Rihanna – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

Rihanna - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 1

Rihanna – 1 girl, 2 outfits: lace overload with XXL bow or ruffled hot pink?

Rihanna - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 2

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Rihanna - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 3  Rihanna - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 4  Rihanna - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 5

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26 thoughts on “Rihanna – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits”

  1. My achievement of the day was having to disable adblock to see 4 completely normal public pics of fokken Rihanna, spiced with 2 virus threats and 10 ads about how to play pron games for men, get rid of foot fungus, , and tinnitus.

    So relevant to this site I can’t even. I hope admin is at least laughing hysterically whilst swimming in the dollars.

    • Most websites these days will ask you to disable adblock to reach their content – that is, if they their revenue comes solely from ads like ours does and not from sponsored posts. I believe that is fair, since considerable work is being invested into running any type of site. I know many of you would prefer if we worked for free – not even for free, but on a serious minus, by investing very large amounts into hosting, images and so on, but we simply can not do that. Would any of you? You disabling adblock is literally paying for the images you are seeing – a very small percentage is the actual profit for the people who work on the site. We are definitely not swimming in dollars, that is very, very off, the costs alone of running this website are very high.

      The content of our ads is not decided by us directly but by the ad agencies – I thought that was common knowledge. We do not see the ads you see because we are in a different location and have a different search history. I am, at this moment, looking at vacations and clothing companies being advertised on my website, so nothing close to what you mentioned. So if you are seeing for example ads for house cleaning products that apparently have no connection with the topic of our website, that might be because you have made related searches in the niche and not because WE chose to show you unrelated, money-making ads. We run thousands of different ads, based on location and on your previous search history – so obviously, we can’t screen them, that is the job of ad companies. Many of these companies have failed us, that is true. Please understand that we are not actively pursuing such advertising paths to make money because we are not.

      We also do not get virus threats or redirection issues, that’s definitely not desirable and we keep having troubles eliminating such issues, despite constant efforts, so we do apologize about that.

      • off topic: I’m super curious about who earns for the pictures and how much. at the end of the day it’s advertisement for the celebs, and in many cases they were at public events, and if not, still in public places.
        p.s. I always have pornographic ads, I don’t know what it says about me.

        • The photo agencies earn for the pictures and they earn a lot. You are not supposed to see pron ads on the site, if you do, we apologize – we are actually censoring our content quite harshly based on the ad agency’s requirements (words, nudity), so that is completely unacceptable. Trying to figure it out asap.

        • I literally said the opposite in various comments during the last weeks. And we have been doing the opposite of what you just said for weeks – we have been disabling ads and giving up ads agencies for so long now. We are not tech experts, so we don’t know what else to do. Once again, WE DO NOT SEE ANY PROBLEMATIC ADS, WE DO NOT GET REDIRECTED or anything of that nature. It’s extremely difficult to fix something we can not see. But we have been trying and losing money in the process by stopping contracts with ad agencies, one by one. Of course, you can choose to believe that or not, but ask yourself this: why would I want spam on my site when I am losing visitors because of it?

      • I’ve been going to this site since 2010-ish and it’s sad to see it dying off like this. I remember when threads used to get dozens or 100+ of responses and now it’s maybe 20 or more like 5, but of course this site has been up for so long that if it’s become too expensive to maintain that’s understandable. Good luck with your future efforts!

    • WTF is wrong with you people? Complaining about having to disable adblock? How do you expect Versus to pay for the hosting? Do you have any clue on how much that is? I have a website much smaller than this and I pay $600 MONTHLY just for the hosting. Now imagine for a site that’s been running for what, 10 years, with million of pictures on it? Massive data to store. How can you expect them to work for free or to invest their own money without making it back? I DON’T GET PEOPLE!

      • I agree. Hosting is super expensive and people have no clue. My boyfriend also has a website and he gets the exact same idiots complaining they have to disable adblock. He literally makes no money whatsoever, whatever he makes goes into hosting and a freelance graphic designer. He basically writes out of passion, for free and these idiots read his stuff, enjoy it then complain that they have to see ads. They literally want him to have no ads, lose money out of his pocket each month and continue writing for their own enjoyment. That’s how selfish people are these days – the smallest inconvenience, zero insight, zero appreciation and zero empathy, just pure selfishness. The society is diseased with selfishness, only thinking of themselves. They expect YOU to cater to THEM for free. Nothing is for free, lunatics!! I learned this lesson when I was 4, I can’t believe adults still haven’t figured it out yet.

        • @smothered I imagine it’s just ignorance. people (me in primis) don’t know a thing about computers, or even coding, despite the fact that they are everywhere. I challenge you to ask anyone you know to tell you exactly what the Internet is. not how to use it, but how it exists, what is it really about, how do you make it. I have no idea, after a look on Wikipedia.

      • The point was having to disable adblock only to receive virus treats, pron ads and completely irrelevant pop ups of shite I never googled. Which take minutes to get rid of.

        All other sites make you disable adblock without fokking the shite up your computer or browsing experience.

      • I completely agree and I don’t complain! I’d rather have popups that I can close than very annoying sponsored posts or videos playing. anyway still curious…what’s hosting? is it what you pay for the server space? like…you don’t pay to have an email account with hundreds of pages..why so? so interesting
        thanks versus for your reply, no need to reply every time but glad you did

        • Hi kia, Thank you for your understanding. Hosting is, yes, the server where your data is stored. You would pay for your email if you got your own domain, like [email protected] 🙂 The bigger the website, the more you pay – our site is 10 years old with a considerable following, so that adds up. In addition to hosting, which costs hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly, a website like ours also pays for the domain name each year, plus for security and backup services as well – all of these combined reach 4 digits monthly.

          In this context, it is very disheartening to see dozens of comments each week complaining about having ads, which is the site’s only source of income. But despite the high costs, we would never, and I really mean never opt for pron ads, spamming, redirection and other such horrible ads, no matter how much they would pay. Whatever is happening it’s being done behind our backs 🙁 – This part of the comment is not directed towards you btw, just to anyone who might be reading and needing a clarification.

          • Oh it’s so interesting thanks! I’m so glad this conversation started. Wondering now how do .outlook or .hotmail pay themselves (billions and billions of pages must be…). just wanted to say that I am having very good ads on this site lately, just one pop up about beauty products, although it kinda changes depending on the wifi I access. was def worst in the past months ago …now is OK at least for me.

          • I get all this and don’t mind the ads at all except when I can’t access the site (it’s been my guilty “hobby” for almost 9 years and I understand that maintaining a site like this is costly) and you’ve been very helpful and fast to solve that.

    • Umm, no shame, but you must have searched yourself for tinnitus, fungus and related stuff if that’s what you’re seeing. That’s how digital advertising works.

      • Sure, and how to lose gut fat when I’m already borderline underweight. With pron games and fungus and tinnitus.

        One wonders how I haven’t yet offed myself with all these ailments.

        • It seems that you do not understand how digital advertising works in the slightest. The owner of the website does not have control over which exact ads you see. And yes, you must have checked something online somewhat related to these topics or you appear as a target audience for whatever reason (there are so many ways companies – again, not this website – track you or your habits and they each have an algorithm.

          • Or maybe- bear with me here- advertisement agencies don’t understand how people think and search?

            I googled complex abdominal exercises to give to my fitness students> HOW TO LOSE 10 KILOS OF GUT FAT OVERNIGHT!

            I googled “new heavy metal groups”> HOW TO GET RID OF TINNITUS

            I googled “european poisonous mushrooms” > HOW TO GET RID OF FOOT FUNGUUUUS

          • This, so much all this. They try to narrow down the target audience but not always in the most logical way. I recently moved and was looking for apartments in my area and now I’m flooded with ads about furniture (I did NOT search for that), rentals in a different COUNTRY, legal assistance for divorce (I’ve never been married) etc.

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