Rihanna in a Hot Pink Bikini!

Rihanna in a bikini

Rihanna spent Christmas in Barbados with her friends – and since it’s hot and sunny out there, she was spotted in a ruffled hot pink bikini on the beach.

She’s looking gooood!

How do you like her bikini body and the ruffled two-piece?

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Rihanna in a bikini

Rihanna in a bikini

Rihanna in a bikini

Rihanna in a bikini

Rihanna in a bikini

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109 thoughts on “Rihanna in a Hot Pink Bikini!”

  1. She has a really cute bum; for some reason i thought she would be more ripped, in the abs area but no biggie, she still is hot. Not sure about the bikini though…

  2. Her body looks great ! Curvy but still firm and no cellulite.
    But the bikini is the most hideous thing I have ever seen … what was she thinking ?o.O

          • come on!!How can you believe that…this is cellulite of an old woman…A person who has so much money and is in the spotlight all the time makes everything to stay toned and fit…I don’t say that all stars have “plastic” buds, they are also human beings with up’s and down’s, but I think that picture is exaggerating!!..

          • No, it’s real; the lighting and the angle of the picture exaggerate and make it obvious.

            See, I don’t get why people even bother bringing up cellulite when 1) everyone has it to an extent, and 2) most of the time you can’t even see it, except in certain lighting.

            Rihanna is not rock hard toned, so her cellulite is more obvious than others if you take a flash picture at night.

  3. Wow. Sorry Rihanna, but bikinis are not your thing. Stick to what you are good at: creating music so horrendous, it makes one’s ears bleed.

    Honestly, she reminds me of a truck.

  4. I dislike the bikini (and her recent hair/makeup/style choices over the past few months actually) but Rihanna has a great, healthy figure. Also, nice butt!

      • A typical black woman’s body? Black women come in different sizes too. An East African lady doesn’t have the same body as an West-African one. On Rihanna, she looks healthy, but I think the bikini is just tacky.

        • Where i live she is would be considered a normal bordering on skinny for a black woman.
          Maybe i should have said black women in the US or the UK.
          You don’t see any Katie Moss, Sienna Miller type black women were i am from. Are you black Elizabeth?

          • As far as I know I’m 100% Eritrean, so yes I’m black. And yes, you should have said black women in the US or the UK. The problem I have with what you said is that you are generalizing the black women’s body type. I in no way look like Rihanna or Beyonce. I have a flat behind, I don’t have big boobs, and I don’t have wide hip…I have the typical Eritrean body type, being tall and lean, we black women are diverse aren’t we? Being black does not have to mean I have to value every black woman’s body.

          • I live in NY and I see lots of Kate Moss type black women, Rihanna type black women and everything in between. Do you live in the midwest? People in general seem to be overweight there (just what I have noticed when traveling there for my job).

  5. her body does look bigger than what i expected but it still looks really good and i think she might has gain some christmas weight so let’s give her a break!

  6. lol the women are really going at it on rihanna here for some reason…

    no, not the cutest bikini, but i will quote my boyfriend when he saw these pictures:


    over alessandra ambrosio’s bony little physique any day.

    • sigh! i wish i could have a bf like that! mine says he would like this just to make me happy, but called me ‘bigger and attainable and normal’ when i was a size 2-4us (aus 6-8) and would not take a second look at rhianna…come alessandra…his head would snap off trying to get a look.

      • What the hell are you talking about? Americans have very high standards for thinness, which is why they throw in the towel and resign themselves to living unhealthily since most can’t achieve the kind of emaciation that they desire. She looks just fine, and I always thought that her face was beautiful. I can’t help but feel that a lot of you who are saying that her face is ugly can’t embrace non-European beauty.

      • I lived in Europe for awhile. i don’t remember their standards being that much different from the normal white American viewpoint of the female body.

        • I’m Dutch and been in America. What I see here is that people do have a different standard on what is fat or thin. Someone who is describe in America als curvy like Jennifer Hudson, is considered fat in the Netherlands. I just saw the post about Vanessa Hudgens, she would be seen as chubby. This doesn’t have to mean that they are ugly, unattractive or unhealthy, but it’s just the view that rules here. That being said, even though I think Rihanna looks healthy I do think she could drop a few kilo’s. And not because I don’t value non-European beauty (my parents are Eritrean, I prefer black women over white ones) but it’s just how I perceive a nice body. That being said, it really doesn’t matter what we think of her body, if she is happy with it it’s all good.

          • Most sane people in American don’t view J Hudson as thin. “Curvy” is a modern euphemism for fat. You need to become better acquainted with the lingo. As for Hudgens, I think that is just angles. I saw plenty of women in Germany with bodies like that and they didn’t seem to think of themselves as ravenously, irredeemably fat. I think you are projecting your views on the whole of European society. If you have a particular viewpoint that is just fine but don’t claim to speak for an entire region of people.

          • I’m french and yes i agree rihanna would be considered as a fat girl if she was french. fortunately for her she’s not. but it doesn’t mean that size 0/2 (whatever i don’t even know what’s the equivalent in french size) is a normal size in France.

          • Eh Ann, I was in no way claiming to speak about the whole European society. I was talking about the viewpoint as I have seen in the media and lives under the people in the Netherlands. You can clearly read that in my comment. Don’t underestimate my understanding of the ‘American Lingo’, I have plenty of friends and family in America who I talk to and thereby keep me up to date with the language that is being used. Another thing, I said Hudgens would have been seen as someone who is chubby – I don’t know how she looks in real life so maybe it’s just the pictures – that is not remotely the same as being fat. Read thoroughly before you accuse me of claiming something.

    • Why do women always have to mention what guys think? Is that all that matters? If something may appeal to a guy, does it make it better?

      I am genuinely curious…

      • Well, in my experiences, what guys think about women’s looks tend to be less “nit-picky” than what women think about other women’s looks. I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of the people that are calling Rihanna “fat” on here are women, and the ones that don’t call her “fat” are either guys, or women that “think” like a guy when it comes to other women’s looks.

        Also, IMHO, a woman’s looks are for one main purpose, to attract guys, so I think that’s why a guy’s opinion matters more to me than another woman’s opinion. I don’t get dressed up to attract women’s attentions, I do it to attract men’s attentions(well, right now it’s just to attract one man’s attention, and that’s my husband’s 😛 ). I think women would be less “neurotic” about this if they adopted a more “manly” view of this than a “womanly” view of this subject. Guys, in general, prefer a healthy looking body(regardless of the woman’s build, she could be pear, hourglass, ruler, what ever, if she appears to be a healthy weight, she is attractive), where as, from what I’ve seen on here, women tend to go after the “thin is pretty” body, regardless if the thin woman is a healthy weight/maintaining that size in a healthy fashion.

        Again, all this is just my opinion, not trying to sell it as truth, just what I’ve observed and just one way to look at why people mention what guys think. Not to mention that we don’t have very many guys opine on here anyway, so they have to be represented somehow 😀

        • Elizabeth Taylor once said women should strive to please men because you will never please another woman. I’ve found that to be a true statement in life.

          • This is so true. I agree with what both you and Fluffy are saying here. Women are very nit-picky with other women’s body and what they don’t realize that it’s really subconscious competition. Most men like a healthy looking woman, no matter what size. If she works her body right she will attract men.

      • I think it’s quite natural for heterosexual women to care about what a man thinks is attractive or not.

        I’m totally fine with a feminist view ont hings, which is that guys’ opinions don’t matter, but it’s not for me and I’d like for such people to accept the fact that there will be women out there who care what a man thinks and there’s nothing wrong with it.

        • No need to get your panties in a bunch. Who is talking about feminism?

          I’m just curious about how other people perceive things, since my stance on certain things may vary.

        • Well I think most women are concerned with what men AND women think (rather than one or the other). It’s important to be able to attract a partner but it’s also important to be accepted by your peers. Human beings live in communities – not in pairs.

          The sad truth is that beautiful people get earn more, have more confidence and are more likely to smiled at etc, they are even showered with more love as babies/kids.

          It’s natural to want a look that appeals to everyone. If you only wanted to impress men then you’d only wear skimpy clothes – this may be you’d be excluded/treated with less respect by other women & older people.

          • i agree with what you have said casey…only thing is in my experience i have had extra picky men (well, one in particular) that thought i was ‘bigger than the average girl’ at a size 2-4…and sometimes a 0 (probably vanity sizing). so i try to adopt the viewpoint of women…but now i am striving for thinness! which i never in my life strived for! either way if i try to please him or women then i am doomed…i guess i should try think of other men that i have spoken to…those above 5’6 and 125lbs lol

    • i think she just has the type of legs that just dont get anymore shapely…a bit like beyonce really…they are toned and muscular but not very shaped…

  7. She has a nice, healthy figure with a cute butt. I love her face! Something about it is so adorable(which I prefer to sexy, Megan Fox type faces). However, that bikini is a monstrosity!

  8. Ok, she is not HUGE. If people think THIS is huge, they need to re-evaluate what society has done to their perception of weight. She’s sure not super thin and not toned, but she’s certainly not “big”. Her bum is cute and she’s at a healthy weight. Every Caribbean fella’s dream for the woman to be shapely but not huge. Go Riri. Gorgeous.

  9. I never mentioned overweight black women Lila.
    So is Rihanna considered overweight now?
    Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Ciara
    all the biggest black female singers out there now. Are any of them real skinny. On the whole black women are going to be shaped different than white women. No the are not.

  10. I have to do this post again because the site wouldn’t let me edit it.

    I never mentioned overweight black women Lila.
    So is Rihanna considered overweight now?
    Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Ciara
    all the biggest black female singers out there now. Are any of them real skinny. No the are not. On the whole black women are going to be shaped different than white women.

  11. I look at these photos and I see a very tiny head and a ginormous lower body. Not visually appealing but it gave me quite a laugh.

  12. wow a lot of you are so judgemental i would like to see your body and your face and your wardrobe. and i have a pretty slim toned thin healthy body and strangers tell me im really pretty and im a cheerleader but i dont judge people like half of you do i dont have anything mean to say about anyones body or looks or anything just compliments. i bet most of you dont look half as good as rihanna but whatever beauty is in the eye of the beholder =]
    rihanna seems healthy so thats all that matters which makes her attractive.

    • you are so right!!..Most people think that because they are thin in real life they would also look thin in bikini pictures from paparazis…Most models out there have tiny body’s..I realized that when i saw bikini pictures of a friend of mine..She i very very thin..se has an anorexic figure( her legs are like my arm, and i have a slim toned body) and in the pistures she seems to be thin but with normal weight!..so i dont think that Rihanna or Beyonce are thin but i think that they are slim healthy women with curves!

  13. I don’t like her body or her face. That’s just that. I don’t have to. And NO, I’d gladly take my own thinner figure over hers ANY day.

  14. She has a great body. I’m pear shaped myself so maybe I’m just be bias. I think she’s very fit and seems healthy to me. I like the bikini too. I think it’s cute and looks fun with the ruffles and the hot pink color.

  15. These are some awful comments. Rihanna looks, young, fresh, happy (as she deserves to be), with a lovely slim, healthy body with a nice shape. I’m not saying she has the perfect goddess proportions, but not everyone does, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a goddess.
    As for her face, she has the most insanely perfect cupid bow lips. As for the bikini… she can pull it off.
    She looks gorgeous and young and her body is beautiful.

  16. well all i have to say is some of these people are crazy. sorry but i’m calling it like it is. rihanna looks good and has a nice figure. she’s healthy and has a toned, thick figure. doesn’t mean she’s fat or big. i would love to have her legs because they’re not too big or too small. i don’t like it when people bash or say mean things about thin women but i also don’t agree with people having something negative to say about women who happen to have meat on their bones. she may not have the proportions but i can say the same for a lot of women. she’s a woman.

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