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“You shouldn’t be pressured into trying to be thin by the fashion industry, because they only want models that are like human mannequins. They know that if we see an outfit on a mannequin in a shop window we will love it and want to buy it whatever size we are. That’s why they have size zero models – they want to sell clothes.

“You have to remember that it’s not practical or possible for an everyday woman to look like that. Being size zero is a career in itself so we shouldn’t try and be like them. It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy.”

… says Rihanna in You Magazine.

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60 thoughts on “Rihanna Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. I mean another good comment…but isn’t she the one who spends five grand a day on a trainer and personal chef? I like the comment “size zero is a career in itself”, true for most people.

    • It’s too bad that in this day and age, especially for women, that taking care of yourself (ie. hiring a personal trainer/chef) can only be perceived as striving to be thin. It is very possible that Rhianna, among many other celebrities, do care about taking care of themselves for more than just the outwards rewards. To insinuate that she is contradicting herself between her actions and words is very misleading.

    • She might of hired the trainer to get stronger, not necessarily thinner.

      And no, size zero isn’t a career for most people. There are a lot of size 0 who aren’t models.

  2. Okay I’m going to be the immature one and say it …. camel toe. Also, I think that what she had to say was excellent.

  3. Sooo I’m unhealthy and not realistic because I’m naturally petite at 5’0 and wear a size 0?
    Rihanna is so rediculous, more reason why I do not like her.
    Some people can’t help if theyre naturally small, sorry i don’t fit your description of a perfect body size Rihanna.

    • That’s not what she meant, CLD. She said that you don’t need to strive to be a size 0, when you are naturally bigger than that. Her message is pretty clear, there is no need to feel targeted.
      Your message is completely uncalled for.

      • I’m just tired of people targeting size 0 as the freakishly skinny size…why couldn’t she say that people need to be healthy for whatever size they are, and keep it simple like that?

        • size 0 IS freakishly skinny for all but the smallest of women. It should not be a standard for women to strive for. no size should be – we women should just try to be healthy and our bodies will be the shape they will be.

          • Another thing to note is that most models are 5’9″ and taller and a size 0 is ridiculous at that height.. CLD, you are perfectly fine at 5’0″ and size 0… I doubt she meant petite women like yourself.

    • Well she obviously didn’t think before she spoke. Of course there are going to be people like yourself who are just naturally small in build, but she probably means more the 5ft8+ size 0 models with BMI’s of less than 18…..

      • who, me? I never target people on this site, just the actual celebrities who talk…so there’s no need to get catty with ME, just respect what people think. that is all.

        • I think Rianna was talking more about these 6ft models who are size 0 – it is different if a woman is just very petite in general, it doesnt look unhealthy if someone is 5ft and size 0, I know girls of this size and they dont look skeletal or sick, but imagine if you were a whole foot taller and still wearing the same pants size – scary!

          I agree with what rianna has to say it seems very sensible.

        • I didn’t say you targeted anybody – I said that Rihanna did NOT target girls like you, who are naturally thin. I was on your side, trying to explain that her comment did not offend naturally size-0 girls. And I wasn’t catty.

    • sigh…

      people are always ready to be offended.

      I agree with Annie but CLD just because Rihanna says it’s not good to strive to be an unnatural size zero does not go to say that she’s criticising natural size zeros.

      Just because you pat the dog doesn’t mean you’d kick the cat

      • Agreed, IMO Rhianna even tried to show that she was clearly NOT trying to offend anyone.
        There is a place for every size. But I just know that I wouldn’t be able to be a size zero without taking drastic measures ,being 5’8. I don’t know how many of you have ever seen a runway model in person but they are totally scary and look otherworldly. Nothing I would want to copy even though I absolutley prefer slim women, stressing the “slim” not bony.

        • I didn’t think she was trying to critisize. She meant being a size 0 for someone who isn’t naturally that small is a career. I’m a size 1 so I know when people are trying to offend me. You get it from both sides. If I was 160lbs instead of 110 I’d be getting it from that direction… there is no happy medium. It sucks.

    • I don’t think theres really reason to be offended, since I’m sure she didn’t mean it like that. Although, as a petite girl myself, I completely get where you’re coming from. If she had said something about it being bad to strive for a different size than zero, let’s say 6, 8, or 12 or whatever, so many people would be angered and offended. I guess there just isn’t that many petite girls commenting right now, because if there were, I’m sure they would be more understanding. People that do not know what it is like, do not really have the right to say anything about how you should feel about it. She shouldn’t be generalizing by size, and neither should anyone, I find it a completely ignorant thing to do.

      • I agree, I don’t think Rihanna meant it in that way at all. Her message is for those who are not naturally size 0.

        I’m also petite with a small frame and completely understand where CLD is coming from. Today there is so much hate aimed at ‘size 0’ and so many people out there to prove that it is unhealthy, unnatural and that only a nine-year-old should be that small, etc. They don’t specify the height and it’s as if they believe anyone at any height should never be that small. Whenever a short woman would say online that she was size 0 everyone would be screaming she is definitely anorexic/bulimic, on the verge of death, etc. because the only image of size 0 society has in their minds is that of a 5’10” supermodel. Sometimes it doesn’t ‘click’ in their minds that someone at a much smaller height would look heavier than that model. People should check out sites like this so they realise how different one weight can look at all the different heights: http://www.c0-keyed.com/photos/bodies/heightweight.shtml
        Size 0 can be perfectly healthy on a short and/or small-framed person.

        • Note that what I said in the last paragraph is NOT what Rihanna is doing at all, but I have seen others doing it.

    • seriously. how did you turn and make this quote about you. kind of self involved are we?

      you know that is not what she meant. stop looking for attention.

    • I’m also 5’0″ and a size zero and I don’t understand why you’re feeling offended. It sounds to me like you’re just looking for a reason to play the victim. You’re deliberately misinterpreting what she said, taking specific words wildly out of context.

      Rihanna said people shouldn’t try to look like size zero *models* — the typical model is closer to 5’10.” I might be a size zero, but I don’t look even remotely similar to how a tall person would look at my size.

      The fact of the matter is the average woman is not 5’0.” If she were, then I wouldn’t have to hem every single pair of pants I own. When Rhianna says “it’s not practical or possible for an everyday woman to look like that” she’s simply being accurate.

    • CLD, she meant if you’re bigger than a size 0 naturally, you shouldn’t have to kill yourself to have to be that size. she’s not ridiculous, she’s trying to give some really good advice to young women, get over yourself! and when did she say anything about her “perfect body size”?

  4. I agree that people shouldn’t be obsessed with making themselves be a size 0 if it is just unrealistic for that person (which it is for many people). But, there are a lot of naturally small people who are very small and skinny because that’s just how they’re built – should they be criticized because of how their body naturally is? I think as long as you keep yourself at a healthy BMI and try to keep your body fairly fit, it shouldn’t matter what size you are.

  5. Come on, no one is bashing on naturally small women. She’s just saying you shouldn’t feel like you NEED to be super tiny to feel beautiful. Which is just common sense as far as i’m conserned, but Hollywood is Hollywood. I don’t get it how so many starlets claim to be a 0 though, if converting tools are anything to go by it would be EU 30, and i have never even seen that size. Even if i get down to a 32 (2?) i look completely emaciated, and though my body type is to “blame” for that, surely not all the stars have THAT small frames..

      • Ahhaa.. Thanks for the info. The most common conversion i ever see is the -30 thing, an 8 is 38, 6 is 36… (and that it would be a UK 4) But a 34 makes sense.

        • no, a US 0 is a UK 4 and a EU 32, at least in France and Spain. And a 34 would be a US 2 and a UK 6. Cathy is probably right though, there is a lot of vanity sizing going on that confuses things.

          • US size 0 is ‘supposed’ to be equivilent of a UK size 4, but this did not appear to be the case from all the size charts I checked….it was more of a UK size 6 or EU 34.

            Whether this is due to vanity sizing or just misinformation, who knows.

      • Well guys I think that depends. It’s not as if europe has standard sizes 😉 … german , italian , french ? Technically speaking a size zero would be a german 30 a french 32 and an italian 34. In reality though america is obsessed with vanity sizing , sometimes even I can wear a “size zero” even though I’m a french 36.

        UK size 4 is meant to be a zero , at least one of my frieds told me so. I’m usually an 8 so it should fit.

    • Size 0 has a lot of different meanings in America. There’s no real set-in-stone standard. For example, I wear a size 0 at The Gap, a size 2 at BEBE and a size 00 at Express, to name a few common stores.

      There is also a lot of vanity sizing going on. If you look at Old Navy’s sizing chart, they claim that size 0 is for a person with a 23″ waist, but my waist is 24.5″ and their size 0 jeans fit me perfectly.

  6. Its reported that she spends $500 a day on personal trainers etc, so I find it hard to accept her saying that we shouldn’t put pressure on ourselves to be thin. Good message, but hyprocritical.

  7. i completely agree with her if only there were more celeb woman who thought the same then woman wouldnt be striving to such an unhealthy weight go girl ure a good role model

  8. Woah reallly… didn’t think of that. God she’s stupid, ofcourse that is the reason why there are size zero models, but point being is most of those size zero models look like that because they don’t eat and snort coke and that is a bad example for all girls.

  9. I’m a size 0 and I don’t find that comment offensive, unlike a lot of others that bash skinny women. That was actually an intelligent, well-phrased comment and I think she neither offended the size 0 women or the ones with more curves. Usually, people have to put down one body type to promote the other, but I like how she seemed tolerant of all weights as long as they are natural.

  10. You people love to complain.

    I’m no fan of hers but she makes perfect sense and its pretty much in tune with what a lot os rational people say here about the modelling industry and size.

  11. Clearly, Rihanna doesn’t strive to be stick thin. She is healthy, I know people in the PR industry call her “thick” like Beyonce because she has a wider lower body. Rihanna looks amazing with her toned body!

  12. God! Im so glad im not a model/actress and that I can enjoy food and not have to starve myself! I love being a UK 10/12!!

    Well said Rhianna-who by the way probably has to use a trainer/dietition to stay in shape as women from her neck of the woods are naturally a lot bigger than her!!

      • Yeah, she’s from Barbados isnt she?? Ive been there loads and most of the girls have nice full figures, and the guys love it-especially big butts!! “neck of the woods” is an English expression for “her area of the world!”.

  13. Hmmm… she’s put on quite a few pounds since when I first saw her. She looks okay but needs to work on toning the thighs. She could become very athletic and powerful! It just takes some work. I agree with most of what she is saying. Not everyone is a size 0 – just like not everyone is a size 6. People come in different shapes and sizes. If you arent naturally a size 0 you shouldn’t try to be. Eat about 1200cals a day and work out. Let your body decide where it should be….So long as you aren’t over or under the BMI.

  14. well i don’t think rihanna met to hurt anyone and knowing me i do get defensive when people bash thin women, especially if they are a size 0. there will be women who are that size, mostly petite women but i get what she is saying because they are women who do strive to be a size 0 knowing they’re body types they can’t. i’m 5’2 and size 7. people think i’m a size 2 when i can barely fit that size. i think women strive to be either skinny or look curvy like other women. all women come in all shapes and should be appreciated by society because it doesn’t make sense that young girls kill themselves just to be beautiful.

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