Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

Untitled-2 - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

Apparently, having a round face is just not acceptable anymore, even if you are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and you once took home the Miss World crown.

See how stunning Aishwarya’s face was chopped, deformed and liquified only to appear skinnier and more angular (and her figure as well, but we’re not even counting that anymore).

ss - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

See many more shots of real Aishwarya and magazine Aishwarya next!

aishwarya-rai-100610-5 - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

aishwarya-rai-vind-0311-1 - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

aishwarya-rai-vind-0311-2 - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

aishwarya-rai-vind-0311-3 - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

aishwarya-rai-vind-0311-4 - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

aishwarya-rai-vind-0311-5 - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

aishwarya-rai-vind-0311-8 - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

FP_4994460_ANG_Cannes_RobinHood_051210 - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

FP_5007708_ANG_Cannes_WallStreet_1_051410 - Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India

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77 thoughts on “Worst Photoshop Job of the Month: Aishwarya Rai in Vogue India”

  1. In some pics it’s hard to tell it’s the same. They are both beautiful,, but for once i prefer the photoshopped one (not that i approve), the woman in the first photoshopped pic is stunning! Not real though…

        • There is talk that she actually has lost a lot of weight recently and thus she might look a lot better in real life. While you do not have to be thin the be beautiful, I would not classify her beautiful in many of the “curvy” pictures shown above. The wrong clothes, poses, lighting, make-up, maybe hair-style, and even significant weight gain / loss can make anyone beautiful not beautiful. That’s just a fact that noone can argue.

          On the photos being considered “photoshopped” which might be just that she lost weight, the right clothes, poses, and maybe photoshop touches, the woman portrayed is very beautiful.

          • Ok, I just really wanted to know your opinion πŸ™‚ Probably because I got a feeling (based on your comment) that you say that “skinny is always better” and as a former anorexic I am probably somehow touchy. I hope I did not sound rude.

    • mte. The secon pic (with red coat) she looks amazing, and the cover pic (with the wings) is stunning too. Aishwarya is a gorgeous woman they should not have done this much photoshop, but they created one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, even if it’s fake.

      • yeah i dont think she really looks like the photoshopped pics now but in her older films and when she was younger she did look like that. she is stunning but she has gained weight compared to before.

      • Exactly πŸ™‚ I don’t approve of this much photoshop, so i feel bad for saying that i actually like that one better. But IRL i always found her beautiful, but a little boring-too perfect kind of beauty, so she could never quite blow me away.
        But, yes, they created one of the most beautiful women in the photos. She has much more distinguished characters, and it looks amazing!

  2. Ugh, this disgusting trend of completely altering people’s faces and bodies needs to stop. The magazine pieces don’t even look like her! The message it sends is, “You’re not good enough the way you are” and that’s so damaging.

    • I agree. I hate that people seem to think people in magazines are better than everyone else and some ‘Godly’ type beauty. In real life, THEY don’t even look like that! It’s crazy!

  3. I don’t think they rounded out her face that much. The angles and makeup just make her face look a little more angular than usual. Also, she is smiling in a lot of her candid pictures whereas she has serious face in her photoshoot.

    Anyway, she’s a beautiful woman either way, so not a big crime.

  4. and are we sure she hasn’t lost any weight recently? I wouldn’t know to be fair. Maybe it’s that + photoshop. Otherwise this would indeed be completely overdone…

    • No, she hasn’t lost weight. Some pics are from 2010, some from 2011 – even though I couldn’t get the most recent pics of her, I did check them and she looks the same as in these.

      • Hi Versus, she has actually lost quite a bit of weight from the pictures of her that you’ve posted..I saw her on a tv show where she was being interviewed as well as in the newspaper from some event from last week and she looks a lot slimmer. Her face especially…I think thats one of the first places she loses/gains weight.

  5. I wonder how she felt about these photos when she say them- it is embarrassing for Vogue. She is considered to be an example of a classic beauty, but I personally would consider her an exotic beauty…any thoughts?

  6. i prefer the photoshoped photos. The real girl is a bit chubby and it wont improve with age.. but in some photos her chin looks odd, like in pic 1.

  7. I REALLY love that red coat she’s wearing in the second picture. I almost wish I had the magazine just so I could see who designed the coat, haha.
    I think they definitely slimmed her down, especially her arms. Her face looks completely different, which is a shame, because she has such flawless facial features. I must admit, though, in the second picture her figure looks great after it was photoshopped (it looks great before as well).

  8. she looks like a more beautiful version of amanda seyfried in the photoshopped pics.

    *shrugs* i prefer being hot in real life to being hot on a mag cover

      • yea of course, but they always retouch the waist, etc.. even on skinny models… It’s really unecessary, but they do that to all the pictures in a magazine, I like the photoshoot here, shopped, yes, but the result is beautiful and you can still tell it’s her, they “improved” her they didn’t “transformed” her

  9. wow..what the heck?! in the first picture with the candid/magazine picture together they photoshopped her to look like a SCARY brats doll!! seriously her neck is all bone, and her facial features are huge on a really small and angular head. it looks so wrong.. such a pity because she’s beautiful and her face isn’t even that round anyways, not that it should be photoshopped even if it was!

  10. I think she looks like her younger self in some of the pictures, a little like when she first started acting in Bollywood. Although they did butcher her face in some of the pics.
    I liked her thinner, she’s gained a lot of weight since she’s gotten married. I don’t know, I think the weight makes her look a little older.

    • thanks for the link, I guess her weight fluctuates a lot, cos she looks a lot slimmer on the vid than on the red carpet pics, and they’re all recent

    • She looks slimmer in the video because the video has been elongated, yes, it’s possible, you need certain lenses, I’m in the business. I can’t believe that you people actually GET FOOLED. You actually think that a magazine such as Vogue would not try to fool you all the way??

  11. Without photoshop, I still think she is one beautiful lady. The photoshopped pictures do remind me of some earlier pictures I’ve seen of her (when she was younger). While I like looking at the photos as they are (I think they are pretty), it does bother me that they over photoshopped her body. πŸ™

  12. She is so beautiful already they have no need to do that! It’s horrible. They don’t even look like her when she was younger and thinner, that is so not true! her face was never 3/4 eyes.

  13. in terms of photoshop i don’t think these are that bad. they are still clearly recognizable as her, they just made her big eyes a bit bigger, her jawline a bit smoother, her lips a bit fuller and of course slimmer. I would have thought this was standard in any photoshoot now. I would certainly assume it. even before technological advances, with makeup, lenses, different types of film, lights and the fact that you can take a thousand pictures til you get one that catches you in the perfect look, at the perfect angle there was never anything remotely real about them. Its always been about selling a fantasy- and really is there anyone who doesn’t know that?
    what amazed me was discovering that people i know use photoshop, have ‘photo faces’ – how do they even know what works? me I’m the idiot grinning with one red eye, the other having been swallowed up by my chipmunk cheeks!

  14. people might kill me for this comment.
    yes, she is BEAUTIFUL. but I have seen not only these pictures that reiterate this point, but also many bollywood films that she stars in revieling her belly…and is it a crimmmeee to say that she could just tone up a little bit? just because, it’s obvious that she does not try at all. Im not saying everyone should be so overly concerned with their body, and more power to her for not, but still. she could do like, 25 crunches a day and make some sort of noticeable difference.

    • “but I have seen not only these pictures that reiterate this point, but also many bollywood films that she stars in revieling her bellyÒ€¦and is it a crimmmeee to say that she could just tone up a little bit? ”

      I understand your point, but the thing about Bollywood is that they LIKE softness on a woman and softness on a belly. So it would be counterproductive for them to tone up, when it would only decrease their attractiveness in their respective country and media outlet.

  15. Okay she has definitely been photoshopped to look slimmer, theres no doubt about that, but she has been been photoshopped to look as she did a few years ago before she gained some weight.

    To be honest, no one is going to buy a magazine cover with a slightly plump Aishwarya Rai on the cover. People don’t want to see that. People in India are generally very open about someone being ‘fat’ or ‘thin’, everyones pretty politically incorrect about it, calling you ‘fat’ to your face if you are so even a bit. So there is definitely a need for her being photoshopped.

  16. LOOOOOOOOOOOOLS!! How funny!! I love photo-shop, what a hilarious concept. Why didnt they just save the money they spent on hiring her and ‘create’ their own skinny, razor jawed modelled from lots of different body parts of models. I dont get it. If youre going to change a person so much, then whats the point….her fans will know its not her….and everyone that doesnt know her will soon realise whats been done. Idiots. No wonder Vogue is losing sales.

  17. Is this for real? At this point they may as well save the money of having her pose for a shoot at all and just draw her from scratch. It doesn’t even look like her (or like any living human — wth is up with the weird wavery, long neck?), and she’s one of the most beautiful women in real life.

  18. This is horrible – she’s a parent isn’t she? In which case her weight gain is fairly normal part of growing older – in the younger picture of her she was a beautiful young woman/girl, now she is a beautiful, more mature woman – it’s a shame Vogue doesn’t appreciate this a little more.

    She’s gained weight, sure over the years, but not a vast amount, she’s not unhealthy or overweight and if she walked into a room you’d still be taken aback, I bet – she’s just stunning in a different way.

    The other photographs are OLD. you should see her photographs of when she was thinner, yep, same angular face!

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