Rihanna Has “Fat” Days

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Rihanna has something to share about how she feels on certain days and about what she’s eating to kee fit:

“I have an ugly day every month; pimples on my face, I’m fat and in a bad mood. It’s more like an ugly week!”

“I’ve been working out a lot and I eat pretty boring – boiled egg, fruit, tons of water and some chicken. Well, this week I’ve eaten some other things but really small portions. I hate vegetables. I hate anything healthy, but if you want the results you’ve got to do it. I haven’t even been drinking alcohol with dinner since I’ve been with this diet.”

… says Rihanna.

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32 thoughts on “Rihanna Has “Fat” Days”

  1. Sounds frustrating. I’m glad i actually like my healthy foods, and i can’t help but feel anyone could find healthy foods that they really like if they put some effort into it. But the ugly day/week, sure, it’s called periods 😀 at least that’s how i always feel when i have them. (tmi?)

    • Lol, it’s not that I don’t like healthy foods…I also like unheathy foods. Tempeh, tofu, veggies, soy milk! MMm! Pizza, french fries, putine, milkshakes! Mmm!

  2. Yep. Yaaawwwwwn. Wake me when someone isn’t trying to make us ‘normal people’ feel like the celebs are just like us. Ha. Its always ‘oh, I’m just like every other woman-i have such a hard time working out and eating right. I’m JUST like you’ or ‘oh, I love fruits and veggies. If I could live off bark and roots, I would! And exercise is just the bees knees!’ Repeat: YAWN

  3. Ugh. I’m so tired of hearing “I hate vegetables and healthy food.” There is absolutely no reason that fruit, vegetables and other “healthy” foods can’t be delicious. I mean, I’d hate vegetables too if all I ever got to snack on was raw carrots, celery and bell pepper. But you roast that bell pepper and stuff it with vegetables and quinoa and I’ll come back for seconds. This girl has a personal chef who could make her interesting, delicious, healthy meals if asked – so whoever keeps telling her that her diet has to be boring should be fired pronto, because that’s absolutely not true.

    • good point about the personal chef. healthy foods can be delicious when you have a personal chef cooking for you

      • Healthy foods can be delicious even if you have to cook yourself. There are so many good recipes on the internet, just check them out and don’t be lazy to cook 😉
        I don’t get it why people say veggies are not tasty. I loooove them 🙂

  4. I think almost every girl has that ‘one day a month’ they feel fat and get pimples….. usually when girls get their period.

    God she’s a freaking moron.

    She should stop b—ing, eating healthy can be delicious especially when you got as much money as she does and can hire cooks. furthermore i think almost all of us would rather eat fatty foods and enjoy that than be on a diet.

    She should get over herself and while she’s getting things she should get a different haircut.

    • She is answering questions being asked from a journalist.

      I should be abusing celebs more and maybe my comments won’t get deleted.Seems to be the norm on here. I probably should have worded it better though.

  5. I always laugh when people hate when celebrities show their real selves and have a self deprecating sense of humor then god forbid when someone is pious and somewhat confident a la Giselle (not when she made that garbage disposal comment) and Megan Fox……. stars aren’t just like us they are us and if people stopped putting them on a pedestal they would in turn stop dissociating themselves from the common man and we would see more authenticity and comments like this. I know some people on this site would have a fit though……

    • I agree with the celebs are us comment. I never quite get the “they’re trying to prove they’re just like us” thing. So they have more money than your average guy, they can buy stuff. So they have paps following them, lots of people know them. That’s just the superficial stuff, they’re not a bread of their own.

      • exactly. not only do i agree in this instance but also in the attractiveness instance. half the time they are no more attractive than the average woman who looks after herself on the street! i am so sick of people thinkin they are some godly out of this world creature that has been hand picked out of everyone to be labelled the ‘most beautiful’. its really quite ridiculous if you really really think about it. People may say ‘oh well they are at least more attractive than the average person’ but i still say there are many that i dont find attractive at all! Taylor swift, rhianna (facially, tho i like her eyes and body and personality from what i can see), adriana lima, heidi klum, claudia schiffer, elle mcpherson (pretty but nothing amazing in her younger days imo), halle berry (amazing body though- though women at my gym have that body too if they were born with that shape of course), allesandra ambrosio, selita ebanks, mischa barton, christina aguilera, all of the 90210 girls, all of the gossip girls…now im not saying that these people are ugly but i am saying that they are nothing special (imo) just for the most part they are better ‘looked after’ but not magically naturally prettier or sexier than normal women

    • But that story was from a gossip magazine.
      I heard her mother split from her dad and lives with now. She does all her cooking and washing. She said her mother does everything for her after winning the woman of the year award. She said her mother deseved it more than her.

  6. I understand what she’s saying. I hate healthy sometimes I like pizza and hamburgers and fried foods and high calorie baked foods like potatoes and pastries. Right now I’m 5 ft 4 and a half inches and I weigh 118 pounds and 6 pound weight gain and I feel very large and sloppy! So I understand what its like to be on a diet that your forced to eat “healthy” foods that are often bland and I don’t think just because she’s a celebrity its any less dreadful to eat things you don’t like.

      • Good luck! What’s you routine? Also, if your on a diet which one are you using? I’m planning to use Atkin’s diet.

        • can I ask what size you are in jeans? I’m 5’5” and my goal is 120. I’d just like a good estimate of what size I should be in when I get there. I know it depends on body type ect. but it would be nice to know if you don’t mind saying. 🙂

          • All the jeans I own were before my 6 pound weight gain. However, if I were to go out and buy a properly fitting jean, for instance in forever21 my size would now probably be 26. I still fit in my regular size 25 jeans but not nearly as easily as i once did. I now do the “jeans dance”, you know, that little jig that you do when you wriggle and jump to get in them! lol

  7. I know she wants to be look fit and slim, but in order to do a diet and STICK WITH IT, you have to at least enjoy what your eating and treat yourself every once in while. I do see what she means about ugly days. I usually feel like that every month.

  8. i can understand what rihanna is feeling. whether being on your period or not, you will have an off day. there are times i hate working out but i do like to keep my body in shape so sometimes you have to do something you really don’t want to do. and i don’t know why people are getting mad at her because of what she goes through. yeah she is a celeb and has more money than all of us but damn it she’s human and people need to stop putting celebrities as if they’re gods when they’re not. i rather hear this than any other garbage that other celebrities come up with.

  9. Totally agree haha it’s my “time of the month” right now and a few days before a huge crater appeared out of nowhere on my face (I don’t usually get spots). I’m like where did that come from?? Haha
    On another note, I love Rihanna and going to see her perform in a week I’M SO EXCITED!! 🙂

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