Raven-Symone Talks Body Image


Raven-Symone has dealt with body criticism in the past, especially coming from certain blogs – and all this time, she was proud of her “thick and fabulous” body (as she calls it). Here’s what she had to say:

“People come up to me and have certain words for me, but you know what I do? I say, ‘I’m healthy, I exercise, I believe in myself, and I think I’m beautiful,’ ” she says. “You just have to learn how to transform the pressures into something that doesn’t soak into you on a personal level. You see it, you breathe past it, you don’t let it sink into your self-esteem.”

Sounds like a healthy attitude!

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  1. I couldn't agree with her more. Now I think she's gorgeous but it's all about being healthy and taking care of yourself.

    And you can be fit regardless of your size. And weight is nothing but numbers, as long as you take care of yourself and your body.

  2. It is true that you can be healthy within a wide range of weights, and be thin and unhealthy. As long as she is happy and healthy, good for her for not caving to external forces.

  3. @ change, raven has never been a provocative dresser, she's always been conservative, even when she was thinner (lol i loved her show, still do watch it sometimes, and yes im 23!!) so i dont think shes trying to hide it, that's how she's always dressed!!

    of course she would look better if she lost even a bit of weight, but if shes comfortable with herself, more power to her. she is so talented and lovable hahaha go raven! 🙂

  4. I always thought she was a great example of a beautiful curvy woman to young girls. I think it's her fashion sense that is to blame in this picture. That outfit and that pose… a no no. She could look a million times better at this weight with the right attire.

    It's a great attitude thought. I wish all Hollywood thought the same thing… 😛 I agree with her 100% I have weight to lose too but I exercise my butt off and eat well and i'm healthier than my naturally thin "I don't have to exercise" friend.

  5. I just honestly am glad for her. Although she is definitely thick, she is happy, and that is all that matters. She is a great role model, if she had any body type I would think this just because of her great personality.

    I would love to comment briefly on just how sad the media and our culture is today about body type. I think that just because we are so critical on these things we are a very secular and selective culture. It is very frustrating to think these things, and yet, here I am, I know, on a site that talks about body type. I think it is right to judge once in a while like health-wise. But I do not think that we should be overindulgent about it.

  6. I do not know whos she is yet I LOVE LOVE LOVE this woman and her attitude – it a mantra that every person who has low self esteem should take on board.

  7. @Tracy,

    You are a real trip. You are unfortnatly part of this critical society that judges people based on their body. You're beautiful if you're thick, and you can be beautiful if you're skinny. It's all about self confidence. And Raven has a lot of it. I love her. Y

  8. Tracy that was a nasty comment. FAT is such harsh word, and I don't think Raven is fat. She's thick. Not everyone is going to be skinny when they exercise. It depends on their bone structure and genetics. You can eat right and exercise like crazy but you can still be a little fuller, or bottom heavy. Mabye she's big boned? For some people it may be impossible to be skinny.

  9. hannah you are truely in denial if you dont think she is fat…she has the worst body i have seen in a long time..she is not curvy, she is thick and chunky and has a fugly body..i hate to break it to you but its true…she needs to really try to get healthy and lose a good 20 lbs and then maybe i'd consider caring

  10. Kayla I disagree with you. I don't think Hanna's in denial, she's putting Tracy in check for calling Raven fat. I too don't think she's fat at all. She may be above average, maybe on the borderline of becoming fat. It's one thing to calling someone overweigt. But to litterally put someone down for their weight is higly disrespectful. And Raven Symone is speaking out against those who have something slick to say about her weight. That's just the way it is.

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