Skinny Scale Time! Rate Amy Winehouse!

amy11 - Skinny Scale Time! Rate Amy Winehouse!

Weight probably isn’t the most striking problem and concern when looking at Amy Winehouse, right? But while we’re at it, well… it’s obvious that the girl is on the skinny ground (yes, trying to avoid the “skinny territory” cliche). Some might scream out “chicken legs” but hey, we are trying to be delicate here. The thing is Amy sure knows how to compensate the “fat-lacking-legs” with an over-the-top hairstyle, to say it nicely.

What do you say? How would you rate Amy’s skinniness on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 stands for “what skinny? girl should quit fries & mayo!” and 10 is “girl needs fries & mayo asap!”

Versus’s expert rating: Amy Winhouse is an 8. Reason 1: I spot cheekbones, don’t spot cheeks. Reason 2: Hello, hello, hips, why don’t you copy?

Jessica Simpson – Slim and Curvy Reloaded

jessica-simpson11 - Jessica Simpson - Slim and Curvy Reloaded

Dear Jessica, you look fit and fab in this vibrant blue getup, your skin nuance has improved since the vivid orange looks you spotted some while ago, blond hair dominated over brown hair, the extra pounds were metamorphosed into muscles – which, paired up with your figure work out magically. So yes, everything is just right. But excuse me, dear Jessica, one question though: why do you insist on sucking in your cheeks every time a paparazzi pops up?

Kim Kardashian’s Curvy Look – Wow or Eww?

kim-kardashian-bikini-00 - Kim Kardashian's Curvy Look - Wow or Eww?

Calling Kim Kardashian curvy is, well, an understatement. Plump, round, voluptuous also fit her description. While 96,7% (yes, we calculated) of Hollywood settles for much less (on the scale, that is), Kim flaunts her ass(ets) proudly. But wait, what do we see? A certain brown fabric is rather hiding than revealing, fact which might tempt us to think that certain someone is not as enchanted with her fuller figure as she seems.

So, what do you think: should Kim enjoy her curvy-ness or rather direct herself towards the skinny teritory? I say “YES” to curvy, but feel free to disagree!

The Ultimate Skinny Mommy

mr_fp_228099.preview - The Ultimate Skinny Mommy

Nicole Richie can basically brag (or not?) that she exceeded all the peeks of celebrity weight gossip. Let’s take a look: skinny? Check! Fashionista? Check! Petite, yet lean? Check! In shape? Check! Nicole perfectly classifies in all these categories, but there is one thing that Nicole does not look like, judging by her pin thin look: a brand new mommy. Some might say “wow, miraculous” but hello, she somehow managed to keep the skinny aesthetics all throughout her pregnancy – mission impossible for the rest of us, yet totally doable in her book.

What do you think?

Lindsay’s Truce with the Scale

lohanlawsuit12 - Lindsay's Truce with the Scale

What better way to debut than with miss Lindsay Lohan who has been both skinny and curvy (in her case, skinny stood for “oh my God her bones are gonna break”). What we see here is a satisfying (some might say hot) compromise of the two extremes – still thin, yet not uberly so, a tiny bit of softness that we can guess by looking at her trademark “leggingsed” legs, yet no flab or rolls in sight.

What do you think?