Christina Hendricks Is ‘The Best Looking Woman in America’

Christina Hendricks Is 'The Best Looking Woman in America' 1

Christina Hendricks was voted “The Best Looking Woman in America” by Equire’s voters, so she embraced the magazine’s cover (after the picture had its stay in Photoshop). Huffington Post fills us in:

‘Mad Men’ pinup Christina Hendricks landed the cover of May’s Esquire, even though she looks more like Julianne Moore than her Joan Holloway character.

She landed the cover by winning “Best-Looking Woman In America,” with over 30% of the 10,000 women surveyed picking her over Megan Fox and model Adriana Lima.

What do you think of this poll’s results? Who deserves the “Best Looking” crown in your book?

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73 thoughts on “Christina Hendricks Is ‘The Best Looking Woman in America’”

  1. For whatever reason (or measurements) got christina the cover, it should have been denise milani.

    in all honesty I think it should have gone to Sophia Vergara, Nicole Sherzinger(spelling?), or maybe Jessica Biel

  2. Hmm i don’t know. I’m fine with Christina being the “winner” this time. Hollywood is full of beautiful women so it’s hard for me to choose any one person over all of them. As far as my girl crushes go, it’s always about the whole package, persona, attitude, looks, rather than just the body and face.

    • what makes you think they aren’t? of course I can’t be a 100% sure that they are real but I don’t see any reason to doubt them either. If you are just asking because of their size and roundness, well I have to say that it’s getting really annoying how now days people always doubt the authenticity of large or even medium sized breasts, unless they sag down to your knees. Yes, a lot of people have implants, but there is no reason to doubt breasts that look totally natural, common people, big round b❆❆bs existed before implants!

  3. They always come up with the “best looking woman” title.
    What about Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, blah blah blah…They always change it. They probably mean “best looking woman right now”

  4. I’m not liking the way they Photo-shopped her, but such is life, I guess. But I do agree. Granted the title is hyperbole, but I do believe she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She’s my girl crush for sure. LOL. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since “Mad Men” started. I love Joan, her character, and I love Christina in real life. It’s amazing to see an actress have her curves and larger-than-normal-celeb-frame celebrated. Christina is quite a bit taller than me (I’m only 5’4″), but we have a similar shape and body type. I tried for so long to diet and over-exercise myself down to look my petite, tiny friends, but it won’t work. No matter how clean and healthy I eat, and how much I work out (both of which I do, though, much more moderately now), I’ll never get rid of my b❆❆bs or my broad shoulders. And that’s ok. Seeing someone like Christina who started out at a normal size and hasn’t gotten progressively skinnier like so many other celeb women is refreshing, and it gives me a positive role model along with Scarlett, Beyonce, Shakira, and Rihanna, who are some of my other body confidence role models. Christina will always be number 1, though.

      • LOL! I’m not exactly on Christina’s level, but we’re both hourglass-y girls, and I love seeing someone like that being embraced by Hollywood, especially in fashion.

        • I’m just jealous because I wish I was that curvy. I’ve always thought that was the prettiest figure for a woman to have.

          I bet you’re a hottie. Hee hee

          • I think every woman looks best when she just tries to embrace her natural shape. Yes, I love being an hourglass, but I have to live with the fact that I’ll never be petite (maybe height-wise, but not frame-wise), and sometimes I wish I was. I’ve always hated my broad shoulders, but I can’t do anything about my bone structure and accepting that has been a long process. I’m sure that you’re beautiful too and your natural shape probably is perfect for your frame and body type. I love seeing “bigger” women like Christina being celebrated in the media, but thinner women of different shapes are beautiful too as long as they’re natural and healthy. Look at Kate Hudson (I don’t believe the b❆❆b job story) or Cameron Diaz, for example. I’m not an expert on body shape, so I can’t say what they are, but they both have very thin, more straight up-and-down shapes, but they’re both confident and healthy and I think they’re both gorgeous, even if they don’t have the type of body I’d prefer for myself.

  5. Pointless, really. Like Marty said, they come out with these lists every year, and it’s always the same women in the top 10…they just keep switching positions.

    Quite frankly, she is a beautiful woman and I can see her being #1 on a lot of people’s lists.

    Personally, she would be in my top 20, but not number 1. If I had to choose, I would put Adriana Lima or Megan Fox above her for sure. Not to mention Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel…etc etc.

    At least people won’t flip out since it’s not Kim Kardashian. It’s interesting, people were calling Kim fat/ugly when she got chosen as the most attractive woman, but I’m going to bet very few people are going to call Christina fat even though she’s bigger than Kim. Hmm.

    • lol true about the Kim thing. Also, nearly 95% of these magazines have the staff choose the people in the list. not the public. and even then it is skewed.

      • For sure, sola. I think they just choose people based on how popular they are currently. When Megan Fox was doing movies, she was #1. When Adriana was modeling a lot for VS, she was #1. Why Christina now? Because there’s a trend for more curvy figures, and people will most likely read this issue because it’s shocking that a curvy figure was chosen.

        Not to take anything away from Christina…she is gorgeous and like I said, I can see her being number 1 on a lot of lists.

    • yeah that’s pretty much what I was thinking. About Kim K, imo Christina is way better looking than her, she might be bigger but she’s more beautiful and somehow more attractive. Still, I would of chosen Megan, Adriana, Candice and some others before Christina… I’d say Adriana is my number one choice.

    • well i think she’s fat 🙂
      no use to have curves if you fill them out to much
      tho i hate megan fox, she’s a way hotter hourglass than her lol 😀

  6. I don’t have a problem with her being number 1. I think she is very very beautiful. It’s hard to chose because I think most of the women in hollywood are very beautiful, just DIFFERENT looking. It’s like comparing apples to oranges I guess? It depends on what mood I’m in really or who I’ve seen a lot of lately that could change my opinion. Others on my top would deff be Megan Fox, Doutzen, Jessica Beil, and Angelina.

  7. Here’s my thing-Christina comes across as gorgeous because she dresses as people did when curvy was in. If you see her in casual modern clothing her perfect figure looks very dumpy. Designers now design for skinny boyish people. If you are curvy and dress like her you will knock guys out. We need more actors in shapes other than “yeah, my waist is 24 inches” dressing better(Mischa Barton anyone?). It makes us normal gals feel better, or at least me. 🙂

    • i agree, its not that we healthy girls are abnormal, its that most clothes made these days are for flat boyish figures.christina would look awful in most modern clothes

  8. ^Exactly. I was just talking about this with someone last night. When I wear pencil skirts or something tighter-fitting like the clothing styles of the 50s or early 60s, my body looks much more proportionate. Granted, I tend to lean more towards maxi dresses, and more romantic “hippie” type style in my everyday dress because it’s just what I love. It makes looking good harder, but buying the right sizes and having a good collection of big belts to help define my waist works well. But when I feel like being casual and just throw on a t-shirt with my jeans, I look much bigger than I am. Even when I put on a tight-fitting tank top, I look smaller and it’s easier to see the definition in my body. Any woman who has b❆❆bs and hips cannot expect to look as good as she truly does throwing on a shirt from Hollister and a pair of super low-rise jeans. It just doesn’t work.

  9. I’m the same way. I’m a 36D, and big belts are my life-saver. LOL. I love having bigger boobs, but unless you define your waist in some way when you have them, they just end up making you look much heavier than you are. It’s something I haven’t noticed as much with fake b❆❆bs and maybe that’s because they don’t have a natural sag like real ones do. They sit up so high on the chest that I don’t think they affect waist and hip proportions as much.

    • ay, i know. at 34-36 (35 but that doesnt exist.. ) DD-F i am totally screwed. im sure if i had fake boobies they would gracefully float under my neck but real 10 lbs on fat cant defy gravity. my b❆❆bs are so big that they cover my waist line when im naked 🙁 once again, i wanna know what christina hendricks sticks under her b❆❆bs to make tem go so high!

      • Come on! I used to be very flat up to the age of 18, so I know the difference. Never cared really. Now I am 32D. You know what…I LOVE IT! Tight dress, show some cleavage, define waist…get any man you want :-)))))) Enjoy and be proud!

        • 32D isn’t that big at all… I’m a 30DD, which is roughly like a 32D, and I think my b❆❆bs are small.
          I wish I had your confidence though!

          • I wear 0-2 US size (real, not KK ones), and I am 5’5 so in overall picture 32Ds look big.
            I am very curious where you shop for lingerie I have never heard of 30DD???? I mean I always have a problem with buying even 32D….

          • Online 🙂 Websites like Bare Necessities and Her Room. I can occasionally find a VS bra that’s a 32D that’s not too wide, and sometimes Macy’s Calvin Klein has 32Ds. I’m 5’9″ and size 2 so maybe that changes how my proportions look.

  10. I think the main reason she was picked the best is because of her curvacious figure. I’m not saying other celebrities dont have curves, they do, but not as womanly as Christina.

  11. It makes a change to have someone more down to earth voted as no 1.

    As people have pointed out these polls are meaningless and change all the time.
    But, if i’m honest, I wonder if Hendricks would be number one if it wasn’t for her figure shown off frequently on Mad Men? Then I guess the same goes for all actresses to grab the title. There’s always some moment, outfit, role etc that makes them stand out from the crowd.

  12. For me she’s definitely not number one. As mentioned there’s Adriana Lima, doutzen, etc. Megan fox shouldn’t even be compared to any of th though. That girl isn’t beautiful, just fake.

  13. Too bad she’s unrecognizable on the cover–Christina is gorgeous! I’m glad she beat out the Skinny Minnies. I like Megan and Adriana but I’m so over them taking every ‘Hottest Woman’ title! Christina should be proud!

  14. I adore her and think she is very beautiful however she is looking very Julianna More on this cover I wish they would have done a side part with the same curls…….Nevertheless I also wouldn’t consider her the best looking girl in America Adriana Lima Megan Fox Monica Bellucci or even Bree Condon would be ahead of her if bree was still modeling ……But I think what makes Christina tantalizing is her porcelain skin and very Jayne Mansfield type body……..She essentially gave the middle finger to Hollywood and said I loooove my hourglass body shape and I ain’t losing weight and that’s very hot!!!!! She’s stunning

  15. I’m just happy it’s not a size 0 on the cover.. I like that women have this body type.. even though I don’t look exactly like that she represents me way better than those super skinny girls.. I wish more people looked like this.. instead of annoying megan fox.

  16. My list would probably go something like this
    1. Christina
    2. Scarlett
    3. Beyonce
    4. Shakira
    5. Janet Jackson
    6. Bar Rafaeli
    7. Rihanna
    8. Catherine Zeta-Jones
    9. Lisa Edelstein
    10. Kelly Brook (I’d never heard of her until I saw a post about her a few weeks ago here. She’s beautiful and her figure is amazing.)

    • 10. Kelly Brook (I’d never heard of her until I saw a post about her a few weeks ago here. She’s beautiful and her figure is amazing.)

      I’d never heard of her til your comment. Googled her to see a picture. All I can say is DAY-UM. I know milk does a body good but how much has girlfriend been drinking? LOL

  17. shes beautiful…but i dont know…she looks to old and grown up and oldfashion to do it for me. even though shes lovely.
    i’d definitely choose megan. even though she is a little fake, i think she is the most beautiful woman to have ever walked the earth.

  18. where’s her nipple? i am similar size and where she has her fist, my nipple would be seen. or is this just another photoshop-prevented nipplegate?

  19. She is gorgeous for sure, but more so than Adriana? I think not.

    Plus what’s the hype about Jessica Biel? I haven’t seen much of her but what I have seems very blah, nothing special.

    • I agree, Adriana Lima is prettier by far! At least IMO…and Jessica Biel? Never understood the appeal. She is kind of blah to me too.

      • Also agree on Jessica Biel. To me she HAD a somewhat enviable figure. But her face is incredibly unattractive. But then again, people think Eva Mendez is hot and I don’t at all. (shrug).

        • Ready for me to drop the bombshell? I don’t find Adrianna Lima all that attractive. Could this mean that we beauty is a greater deal more subjective than we can even imagine??? Gasp….

          • Don’t know why you responded to my comment, but your sarcasm is rather uncalled for. No one said beauty wasn’t subjective. We are simply discussing our individual preferences and distastes.

          • I have to agree with you. I think Adriana Lima is very stunning but if I were to think of a ‘most attractive female’ she wouldn’t come to mind to be honest. But then I don’t think most famous people around today would, not because they’re not beautiful but with these lists I think more of individuals i find unique. For instance Dorothy Dandridge and Winona Ryder to me are some of the prettiest actresses i’ve seen because they both look so natural and pretty.

          • Agreed, Casey. I’m not sure what the point of gen’s comment was, but okay.

            And I also agree about Eva, she is SO blah to me too! She’s actually almost UNattractive, really.

  20. i completely disagree with this sort of thing. fair enough as a bit of a laugh a mag might compile a list or two saying how gorgeous they all are, but wow some people take it seriously. they are all gorgeous. and everyone can be, i don’t think we should be squaring off against each other, creating rules of beauty and narrow defintions of what is desirable. isn’t that kind of the point of sites like this? to appreciate all shapes sizes and colours of womanhood.

    • i agree. we should appreciate all body types but that doesn’t work for everybody. i like christina, although that’s not my body type but it looks great on her. i prefer more of adrianna, megan, suelyn medeiros body types.

  21. It’s not as though these polls are scientific or anything. I think Christina is beautiful but there are other people who I find insanely attractive too. I think it depends on who has been in the press a lot and Christina has gotten a lot of attention as of late.

  22. sorry, but i never herd about her….and i already forgot her face…she is not beautiful at all to me. if she has b❆❆bs it doesnt make her hot

  23. WOW! That is some figure! she is gorgeous! i’m so jealous! if she lived in Ireland she’d be worshipped because Irish fellas hate skinny girls!

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