Pink: “A girl like me’ is someone who doesn’t rest on her looks”


On what makes her feel beautiful:

“Well, I was always considered butch. Feeling beautiful to me is when I feel good in my leather pants and my husband grabs my ass. Or when I’m sitting on a mat and my daughter runs to me with complete joy. Beautiful has never been my goal. Joy is my goal — to feel healthy and strong and powerful and useful and engaged and intelligent and in love. It’s about joy. And there’s such joy now.”

On her self-confidence:

“‘A girl like me’ is someone who doesn’t rest on her looks, who has had people tell me from day one, ‘You’re never going to get magazine covers because you’re not pretty enough.’ I’m totally comfortable with that. I know my strong points: I work hard, I have talent, I’m funny, and I’m a good person.”

… says Pink.


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85 thoughts on “Pink: “A girl like me’ is someone who doesn’t rest on her looks””

  1. I love Pink. She can do no wrong in my book. She has an amazing attitude and a killer voice. She’s just fab. And gorgeous. And she seems so sweet. What’s not to love about this girl?

    • I love her too! She’s one of the few pop singers I actually like and you can tell she really pours out her heart into her lyrics. She’s not a girly girl but she’s still pretty (I loved her hair when it was longer and it made her much more feminine) and she’s really fit. Her body type’s not my fav but she’s definately in better shape than most.

  2. I love Pink too…she’ so witty and comes across as very down to earth. I love her music and yeah she’s butch and so what? Lol she’s a musician not a pageant queen. It’s quite ironic that all of the “good girl” pop singers who came at the same time she did (Britney- don’t get me wrong, I love me some Brit, Christina Aguilera-love her too), went off the rails at some point but “bad girl” Pink with her tats, piercings and no f*cks given attitude is very settled with a family and good career.

    • What’s funny is a lot of parents don’t want their little crotch-fruit to listen to Pink because they see tattoos and piercings and think poorly of her. Meanwhile they put Taylor Swift on a pedestal because she has the personality of a vanilla cupcake and wears pretty sparkly dresses. But I would rather have my kid sister listen to Pink over Taylor any day; she’s a lot more genuine.

        • Yep, she seems as harmless and boring as a plain vanilla cupcake, but it’s a gooey rotten mess on the inside. She puts on a wholesome virgin image and shames women who don’t fit that mold, but her own hoo-ha is like a revolving door for rich popstar guys to peek into 😉 Disingenuous people rub me the wrong way.

        • I agree. While I do love Taylor Swift and her songs always speak to some part of my life..I think she’s secretly a s—. Definitely not the sweet virgin she comes off as. Still love her though <3

      • Taylor Swift is a big phony, and so is P!nk – P!ink is just a lot more intelligent and fools people easier. Have you seen the video where she beats her boyfriend? Disturbing stuff! And she has a song basically encouraging girls to become runaways!

        • Also wanted to add that P!nk is also a HUGE hypocrite. She has a song that appears to be about supporting people who are Sober (called Sober) and then has another song Bad Influence about loving drinking. If you really look into her stuff instead of getting tricked by what she says at face value, you’ll be surprised.

          • ….. i mean I support my friends who choose to be sober but I also love drinking. I just don’t drink around sober friends. Is that not a common thing…..???? And how is that bad? haha

          • I find her unlikable & vulgar. I don’t like her whole vibe – she rubs me the wrong way. Sure, she says some perfectly stated quotes, but you still can pick up energy about someone and I really don’t like hers – it’s a gut reaction.

          • You know LAgirl, though I love her attitude about things (Stupid Girls vid) and quotes like this…I’ve always had the exact same feeling about her. Don’t know why and can’t put my finger on it. But I def. understand!

          • She’s not a hypocrite, you’re just completely missing the larger picture. That album was very obviously about her split with her husband and the process of working through it. First you party–no s—–and then she talks about trying to feel AS GOOD as she does when she’s partying when she is sober. The question is how (is it possible) to feel this good sober…instead of drunk? The whole point is that she’s unhappy without him and the single life of partying isn’t a substitute for what she’s lost. I listen to this album at the gym so I’ve had a lot of time to absorb it. She isn’t a hypocrite…she’s not telling anyone else how to behave. She is detailing the process of change in her own relationship. If you’re going to have strong opinions about song lyrics, at least be accurate .

        • @raquel100- Well that’s essentially the point of the star image/stardom though: nothing is really authentic, it doesn’t have to be. To think otherwise is naive. What Pink or anyone else projects to us as consumers/audience is an “image”, a construction of their star image or persona. So yes essentially everyone within the entertainment industry is a “phony” (like I said that’s not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it is absolutely necessary to fashion a certain image for yourself in the indusrty) whether you acknowledge it or not. That being said, I find Pink’s star image attractive, she comes across as intelligent and witty whereas Taylor is just insipid and well her music is s— imo haha!

          And regarding Pink’s songs, here’s what she says about “Sober”:

          ‘Pink wrote the song at a party hosted at her home, where everyone was drunk or drinking except for her, and she wanted them all to leave. She went to the beach and had a line in her head saying “How do I feel so good sober?”. Eventually it had nothing to do with alcohol but with identities. “How do I feel so good with just me, without anyone to lean on?”
          It doesn’t really have anything to do with encouraging people to be sober/drunk whatever, it’s much deeper than that. (plus I don’t buy this silly hypodermic needle theory that young girls will just runaway cos they’ve seen it in a song, you need to give people more credit).

          And regarding “Please Don’t Leave Me”, the whole video was actually an homage to Stephen King’s horror/slasher literature and the film adaptations like “Misery”, “Cujo”, “Dolores Clairborne”, “The Shining” etc. Sure, it doesn’t make the images any less disturbing but it does put them within a strong literary/cinematic context. I’m sure her intention was most likely to pay homage to King and his work rather than purely mocking or glamourising something as serious as domestic abuse.

          • misscheeks, I am far from nieve and well aware that celebs have “images” to withhold, just P!nk’s is extremely well constructed. From reading the comments here, everyone likes her and if you dig deep, she is not likable at all. I got fooled bc of professions of love for animals… thought she a good person bc of that and (in my opinion) she isn’t for a lot of reasons too lengthy to get into here.

    • Totalllllly agree. Amazing and grounded quotes that should inspire many (hopefully many commenters on this site – heh).
      She’s a beautiful person and ya, though a bit butch I think she’s pretty too – that 2nd pic I dont think I’ve ever seen her look so beautiful.
      (and who saw that SICK-AMAZING performance she did at an awardshow within the past couple months – where she sang WHILE performing a super-beautiful contempt-modern dance piece that was choreographed by Mia Michaels…it was truly a very special performance, and I’m not even a fan of her music)

  3. Her body’s not traditionally “sexy” but I still find her more attractive than a VS model for instance. I can totally see how a guy would fall crazy for her: she’s funny, exciting, talented. Life would never get boring with someone like that. Did I mention that she also has a gorgeous face?
    I’m planning to go to her concert in May, can’t wait 🙂

  4. She appeals to females because she isnt competition/anything to be jealous of – where as posts of say… Candice Swanepoel or Megan Fox get a lot of negative comments due to the fact that they arent as likeable/relateable because of their beauty lol. Say otherwise but its true

    • “competition” for what though? anyone who thinks like that about some celeb who isn’t even aware of that they exist is a loser *pfft*

      • Actually “D” Candice Swanpoel and VS angels get like 95% positive comments because they’re gorgeous. It’s posts like this that bring out sad haters like yourself because talent and self-confidence are harder to achieve than being pretty. You can’t work out or wear makeup to get cosmetic surgery to achieve inner peace. Your idol Megan Fox is a perfect example – 20 procedures later and she’s still not happy 😉

    • And Candice gets loads of positive comments about her body (“amazing whr/legs/perfection etc”), the bulk of Megan Fox comments are usually about her plastic surgery (comparing how her face looks now and how it looked then), that being said I still think she’s a beautiful woman.

    • I say otherwise! Pretty & vapid is boring to me. Starlettes can nice to look at, but that’s it. I find Pink spunky and a fitness inspiration. I don’t have her same body type but I like women who aren’t afraid to sweat or lift weights. I am not jealous of her or any woman on this site, but Pink I find inspirational, instead of annoying like so many others.

    • I knew that there would be a comment like this! Um, the reason people don’t like Megan Fox is because her personality sucks. Also, there isn’t that much hate for Candice. She’s very well liked on here. Candice’s personality strikes me as boring and so I don’t like her but I don’t dislike her either. I can appreciate that she’s very conventionally attractive. There are plenty of beautiful women I like personality wise. Erin Heatherton for example (she seems down to earth) and Brooklyn Decker. I just hate when someone is a b— to people for no reason and that’s what Megan Fox is.

      • Really? Although I think she’s a horrible actress and looks bad with all that surgery, I think she has a pretty good personality. She’s down to earth.

    • I dont’ think its competition at all. Candice and Megan glorify their physical beauty and rely on their outward appearance for happiness and relativity. Pink’s INSIDES are beautiful and therefore, she will be more stunning than any VS model because she knows that true beautify lies on when you can find beauty in all things, not just your appearance.

    • What are you talking about? Candice gets all kinds of love here. As for Megan Fox, she is a shadow of her former self and looks fake.

    • Looks fade. Personality, charm, kindness, and intelligence go a long way. Don’t get me wrong – I love looking at pretty things, I gush over the VS Angels like most girls on this site. I think it’s important to look your best, to take care of your body, skin and hair. But unless you’re Benjamin Button or drop dead at 40, you’ll have to cultivate something other than looks! 🙂

      • nicely said serena. its a good lesson for women to learn at a young age. looks fade. talents, accomplishments, personality, don’t! when i’m 50+ i don’t want to be grasping at my youth and beauty, i want to be basking in the interesting and accomplished life i’ve cultivated (hopefully!)

    • Are you serious D? Megan Fox is clearly shallow, what with all of her fake looks. Pink said something very grounded and sensible, so people find her down to earth. Hm, shallow+fake or down to earth, many prefer the latter. It has nothing to do with looks.

    • I actually think that there’s a lot of truth to D’s comment. Is it completely true? Not necessarily, and it’s certainly not true for all women/commenters.

      But attitude definitely has quite a bit to do with it. Although I do love Megan Fox’s quotes. I don’t judge them right away and let them be a turn-off to me. Instead, I sit and marinate on them to try and see what she means. I’ve found that I actually find her really relatable for me.

      But I 100% understand why some don’t like her because of her comments rather than her looks.

  5. imo girls love pink because she is free. yes candice is pretty VS model but she is not free. annyways candice gets lots of love on this site, lots of girls say she is perfect. i would rather be free than visually perfect.

  6. Pink is so cool, I like her attitude. I think she is good looking even though she may be ‘butch’ but couldn’t stop laughing when Noel Fielding (one of my fave comedians ever) said her arms look like dinosaur arms. It was funny when he said it, might not make sense when read on here haha.

  7. Wow. Who can argue with that first paragraph?!
    She has her own style and persona, which she wears well, and that shows it comes from true confidence and sincerity. Good for her!

  8. Girl has a tremendous amount of talent. I have never cared about her being pretty- she doesn’t need it to sell herself.

    Love her.

  9. “Joy is my goal — to feel healthy and strong and powerful and useful and engaged and intelligent and in love.” what a wonderful and healthy attitude towards life and oneself, love it! i also like that she just bluntly says what she thinks of herself in the last sentence without sounding conceited neither does she downplay it with a few of her shortcomings as lots of celebs do to seem more relatable or afraid to be called self-conceited and lots of people in real life do it too, cos you know telling people that you think you’re ugly/fat/boring, etc is “asking for compliments and attention” and saying that you consider yourself “smart/funny/beautiful/an awesome professional, etc” is “bragging or being full of oneself”, which i really hate, like you don’t even have a right to express any opinion about yourself when it comes to it.
    she also didn’t say that she finds herself ugly or some freak or bitterly complain like “i was so diff from mainstream they didn’t want me on covers” like lots do but just says she just doesn’t fit into the “cover girl” image and is perfectly fine with that which also sounds like a positive attitude towards oneself and doesn’t contradict her primary goal- joy in life rather than tons of money+fame+international idolization
    i’d really love to hear more celebs saying that they are where they are in life and profession cos they always knew what they wanted and thought they’re good enough to get it, rather than “despite me not fitting the mold i’m still here, so bite me haters”

  10. I like her because she can actually sing and strangely enough that’s a quality many famous “singers” don’t seem to have these days. Which is why many “singers” cross over to acting or modeling – their job is to be famous rather than to focus on honing a talent or craft. I do miss her hair being pink lol

  11. How could anyone criticize her looks after those quotes? 😀
    I had to look at the comments just to see if anyone tried and I’m glad no one did.
    I’m pretty sure there would be tons critiques if she didn’t have such a kicka$$ honest and good attitude about her looks and how she is perceived.

  12. She’s just amazing and I love her so much! I remember laughing a lot at her video ‘stupid girls’ haha 🙂 I love the Lindsay Lohan part where she goes around drinking coffee, doing her makeup and talking on the phone while driving, running over tons of people hahaha

    Also I admire Pink cause she helped a puppy receive surgery by financing it and saved it from death 🙂

    • LOL!!! Omg Stephanie, I was just thinking about that the other day!! I LOVE that song/vid. I like the part where she stupidly dances around the car while she washes it in a bikini, chewing at the sponge; mocking the Jessica Simpson music video!!! XD She cracks me up, after that, I loved her. Pointing out stupidity when present, not dancing around it. Gotta love that.

      • Hahahah exactly! One of my favorite videos ever. She was so obvious about it and no one could even tell her off because she was so spot on! Perfection in my book!

    • Haha Stephanie! I love “Stupid Girls” too! I almost feel a bit old watching it though because Paris, Jessica S, Lindsay L, the Olsen Twins etc. are all older now and they’re not the bimbo-ish “it” girls they used to be back when it was written.

  13. Pink may not be drop dead gorgeous or classically pretty, but she is attractive, undeniably talented, intelligent, confident and unique; which makes her beautiful in her own way.

  14. I have been impressed with her ever since I saw her singing live, in tune, while hanging upside down doing acrobatics at an awards show. Most other popstars can’t manage to sing in tune while standing still on stage.

  15. I have always liked Pink, and I like her even more now. She seems grounded and knows what is important in life. Good for her.

  16. I love her. She just has a great attitude and comes across as fun and intelligent. I love her quotes. I really love her quote about self confidence and I completely agree. She is not beautiful, but she has other things to offer, and the fact that she knows this just makes her really attractive.

    • You really dont find her beautiful??
      To me she has one of the most underrated faces in the Business. Such a gorgeous face, who else could pull off those hairstyles?! 😀

      And i love has she sometimes makes fun of her small chest, but still didnt do any surgery.(not that mine are any bigger..) but this shows that she must be very confident, especially in the world she lives in.

  17. lol. i like pink BUt…she’s talking about how she feels good in leather pants while she spends so much of her career telling people not to wear fur …

    • I know a fair number of people who are perfectly happy wearing leather (or pleather – so many people use the words interchangeably), but won’t touch fur due to the way fur is harvested. It’s not something I quite understand, but I gather that fur is just one step to far (the process is pretty creepy/horrid, imho) for many people. I guess with leather you can go with the “use all parts of the animal” sort of idea.

  18. You’ve got to give her credit for being herself and not trying to become conventionally pretty. She may be abit butch but she rocks the way she looks.

  19. How is this woman considered unattractive? I’ve always thought she was pretty. And it shouldn’t be a bad thing to be considered non-threatening, omg. Some of you people are warped.

    • I only see one negative comment about her face in this thread? I agree with you that she is a very attractive woman. I’d be very happy if I had her face and body.

  20. Love this woman and anyway..I’ve always thought she was very attractive. She actually has the face to pull off this style unlike Miley Cyrus.

  21. Finally a female celebrity that agrees with me! If we don’t want young girls to focus on looks, then we shouldn’t even talk about “how to feel beautiful.” Many girls are not at all pretty, and it’s not their fault, and odds are they know who they are.

    Luckily, guess what! Looks are not everything. Focus on being happy, smart, a good person. Accept who you are inside and out.

  22. rlly? You all but into this self proclaimed contradictory bulls— … These are not positive , but self righteous comments … ” Im not a beauty , therefore I have to work hard , and Im a great person … F off! Shes condescending , conceited and thinks shes amazing for not buying into superficiality … What bothers me is that I know soo many beautiful , stunning , hard working girls , who DONT rely on their looks … Thats not even the point , its just stop labelling girls … people … Its sooo old and sooo arrogant like RO said ! she legit hates On preety girls .. Ex the song stupid girls : She’s making hard core fun of sad , sad , superficial women … Like what happend to empowerment … oh wait that’s right she empowers us with her tough attitude and down to earth personality … ughhh as you can see Im more than conflicted frankly im simply annoyed … Anywho I love her old music ( ” Dont let me get me ” anyone ? 🙂 and some of her recent stuff … lovely lyrics I gotta say not always my cup of tea though …

  23. I am prob the only 1 but I actually hated P!nk’s “Stupid Girls” song – musically and also it’s message. As annoying as some of those girls like Paris Hilton were back in the day, it was just as irritating to me to hear another female mocking them in an “I’m better than you” type of way. There’s also an “R” rated version out there that’s pretty graphic sexually in the lyrics in a rap portion at the end and basically sets out to debase women even more, which is what P!nk acts like she is against, so I can see why the poster above thinks she is a hypocrite. I was surprised when I heard it and thought it was just inappropriate, esp given the age and impressionability of her fan base. I also wonder just how well a song that mocks other young women like “Stupid Girls” would go over today, given how much more conscious we are trying to become of bullying. We pretty much all found those girls at the time incredibly annoying, so that song was kind of a release, but it’s a negative, taunting message regardless. I mean, P!nk, is a pop star, so there’s no moral standard, but she seems to like to give the impression that she sets one for herself from the way she speaks.

  24. She’s maybe not the prettiest, ( she’s not ugly neither ) but her personality and talent makes her look like a sunshine! And I’m not only a huge fan because of her music, but also because of how she is..

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