Madonna Gets a Virtual Makeover

Madonna-gets-insanely-photoshopped - Madonna Gets a Virtual Makeover

So this one on the left would be 51 year-old Madonna posing for Louis Vuitton and the one on the right would be her plastic daughter cartoonized, youngified, why-even-bother-hiring-Madonna-if-you-are-gonna-draw-her-anyway version after it was wildly bombed with various operations in Photoshop.

Nice one, photoshoppers!

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35 thoughts on “Madonna Gets a Virtual Makeover”

    • imo, Because she has bunny ears, the real one reminds me of someone who has gone out to town and gotten really trashed and is looking at the camera person like “don’t you dare take my photo”!

  1. She looks awful. I wouldn’t buy anything she advertises. I hate and despise this woman, and I rarely do. She’s the most overrated celebrity out there, IMO. And for the first time- thank you, photoshop!

  2. Louis Vuitton I LOVE you, stop using this old hag to advertise your goods. What is the point??? hire someone attractive and save on the retouching! Jeez

  3. I like the photoshop picture better. Yeah it’s not real but that’s the point, to make it SOOO unrealistic and unreal that it’s this “perfectly perfect” image. I know many people probably disagree with me but this is my opinion and I don’t really care: I don’t mind photoshop at all. That is why I buy magazines, I KNOW it’s all photoshop and fake, but I don’t care, that is what makes it fun to read. I like going into the fake little world for a little bit and looking at all the pretty people. It would be frickin’ boring if it was reality and not photoshopped and “real”. I want to see the fake perfection in the magazines, that’s why I waste my money on them. Maybe it’s just I feel that I am a secure person and the “perfect fakeness” doesn’t get to me, because I KNOW it’s not real. Ehhh I am in a terrible mood right now and I wrote a somewhat b—y comment, feel free to ignore please.

    • Specifically about this Madonna LV ad… I don’t think the photo editors were actually trying to pass off the photoshopped image as “real”, it’s all about the ad and the art of the photo. It suppose to look dreamy and too perfect and drawn. I don’t see the fuss, it’s not like they are trying to set a standard of perfection in this particular ad (even if they were, it’s all fake and I know what real looks like so I don’t give a sh*t, I like seeing the impossible perfection, it’s intriguing).

      I don’t know… I think people overreact when it comes to photoshop, it’s all meant to be unrealistic, anyone with half a brain shouldn’t let it get to them! Of course it’s not real, it’s supposed to be other-worldy and dreamy. I used to model and they would photoshop me and it’s sort of like “plastic surgery” but not real. You get to see yourself in a “perfect” way and it looks neat in the photo. It’s not real but it’s still kinda cool. Wow I’m donnnnee.

        • Hehe, spill your guts out if it helps!

          So, while i completely agree with you about photoshop, it surprised me how a whole bunch of people do not get it and really think that is real. You would think that anyone with half a brain can tell photoshop apart from reality, but no they can’t. I do not hate photoshop, i hate the people who fail to see it and argue that what they see is real and so on. The least they could do is shut up.

          I also agree with jellywish, very good points you have!

      • Alias, all mature individuals know that magazines are not real, you are not the only one.
        But kids grow up surrounded by all thius fakeness, without the capacity to identify real from unreal… that is another story. There is a reason why the number of plastic surgeries has increased 7 times in the past decade – it would be absurd to claim that the “retouched” media didn’t contribute to this.
        So no, it’s not “anyone with half a brain shouldn’t let it get to them!” – it’s quite the contrary, as I happen to care about the INVOLUTION of our society, the distortion of our values and all these trends that promote anything but the natural.

        • “But kids grow up surrounded by all this fakeness, without the capacity to identify real from unreal.”

          Um, this is why children are growing up dumb. Because we tell them they are.
          Children can think quite well on their own. They HAVE the capacity to identify real from unreal. They know that a certain celebrity may or may not have been photoshopped, or had surgery.
          The thing is though, they know that they can also have these results, and that is why they fall victim. Because it is so widely available and publicly permitted.

          Surgeries have increased in popularity because it has become more widely acceptable and available, so people are less likely to feel deterred from going down that route.

          It has also become MUCH more affordable for the general public. While still costly, the price has become more affordable, and there are more clinics available to give people the opportunity to go. The procedures have become more refined, so less scarring, less chance of error; quick results.

          So please, be weary of who you say has or does not have the capacity to understand. Children are quite keen, and able to analyze situations.

          Adults fall prey to this too, and are large perpetrators in the surgery-scene, so are you saying their capacity is limited to? So anyone who gets surgery, they have limited understanding of the sources around them, so they only get influenced by one?

          They are able to take in opinions from varied sources, and come up with their own idea. Self-adaptation is a way they deal with this influence. You’re in or you’re out. Since surgery and photoshop is in, most will jump on the bandwagon for it, because they are social outcasts if they don’t.

          Someone who comes from a heavy-media life, will be more influenced because it will be normal then for someone who comes from a town who doesn’t see media or surgery as a big deal. It’s not about the capacity to understand, we all can understand.

          It’s the fact that society has been built up in such a way that PEERS influence you, the constant badgering of being unbeautiful, of being imperfect, in this superficially, socially created idea of what is a perfect person.

      • I’m not sure about the social etc consequences of photoshopping, but i agree with you about creating the “perfect” image. I like to look at unrealistic, dreamy ads every now and then also.

      • Alias, I agree with you!

        I really don’t mind photoshop. I don’t mind if they take lines off there, add more color there, make those boobies bigger…whatever. Because the truth is, I’ll still go to the store and try on the product myself before buying it. That way I’m never really disappointed.

        I do admit though there was a point that I thought that magazine pictures were just really beautiful and perfect women with perfect skin. But nowadays, you can just Google photoshop and there you go…you gain 5 years worth of knowledge in about a minute.

        I like the exessiveness of editorials. I like the colors. I like the Photoshop and beautiful models. I like the unrealistic setting. It’s fun and interesting.

        But sometimes, I wonder why keep using people like Demi Moore and Madonna when you have to touch them up so much. There are so many better choices with big names. (shrug)

  4. She’s been looking REALLY tired and rough lately…

    There was a post a few weeks about pertaining to actresses 60+ … and they all look so much fresher than she does.

  5. She looks like a mannequin. o_O

    Her chest looks stupidly smooth.
    She only seems to have one collarbone.
    The list goes on really.

    Not much a fan of her anyway. She looks pretty old and haggard.

  6. When is she going to wake up and realize that she’s not 25 anymore? No amount of exercise, leotards, 80’s retro pop music or gyrating is going to make her look like she is 25.


  7. I’ve found people like to be deluded in all aspects of life. It gets a little complicated because you can only keep up lies for so long. Our political system is a great example of that. LV is playing the demographic game. They know 20 something years olds probably don’t have the money to buy their bags but Madonna groupies? Well, they are a bit older and if you shoot for that market you are far more likely to find some ladies with money. There’s a problem though: Aging. I’m not sure why western society is so desperately afraid of certain things-aging, gaining weight. It’s like they expect to reach this peak and stay there eternally. Life doesn’t work that way. Maybe people should just get over it and learn to accept change in their life. I know most people won’t though. Madonna is one of many poor, deluded people who somehow believe they can buy their way out of aging. Cartoonify yourself all you want- you are fooling no one. Just as the Pax Americana shall come to an end so too shall Pax Madonna.

  8. Exactly, I honestly don’t understand why they’d hire someone who they clearly think looks too old to be in their ad. Why not hire an actual twenty year old? I literally wouldn’t have even known that it was her in the second picture. It was taken way too far; if I was her I’d be deeply offended.

  9. hah, unphotoshoped, she looks like a drag queen! by the way, why all the pictures of madonna before the makeover are always being

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