Mystery Solved: Crystal Renn’s ‘Skinny Pictures’ Were Photoshopped

Mystery Solved: Crystal Renn's 'Skinny Pictures' Were Photoshopped 1

2 weeks ago, we were shocked to see ‘plus-size’ model Crystal Renn in 2 photos that featured a much skinnier version of the model and some found it hard to believe that Crystal was still a size 10 US.

Well, a pre-Photoshop photo of Crystal taken during the photo-shoot surfaced (see above) and once again, congrats (not) to the airbrusher! Here’s what he had to say (from Glamour):

Photographer Nicholas Routzen explained that Crystal looks the way she does because the photos were “…taken from a higher angle with a wider lens.” But he also added, “I shaped her…I did nothing that I wouldn’t do to anyone. I’m paid to make women look beautiful.”

And how did Crystal feel about her digital makeover?

Well, I was shocked. When I saw the pictures, I think I was silent for a good five minutes, staring with my mouth open. I don’t know what was done to those photos or who did it, but they look retouched to me. And listen, everybody retouches, but don’t make me into something I’m not.

That body doesn’t look like my body. It doesn’t. Having had an eating disorder, I know what that very thin body looks like on me, and it’s not something I find attractive. It’s not something I aspire to. I feel completely confident in my own health because I know I don’t look like that, but even to see it in an image was really disturbing to me.

What do you guys think about that?

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59 thoughts on “Mystery Solved: Crystal Renn’s ‘Skinny Pictures’ Were Photoshopped”

  1. Somehow I feel sorry for her. Of course she knows all pictures are retouched but not this much. What’s the point to alter pictures of a beautiful lady who is not a regular model? I mean, she is so called plus size model, so let her be a plus size model, not a regular size model with a completely different body shape. Plus size models are not in need anymore, if their pictures are altered that much. Let’s take a nice thin girl and photograph her – there would be much less job for the photographer to do. This crazy trend to photoshop everyone and everywhere sucks.

    • Completely agree with this comment. I would like to add that i’m a model & have seen photos that have been photo shopped to the point where i no longer recognize my body, infact in some instances i suspect that they have used somebody else’s breasts, arms, stomach etc. Nobody can live up to the level of perfection exhibited in these photographs, not even the models themselves because quite frankly in doesn’t exist

      • This is what disturbs me most….
        they get a thin model and add curves…they get a plus size moel and take her down a few size’s…
        What kind off message is this sending out to young girls…not only do you have to be skinny…but you also have to have a bum and boobs…oh and if your big…then you better look small…
        this is NOT attainable it’s RIDICULOUS
        it DOES NOT MAKE SENSE….

        • True…Probably the message is, no matter what you do you ll never look perfect (unless you shop the products we are selling here LOL)

  2. so she’s not beautiful the way she really is?? she only looks beautiful if she looks like she weighs 120 pounds? This guy has really taken his job as a digital editor a little too far in my opinion.

  3. So he’s “paid to make women look beautiful.” Does that mean that women who aren’t skinny aren’t beautiful?!
    What a load of crap!!

    • Nope when your a model after you sign a release form it’s pretty much over meaning your image isn’t in your hands anymore 🙁

    • Thats what i was thinking.
      I think there should be a law against this type of photo manipulation without the model’s or the model ‘s model agency’s consent. This photoshopped image could and did hurt her image, somethingthat is vital in her carreer.

    • No. You sign a contract and the photos automatically go to the photographer/client.

      You have no say. You are a doll. You aren’t even supposed to talk.

      I model. Trust me. Some photogs are brutal.

  4. Why is she shocked? if she agrees her picture to appear on a magazine, they are obviously going to modify her image a lot

    • True…but since she’s a ‘plus sized’ model I bet she was expecting them to keep the image closer to her real size, like some of the other magazines have.

    • yeah, if looking at her modified body can hurt her that way, maybe she should re-consider her career choice. Every model knows that is never herself on the pic, its the character imagined by the photografer/magazine…

    • I was shocked. In none of her previous shoots has she been modified even close to this extent. What’s shocking isn’t that she was photoshopped. What’s shocking is that the photoshopping was taken to an extreme no other photo-editor has gone to in the history of her modeling career.

      • Wait, how do you know? Do you examine every photo Crystal Renn has ever taken?

        True, probably none made her as gorgeous as this, but I’m betting a lot of people did a lot more photoshopping on her.

        • I think she was perfectly gorgeous before the photoshopping, and has looked more gorgeous in other photoshopped images.

  5. Dear god this is not photoshop anymore this is just reshaping whole bodyshape. It is sad and i honestly think it should become illegal. If she isn’t pretty or thin enough to be on a cover then she shouldn’t be a model in the first place right? Otherwise anyone can be a model as long as they get photoshopped..

  6. Ugh this makes me angry. She is already such a gorgeous girl. I’m not against photoshopping to take out a little imperfection here or there, but when the own model doesnt recognize her own body in a photo then that is just taking it way too far.

    • most editorial/print models are runway models, who need to be skinny. you can’t photoshop someone walking down a runway.

        • there is way too many pictures to photoshop from runway shows, takes too much time, time is money etc

          of course you can photoshop them but when they are already thin there is a lot less photoshopping to be done, which basically saves money

  7. Clearly the photographer engineered this as a publicity stunt, to get his name out there. And sadly, it worked, but at Crystal’s expense.

    I’m glad to see that she’s still at a higher weight, because in the altered photo she looked terrible. I read her book and that altered photo reminded me of a picture she included in the book, showing her at her lowest weight. It was so unattractive and unhealthy.

  8. “taken from a higher angle with a wider lens.” ”

    Did I call it or what?

    I said the photos were taken from a higher angle with a special lens whose name I couldn’t remember. 🙂

    And you usually don’t use those type of lens to make someone look skinny…you would use photoshop for that, because this lens makes the legs shorter too. You use it to emphasize the face, and to create a more dynamic picture because of the angle.

    • Yup! I remember you wrote that! 😉

      Other than that I’m glad this unphotoshopped pic surfaced. This is a pretty disturbing story. I guess not only the photographer is to blame, though. The client probably booked her for her name and/or face mostly, but not to have an actual plus-sized model. Sad.

  9. I wish the first picture was the same one that was edited and everybody is complaining about.ANYBODYS leg would look fat in the first position!!!

    Also ANY form of retouching is making someone into something they’re not.Her comment on that was bulls—.

    The photographer did his job.

    • Sure he did his job. But what is beyond me is , why hire a “plus size” model and then alter her so she looks more like any regular skinny model would look like ?

      Why go the extra mile ?

      Oh and I think what she said was understandable. I mean they are used to look somewhat different but that amount of photoshop just made her look totally unlike herself.

  10. People act like she is the only one that gets airbrushed and photoshopped. All celebs and models get retouched. Yet somehow it becomes an issue when she is airbrushed just because she is classed as a plus sized model.

    • As one of the few high profile models of a higher weight in the notoriously narrow-minded (and narrow-bodied) fashion industry, she is representative of the acceptance of plus-sized women as beautiful in fashion.

      This photo-shopped shoot took away her credibility for awhile for a lot of people, and seemed almost a step back from what a lot of people had hoped to fashion industry would slowly grow into–an industry that celebrates beauty of not only one sort, but all kinds.

  11. I’m so glad that she’s talking about her health. Crystal is tall and obviously has a large skeleton, and she is DESIGNED to be a US size 10…. A UK 14. She needs that amount of fat to cover her bones and be healthy; she’s not at all overweight. Bone needs to be covered by fat, because fat stores hormones which nourish it, namely oestrogen, keeping it flexible. Without this fat, bones are brittle, and maintaining too low a body fat percentage for a while makes you at risk of oesteperosis, like Gwyneth Paltrow.
    Of course, genetically thin women are a different matter. Providing they eat a nutritious diet with everything you need, including enough fat and calcium, they should be fine.

    As for the photographers comments, “make women beautiful…”, i find them very narrow minded. Crystal is a perfectly healthy woman, so why should she not be considered as beautiful as a naturally thin woman?! Heck, a lot of regular models are not genetically size zeros, and therefore they look ill. It’s good that Crystal maintains the figure that nature intended her to have, though. She looks good.

  12. to be honest, the first and second photo- that is the “unretouched” and “photoshopped” photo…look pretty similar. Her leg is just in a different position making it look thicker. But her face looks pretty gaunt and the rest of her looks exactly the same. Can anyone else see that?

  13. call me crazy…but i prefer the unphotoshopped one. i am straight but damn her thighs look sexy! also i hate the way he says ‘i am paid to make women look beautiful.’ we are really making ‘beautiful’ become more and more unattainable…its really sad actually that we think a woman has to be photoshopped to be beautiful. for such ‘intelligent’ beings (as we like to call ourselves) we really are very closed minded

  14. What’s the point of hiring a plus-size model and then airbrushing her to look at least 2 sizes smaller? I don’t think that’s an option

  15. It’s sad that his response was “I’m paid to make women look beautiful.” as if she doesn’t look beautiful without the extensive retouching.

  16. I’m happy to see that she doesn’t have any eating desorders… But… I really don’t like her face, skinny or not. But i like the story of this girl though.

    • Being photoshopped is ok, but changing totally your shape is so weird. I mean, she’s known for being a plus size, so people who work with her take her for that. So using photoshop to changer her size is totally stupid.

  17. It’s sad to think people would think she looks so bad. I feel sorry for her. I commented about how sick someone looked because she was too skinny and people gave me a hard time. Well, I hope someone isn’t giving this girl a hard time because they think she’s big.

  18. that was a very mean thing to say, that he is paid to make women beautiful! she is a pretty girl already. It must be hard to hear these things directly and publicly, I wouldn’t take it very good. =/

  19. What a jerk. He acts like he did her some big favour and she should be grateful for making her beautiful. Obviously she was already beautiful and he just made her look like a carbon copy of every other model. He owes her a serious apology, not just for butchering her image, but especially for his arrogant comment.

  20. The candid here chosen to compare with the photoshopped one is almost just as bad… if you see the video of her filming she looks around 5 pounds lighter then in that shot. I don’t think they should have edited it so much but I think that it is challenging to market a picture of Crystal considering she’s right in between what a plus and a sample sized model… even though there should be there isn’t a market yet for normal sized models.

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