Not Again!

Not Again! 1

Just another failed attempt to feature the actual, current, NATURAL and REAL Sarah Jessica Parker on a magazine cover.

Vogue’s Masterpiece – Fail:

Not Again! 2

Harper’s Bazaar’s creation – Fail:

Not Again! 3

Marie Claire’s art piece – FAIL AGAIN:

Not Again! 4

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43 thoughts on “Not Again!”

  1. while i can’t blame anyone for wanting to have the covergirl look her best this is just ridiculous….

  2. I don’t really see anything different that they did with SJP that they do with other cover girls. They took away the wrinkles…and that’s about it really. This is one of the most natural covershots of SJP, no matter how sad it is to say it.

  3. I honestly cannot figure out why they would even hire her to be on the cover when they intend to make her unrecognizable. Hiring an ‘everyday’ sort of model would have been WAY cheaper.

  4. The more I see photoshop in mags the less I become bothered about it.

    It may sound strange but I’ve always viewed the entertainment industry as one that sells us a fantasy. We demand it they create it. They create it we accept it.

    Maybe because i’m savvy enough to recognise this I don’t feel so affected by photoshop, though I see it as rather pointless most of the time. Then I know that other people are impressionable and can easily be upset by these images of perfection. These industries will never change as going will stay good so hopefully people will become more aware about the truth behind the images we see and learn not to rely on celebs for confidence for their own good.

  5. Eh, I am not too bothered by it. They made her skin smoother and took out the wrinkles. Aside from Vogue, the rest seem to have not edited her face.

    I think they should have eased up a little, and left at least a few wrinkles, because the truth is she is not 20 anymore and it just looks unnatural from an asthetic point of view.

  6. my biggest issue is they keep getting rid of her ‘beauty mark’ on her chin. its sort of a trade mark for her. i know its there and when its gone its just a sure sign of photoshop. if she wanted it gone, she would have it removed!

  7. As funny as it is about magazines using photoshop, it’s just as interesting that she doesn’t look like the photo on the left either! Either she had some work done and / or uses a lot of makeup, but I haven’t seen any recent untouched photos of her looking like the photo on the left. And yes she doesn’t have the beauty mark anymore.

    I guess this thread is a little bit irrelevant since she certainly doesn’t actually look the before picture and maybe not the after pictures either.

    • That’s not very nice, considering that I always try to select the most relevant pictures and I actually worked for this thread.
      The picture on the left:
      1. Was selected when I wrote about the first case of photoshopped Sarah, so maybe a year ago – I preferred not to change the before photo in the process.
      2. It comes directly from the paparazzi agency.
      3. I looked REALLY hard for a picture of her all dolled up and smiling (like on the covers), same angle, same position, same everything… for an accurate comparison.
      And I was trying to make a anti-fakeness statement in my post, so I resent the fact that you called it “irrelevant”.

  8. I certainly didn’t mean it in a way that you modified the before picture, and I understand how difficult it is to get her ‘before picture’ at the correct angle and smiling. I give you lots of credit for that, but my point is that I don’t feel she looks like that anymore and thus it is a fair comparison.

    Much like magazines using Photoshop to modify pictures to make actresses look better, actresses do the same thing with makeup and doctors. So how fake is the fake picture if she may have altered herself to look like that? She clearly had some work done as she no longer has the beauty mark.

  9. first, you need to get a more updated “real” picture because SJP had botox and those moles removed from her face months ago. so the “after” airbrushed pictures aren’t that far from her botoxed filled face.

  10. They do this with all the celebrities and it’s gotten to the point where there is no difference between a women in her late 40’s on a magazine cover and a 21 year old. Its just stupid. I understand they need for a little touching up to make the cover look its best but to completely elimate any signs of age sends out a really dismal message.

    Also people need to lay of versus, complaining over something as small as the “before” pic is a bit petty, and besides I havent seen any pictures lately of SJP all dolled up, only sans make-up, and that wouldn’t be a very fair comparison.

  11. why do you care if they take away some wrinkles? what do you expect? they photoshop everyone. her body obviously doesn’t need it like most people’s bodies do and her face does need a little bit of photoshop. get over it.

    • well the problem is that some people will not realize this is photoshopped. and they will hold themselves to this standard. yes they just made her look younger…but everything looks perfect. no one is perfect. and a woman her age may see this, not realize the extent to which this is ‘improved,’ (and to be honest, if i saw it, i would assume it was photoshopped, b/c i assume all magazines are, but not ever guessed to this extent) and feel bad about themselves for having waaayyy more wrinkles.

      and this applies to ALL photoshop. it sets a standard that NO human can live up to. and MANY people (i know it sounds silly, but its true…i am smart, i know all about photoshop, but i forget to factor it in looking at pics sometimes) don’t realize pics are altered. and they don’t understand why they are so far ‘below’ the photo. i think a lot of people (myself included, to an extent) fear that men will see photoshoped images and think that its normal and natural and that they will think all women can (and possibly should) live up to it.

      a helping hand to fix a stray clump of hair, a random zit, unflattering lighting, or even a roll of fat that was unexpected in an otherwise great pose (while maintaining the integrity of the person’s body shape and approx weight), is acceptable. most of us would want that done if we were on the cover of a national magazine. but to alter the entire look of the person…and hide something a person should be PROUD of (age), is sad and silly…and irresponsible. some people may be trained enough or ‘smart’ enough to see the alterations, some of us may not be, and overusing the tool literally sets an impossible standard. and it makes the picture less a photo of an individual to accurately represent them, and makes it a work of editing and alteration…more like a creative painting.

    • I care because:
      1. I believe we should be DIFFERENT individuals, not 25 year-old look-alikes, plastic, flawless avatars / versions of ourselves. I am truly anti-beauty standardization.
      2. I am tired of media’s manipulation – there is nothing I can do about it, but at least I can fight against Photoshop (which stands for manipulation as well).
      3. I am into analyzing pop culture and social / media trends (this site reflects 1% of it), so I am concerned about our direction: our values are changing, the things we promote are changing. At least if I spot these minor changes people would be aware of the “natural is so yesterday, fake is the new thing” ideology that’s being served to us (and some eat it all up!).
      4. On a more personal level, if I was in SJP’s place, I would be offended. Like I actually feel sad that they do this to her repeatedly.

  12. Why wouldn’t you photoshop her face. 😛
    I like SJP, but not in pictures.

    And she looks cross-eyed again on the cover.

  13. I saw this on another website, and I imidently came here because I knew it would be on here. They shouldn’t do that, she has never looked like anyone else, she’s gorgoeous and they should keep her the way she is.

  14. Seriously? This is horrible how they made her into a woman she is clearly not! They gave a 40+ year old woman the skin of a baby… not realistic!

  15. She looks like a normal woman of her age in the untouched pics-why not show this?? Why do they have to show us unrealistic pics of perfection???

  16. well at least the creations resemble each other 😀 i never really liked SJP, but it’s horrid to invite you to do a photoshoot and then photoshop you to death…why not invite a model in the first place?

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