Kate Hudson Talks Plastic Surgery


On the fact that people shouldn’t be judged for opting for plastic surgery:

“That’s like asking someone if they see a therapist–and why? If someone wants to go get butt implants, then sure, go get butt implants. The real question is, How do they treat the person next to them? Are they a–holes or are they awesome?”

… says Kate while posing in a bikini for InStyle.

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Candice Swanepoel Brings Today’s Quote


On her favorite exercise:

‘Squats are the key! It’s definitely squats! They work for me. If I’ve been on holiday and I feel like I haven’t done enough, even 10 make me feel better. You know what’s good – if you squat and when you come back up, you squeeze really hard. That works.’

… says Candice.

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Robin Wright: “I’m trying to do the paleo diet. No carbs. I’ve got to get thin for the show”

Robin Wright: "I’m trying to do the paleo diet. No carbs. I’ve got to get thin for the show" 1


Check out this story from People:

She’s starring on a hit television show. She’s planning her wedding to fiancé Ben Foster. She’s the proud mother of two. And somehow, in between it all, actress Robin Wright, 48, manages to stay in amazing shape. So, what’s her secret? “I have Spanx on,” Wright told PEOPLE at the Los Angeles Confidential party celebrating her cover issue this week in Hollywood. “Always! I have to wear them all the time!”

Yes, Wright uses Spanx “to hold the bakery in”, as she jokes, but (of course!) she doesn’t rely solely on the support garment. “I ran on the beach this morning,” Wright said. “Running gets everything done, doesn’t it? Covers it all.”

And with the new season of House of Cards getting ready to start filming and an upcoming wedding to plan, Wright is focusing on her figure more than ever. “I’m trying to do the paleo diet. No carbs. I’ve got to get thin for the show,” explained Wright.

But of course, the key to looking so radiant doesn’t lie entirely in supportive undergarments or a strict diet — being happy goes a long way. “I love my life,” Wright told PEOPLE. “What are you going to say? I love my life right now.”



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Lara Stone on Her Post-Pregnancy Body: “I had body dysmorphia but the wrong way round”


Here’s the full story from Huffington post:

Lara Stone was turned away from a modelling job after revealing that she was pregnant. The Dutch model, who was less than three months pregnant and hadn’t even had her first scan, told the booker that she was expecting her first child before heading to the shoot. But when she arrived, she found that another model had replaced her. While Lara received no explanation as to why the change had been made, she assumes it was due to her size.

“I was really upset at the time,” Lara told The Evening Standard. “I hadn’t yet had my three-month scan and I felt really vulnerable about everything. I no longer had a job. That was it — I had to just stop everything that I knew; the way my life was.”

Since giving birth to her and David Walliam’s child, Alfred, in May 2013, she has adopted diets and the help of a personal trainer to get back in shape.

“Once the baby was out,” she says, “I was like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ My arms don’t fit into my sweaters. I couldn’t get my jeans over my knees. I couldn’t find a bra that fitted me. I had body dysmorphia but the wrong way round.”

She is now back to work but admits that it is harder trying to fit into sample sizes.

“I’ve had a few meetings because when they hear pregnancy they freak out a bit,” she says. “So they need to see if I fit in their clothes.”

She is considering having another baby but isn’t yet convinced. “Everyone’s like, ‘it’s fun, they can entertain each other.’ But I think it would be 20 years of war, then they move out,” she says. “My sister and I, we get on great now but when we were little we fought all the time.” Added to which Walliams took time to adjust to pregnant Lara. “‘What do you mean you have a headache and you feel nauseous?’ he’d say. ‘You didn’t feel like that a week ago’.”

She, too, found the process of pregnancy hard to cope with. “I was in maternity jeans from 11 weeks,” she says. “Who needs buttons when you can have elastic?” She tugs at her jeans to demonstrate but laughs — she’s no longer wearing pregnancy ones but her regular skinnies.

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Star: ‘Skinny Emma Roberts is ‘addicted to juicing’


All the details from Star:

The juice is loose for pin-thin starlet Emma Roberts. An eyewitness saw the actress at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills on May 16 filling her cart up with liquid meals!

“Emma had at least 50 bottles of a popular cleanse in her cart,” the onlooker reveals. “She cleared out the entire section … and she looked insanely skinny.”

While juicing can be healthy, Emma is taking it to the extreme. “Juice needs to be fresh because it loses its nutrients quickly,” the informed shopper explains. “So unless she drank 50 bottles a day, she didn’t get any benefits. It’s pretty clear she was just trying to cut back on calories – which is crazy, because she’s already so small.”


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