Rihanna Does Complex Magazine and Brings Today’s Quote


On the perfect Instagram photo: “Get a good light. Get a good angle on what’s working for you that day. If it’s boobs, make sure you hit that. If it’s face, make sure it’s fierce. It’s narcissistic, but whatever–everyone does it. I’m capturing personality… Everybody has their thing they like or don’t like to see. It’s all in your head. That’s why people take their own pictures, because it’s difficult for someone else to capture what you seek.”

… says Rihanna.

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67 thoughts on “Rihanna Does Complex Magazine and Brings Today’s Quote”

  1. Yes – people like flattering photographs of themselves.
    No – the majority of adults do not spend time PLANNING flattering self-portraits. Most of us don’t have that much time on our hands, and frankly, don’t care THAT much.

  2. She got a nice ass. But does anyone ever feel like they r always the person taking the pictures? Like i love my camera and take fab pictures of the people around me but i rarely have my photograph taken 🙁 like cant someone take a black and white of me looking beautiful next to some flowers reading a book lol!!! Im kinda kidding 🙂

    • I’m usually the one taking the pictures but it’s a conscious decision on my party to be honest. I hate people taking pictures of me because, it might sound strange but I hate seeing what I actually look like! 🙁 For this reason, whenever someone’s says “Hey- let’s take a group photo!”, I’ll quickly yell “I’ll take it!!!”- this way, I can look like I’m being cooperative… but at the same time, avoid having my picture taken- sly, right? 😉

        • exactly! its like everytime someone tries to take my picture, and when i KNOW they wont take no for an answer,all thats going through my mind is just another humiliating shot thats going to haunt me in the future. i dont understand why people FORCE you to get yourself clicked!?

  3. lol I follow Rihanna on instagram and she doesn’t even post that many pictures of herself. Silly quote but oh wellll.

    She looks good! This is a very Rihanna-esque shoot, with all the leather and tiny outfits hahah.

  4. hehe well even though her quote is a bit silly I think it is very honest! people do like taking picture of themselves showing their best features 😀 and I really don’t have a problem with that! I mean, I do it myself, I just don’t post that much on Instagram, but that is because I don’t want to seem too narcissistic – just keeping it real !

    • Yes, same for me. Sometimes I take pics of myself, e.g. when I have a good day and think “damn girl, you look HOT!” I keep them to remind me, when I feel fat or insecure for whatever reason. But it is actually kind of private for me and I would never post them online. Everytime I get busted by a friend (e.g. who works at my computer and stumbles over some pics) I am really really embarassed.

  5. She’s so beautiful imo, I’ve said this before but even in candids she has the most lovely skin.

    I like the franknesss of her quote and I think it’s interesting in the light of the now infamous Candice post haha. I don’t have an instagram or facebook (deleted it…can’t stand half of my “friends” irl :/) or tumblr (yet!) but I do take pictures of myself from time to time..doing that helped me to see how my body’s changed.

    • I can totally relate to the facebook ‘friends’ situation; I only got facebook several years after my friends did, and even now, I have just over 100 friends, which may seem pretty pathetic, but it’s because I literally only add people that I a) know and b) actually like! I never understand the logic between adding people who you’ve never met, or adding people that you actually have a pretty low opinion of, which most people I know seem to do! The way I see it, adding someone as a friend means I have to see info about them on my news feed- if I don’t like you, why the hell would I care about what’s going on in your life? Sorry if I’m sounding harsh- it just irks me when people comment on my (lack of) facebook friends, as though being selective about who I add is a bad thing! Anyway, back on topic, I also think Rihanna’s stunning and *love* her skin, even if from time to time (ahem, *quite often*), her antics do make her seem less attractive in my eyes! 🙂

      • Fair enough Zoe. I for one have been culling all these randoms I went to school with etc. Frankly I have little interest in what they’re having for dinner or whatever, and so I just delete them and keep people I socialize with on a regular basis and who I’d need to talk to on chat.

  6. Her body does nothing for me, I’ve seen it so many times and more than I would have wanted. So many female celebs nowadays shove their bodies and “sexiness” down everyone’s throat it has become entirely uninteresting to see yet another sexy shoot of yet another attention-whoring celeb. :/

    • Yes, they’re all attention wh-res. I wonder when they’ll realize it’s gotten old, FAST, and that it would be more of a statement to come out in a parka or covered head to toe lol.

    • I think she has a lot of personality flaws (possibly some serious issues as well), and her need for attention and fame is annoying as hell. But, I also think she is drop dead gorgeous and has a great body. IMO she is one of the best looking celebs out there today – and I’m pretty sure she knows it.

  7. how good for you Riri. But i have to admit it, short hair and vamp lipstick suit her a lot…. and I so damn love that Egyptian tattoo.

  8. As a person who finds herself ridiculously unphotogenic (esp when the picture is taken by others) I understand her quote completely.

  9. Yes i like to look good in pictures but i got over the need to take pictures of myself when i was 14. Other people can capture my essence just fine… And what doesn’t come through, well i don’t really care 🙂 She looks pretty anyways.

  10. Rihanna figure is amazing as for ther quote…meh I never got the posting your picture online thing regardless if you are a celebrity or not I just don’t get it.

  11. She is photogenic and knows her best angles. But facially I just don’t find her attractive; I think it’s because her nose is super wide and flat, more so than anyone I’ve seen in real life. Her body is really nice though.

  12. She has a great body, but I don’t like the shoot at all. The red letters remind me of an H&M catalogue, only trashier. And her quote… Whatever.guess she has a point, but she rarely says something I find interesting or smart. And I don’t use instagram for pics of myself, I use it to post pictures of cool stuff I see on the street or activities I’m doing. Don’t we have facebook for the egomaniac stuff?

  13. i have such a love-hate relationship with this woman. i love her music, think she’s drop-dead sexy gorgeous, yet i can’t stand her personality or her attitude lol, it’s complicated

  14. she has lost A LOT of weight! not too long ago, a lot of commenters on here were bashing her ‘thick thighs’. They are significantly smaller now and she looking great.
    I used to absolutely love this woman but I have gone off her quite a bit recently. Just sick of her I guess. same old rihanna. Her body and skin really are amazing though.
    I always find her quotes to be pretty ridiculous and self absorbed.

  15. That’s why people take their own pictures, because it’s difficult for someone else to capture what you seek.

    she’s right about that.

    these pics are ok but she took some trashier ones for this shoot too.

  16. Reminds me of Santa’s Little Helper listening to Bart “blah blah blah bla…blah blah blah blah. sit” lol. She is absolutely gorgeous and stunning and everything above and inbetweem (way better in cadids) but I feel like what she says is so … blah.

  17. She’s a bad role model. I’m not gonna buy her music, or Chris Browns. Her getting back together with Chris is effed up to the max, and the song with Eminem love the way you lie… glorification of abusive relationships much? Creepy and gross. Men are supposed to love and protect women, to bash them up. Rihanna should know better.

  18. gorgeous girl, awful performer (nice voice but can’t hit high notes you hear in some recorded songs(they prob use some programs to fake it) but even worse – sings TERRIBLY live (raaaaaarrrrrity to find her singing somewhat clean), sometimes most of the songs doesn’t even sing, barely dances (if any)- i mean i get it you’re not a musician/artist (i.e. don’t contribute to your song writings and other aspects of your art) but you are a performer!! so please, have at least some respect for your audience (i.e. your income) and PERFORM! she’s so effing lazy, and isn’t even ashamed of that.
    as for the quote, whenever any person inserts smth like “whatever–everyone does it” it’s a signal for me that this person is whether terribly immature OR is a second-hander, i.e. has no “self”, is concerned with and depends on other’s work,opinions, convictions etc but don’t have their own ones). it seems to me the girl doesn’t have that “core” at all, only some childhood/teen issues (she’s oh, so rebellious, doesn’t give a F, smokes the weed all day, etc) and a weak mind(i.e. the first to follow/agree with others, otherwise a sheep, not a shepherd). i know that with lots of people nowadays having serious self-esteem problems its hard to be yourself and try to fit in this way or another however if you have a core of your own beliefs and opinions you’ll see the line between just trying to adjust a little fit in a certain crowd/situation (part of our instinct of self-preservation in some way) and a moment when fitting in requires changing your core-self, that’s the moment when you must stand up for yourself otherwise you’ll lose it, and it’s a tragedy, most people don’t realize that until they get in such situation.

    and in my book if she ever says smth like “well, i’m just a performer, that why i act the way i act” (imho: trashy,self-destroying and devaluating herself; again a fine line btw young,having fun,edgy, a bit too sexy vs. plain trashy) i will call bulls— on that for a simple piece from this quote that is about the kind of pics of herself she takes and posts for the whole world “I’m capturing personality”. well, Riri, you said it, the pics you take – reflect your personality, like is it really the only thing you have to offer? it’s sad…
    but its just my opinion, maybe i’m wrong, i wish her the best really, and honestly its not only the way she acts makes me have a negative opinion of her but the shameless laziness to do her job she get MILLIONS for ,that i had mentioned above.

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