk - When Cellulite Survives Through Pants

OK, we exaggerated a bit there: cut “pants” and read “leggings”, which are just an advanced version of stockings.

While no one can blame her for the minor genetic flaws, we can sure wonder: why go out in that underwear-like getup that surely isn’t cellulite-proof?

Now this is a perfect example of a pretty girl with a great (actually, quite thin) figure in the wrong clothes.


Jennifer Lopez’s “New Mommy Body”

jennifer-lopez - Jennifer Lopez's "New Mommy Body"

Ok, so first of all, Wow. And second of all, she gets another Wow, since she had twins. Thirdly, the loose yellow dress is definitely a super smart choice, considering that whatever weight, if any, she still has to lose is totally… well, invisible.

During her pregnancy, there has been some speculation that she had gained worrying amounts of weight (huh?) and, so she decided not to leave the house. Yeah, I don’t think so, since JLo does not seem like the girl who would sacrifice her health in order to miraculously (aka uber-intense dieting and workouts) shed extra ponds.

What do you guys think?

Anna Kournikova’s Super Skinny, yet Toned Package

anna_kournikova - Anna Kournikova's Super Skinny, yet Toned Package

Anna Kournikova was spotted jogging, and let’s just hope it was not with the purpose of losing (more) weight. The scary part is – no, not this actual pic – but the fact that Anna looked even slimmer some while ago. If there is such a thing as looking almost painfully thin, yet, at the same time carrying an apparent tone and fit look, then Anna fits this description just right.

What do you think? Should she grab the fork and add some fat on that super skinny, yet toned package?

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time!

blake-lively-snl-party-4128-33 - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time!

Michelle Trachtenberg is definitely not the epitome of curvy, but yes, she’s got the minimum scores & curves to qualify. And I think we can agree that Blake Lively is sort of skinny. Want estimations? If Blake is 5’8 and Michelle is 5’6, then Blake must be around 120 lbs and Michelle is probably around 130 lbs. I bet I’m spot on!

It’s skinny versus curvy battle time! Which one do you prefer? The curvier Michelle or the slimmer Blake?

Versus’s expert verdict: After 14 hours of deliberation, the balance inclines towards Leighton Meester. What? That’s the other Gossip Girl, you say? Oops.

Rachel Bilson’s Dog Walk

rachel-bilson-dog-06 - Rachel Bilson's Dog Walk

Where’s Rachel Bilson’s usual petite and fragile look? No sign of it – maybe it’s missing due to the fact that she is spotting a pretty upgraded, high-heeled, fancy outfit for, let’s say, a dog walk? Regardless, Rachel looks pretty fit & slim, but I wouldn’t place her in the skinny category, judging based on the above pic. Why, you ask? Well, I wouldn’t have guessed it, but I am sort of spotting a hunch of saddle bags, that’s why. No, Rachel, there’s nothing to panic about.

What do you guys think?

Photo source: Popoholic